About Us

Curexmed – Egypt’s top home care medical care company.

من نحن

Curexmed provides all medical services in homes throughout Cairo, where it provides a team of nurses who take care of patients in all cases and take care of the elderly as well as care for pregnant mothers, as well as providing complete care for people with special needs, and we provide you with a staff of the best doctors specializing in All medical fields and those who visit you at home and make all the necessary examinations and examinations. They also follow up on sick cases periodically and provide full care for them.

At Curexmed , we offer many distinguished medical services, such as providing a medical laboratory service at home, nurses taking blood samples, doing tests and showing results on the same day. Patients and the elderly who are unable to go to radiology centers, we also provide physiotherapy services by senior and well-known specialists in the field while working to provide all advanced physiotherapy devices for homes.

At Curexmed , we are keen to provide all home nursing services at the highest level for patients of different age groups, and our services include all medical specialties from the most comprehensive to the most specialized fields, as we care for patients with diabetes, heart patients, rheumatism, digestive diseases and other diseases, It guarantees that you get a comprehensive home healthcare experience with the highest standards of accuracy and quality used globally, as well as using the latest international medical technologies.
Home medical care services from Curexmed  are available around the clock, every day, and you can contact us from anywhere in Cairo. We will work to provide a distinguished medical service under the supervision of a medical board of nurses and specialists licensed by the Ministry of Health, with the guarantee of providing all modern medical equipment and at competitive prices