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Curexmed provides the best service for physiotherapy sessions at home in Cairo and Giza at the best prices for physiotherapy sessions

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Home physiotherapy is a service we provide in Curexmed. Many people had traffic accidents, sports injuries, falls, old-age diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, or a stroke, While receiving the treatment, the doctor advises

them that the treatment plan should be followed up with a physiotherapist to recover the full function that has been affected by these accidents, so what is Physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that is concerned with restoring, preserving, and making the most of a patient’s mobility and function, and also helps in improving health, physical fitness, physical rehabilitation, and injury prevention.

Home physiotherapy

People who need physiotherapy sessions usually have problems going to hospitals or physiotherapy centers to receive the treatment and sessions, and that depending on the severity of their injury, the fear of infection, and also due to the patient’s age.

From this point of view, Curexmed set up physiotherapy at home service and provided information about physiotherapy, so that patients could receive physiotherapy sessions at home without having to take the patient anywhere else.

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10 Benefits of home physiotherapy with Curexmed

The physiotherapist cares about the health of the patient’s body as a whole, rather than just focusing on the location of the injury:

  • Avoid surgical intervention.
  • Pain management with reduced need for painkillers.
  • Improving movement.
  • Healing from stroke or migraine, quadruple and total paralysis.
  • Treatment of age-related medical problems.
  • Prevent the injury scene from repeating it.
  • Eliminate back and neck pain and joints.
  • Treating shoulder infections and knee roughness.
  • Treatment of athletes’ injuries such as crucifixion, cartilage, and various muscle injuries.

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Home Physiotherapy types provided by Curexmed

●    Neurological Physiotherapy

Book now physiotherapist at home to treat loss of balance, muscle spasms, and severe muscle weakness, Which can be caused by stroke, Parkinson’s disease, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, vascular diseases, etc.

●    Physiotherapy for muscles and bones

Book now muscle physiotherapy at home to fix malformations and treat muscle-related diseases, which can treat muscles, ligaments, bones, joints, tendons, back pain, cartilage, sports-related injuries.

●    Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy

Book now a physiotherapy service at home with Curexmed for cardiac rehabilitation using multiple equipment and techniques to treat cardiopulmonary disorders such as cardiac arrest and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

●    Physical therapy for children

Book now a physiotherapist at home for children to treat severe injuries, delayed physical development, birth-related defects, and genetic defects such as cerebral palsy.

●    Physiotherapy for the elderly

Book now with curexmed for treatment of age-related medical conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease.

You can book an appointment with a physiotherapy doctor at home with Curexmed. Our services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Physiotherapy methods provided by Curexmed

●    Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a technique used by physiotherapists to treat infected joints by hand massaging.

●    Neurosurgery devices for physiotherapy

It’s used to treat neurosurgery and blood clots.

●    Ultrasound physiotherapy device

The ultrasound physiotherapy device works with ultrasound technology, serving as a major treatment for neurological and muscle infections.

●    Electrical pulse physiotherapy device

Electric physiotherapy device used to treat arthritis, oblique sweat, cartilaginous slip, lower back vertebrae pain, and other sporadic pain spanning the shoulders and periphery of the neck, as well as to treat laceration of leg tendons.