Elderly care at home – The best home care service

Curexmed provides the best home elderly care services in Egypt through a highly trained and professional medical staff

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Elderly care at home service is one of the most important services we provide at Curexmed. Elderly home care service ensures customized support for the elderly in various health, psychological and service fields, as it provides full support for them without the need to go to specialized care centers or company offer elderly care at home.

Elderly home care

It is a specialized care service designed to meet the different needs and requirements of the elderly. The elderly care service provides many options, as the needs of each person differ from the other, some of them need an integrated home care service throughout the day, some need care for a few hours, and some need home nursing, all this in the home where the psychological comfort of the patient.

With age, most of the elderly spend time at home, and the chances of social communication and leaving the house decrease, as it becomes more stressful for them, especially with the emergence of age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, etc., or after surgery that requires home care, which makes them spend a long time alone and may feel lonely. Which makes seeking home health care for the elderly a necessity and has a major role in improving their physical and psychological health.

Benefits of elderly home care

The role of home caregivers is not limited to taking care of the elderly’s medication appointments only or their food, but their role is more comprehensive and loftier than being a paid job, because they also care about the human and psychological aspect of the elderly:

  • Companionship and sharing

Many statistics pointed to the role of home care and social participation in improving the memory of the elderly, especially those suffering from memory diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and its role in reducing depression and increasing the recovery rate from injuries.

  • reassurance

Relatives of elderly people usually worry about leaving them alone and sometimes they may give up a large part of their personal lives for the care of the elderly.

But with Curexmed Elderly sitters Office, rest assured of your loved one because we will provide all means of comfort and safety for the elderly, and we will allow you to be able to focus on work and take care of other tasks required of you.

  • Faster recovery and fewer injuries

Health care providers take care of all aspects of the elderly’s physical from giving him medications, following up on the development of his health condition, and providing the necessary healthy environment to ensure a faster recovery. They also care about the surrounding environment for the elderly and rehabilitate it, to become a supportive environment for them that causes them injuries such as falling or bumping into things, and the presence of Friendly people surrounded by the elderly also provide them with emotional support and happiness, which enhances the health of the elderly.

Problems that may affect the elderly

The elderly may suffer from many health problems that may pose a great danger to their lives and require follow-up and specialized health care to avoid any complications. Therefore, we provide elderly sitters at home service to help care for the elderly:

  • memory problems.
  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • the pain.
  • loneliness and isolation.
  • Take many medications.

Types of elderly car Services Provided by Curexmed

Any elderly care company may offer similar services to a home sitter, but what distinguishes Curexmed is that we provide many forms of care for the elderly to suit their diverse needs, so we provide:

  • home care service.
  • Live-in (Homecare permanent residence).
  • Regular home visits (Homecare specific residence).
  • respite care.
  • home nursing.

Book now an elderly sitters at home service from Curexmed without the need to contact any other elderly home care center, because we provide all types of elderly care with the best cadres and as soon as possible.

home care service

This type of service you may find in any elderly sitter center, where they provide all kinds of health, psychological and personal care needed for the elderly.

But we at Curexmed provide the best-aged care at home without the need to go to any type of elderly care center, which includes:

  • All kinds of housekeeping services: such as washing and cleaning.
  • Cooking and preparing food.
  • Personal care of the elderly: bathing, dressing.
  • Medical support for the elderly.
  • Incontinence care: Help with toileting, care for a urinary catheter, or change of changing pads.
  • Providing motor support to the patient: Using aids to walk or sit or help the elderly move.
  • Companionship and helping the patient to do his hobbies.
  • Carry out service tasks such as shopping and buying food and medicine.

Live-in care service

Many elderly people may need regular permanent care and can get it by ordering the permanent residence home care service from the office for elderly sitters from Curxmed, where we have carers who are with the elderly permanently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week living in separate rooms in the home of the elderly and provide assistance when they need.

Home Care Specific Residence (regular home visits)

This type of home care service is provided at specific times and does not include permanent residence with the elderly. It may be at specific times of the day or night, and it may be a certain number of hours per week, and it may be in the form of caring of elderly, such as:

  • Provide companionship and friendly and social conversations.
  • Helping the elderly in practicing his hobbies, playing games, and mental activities.
  • Hiking and short walks.
  • Remind the elderly to take medication

It may be in the form of providing mini-services to the patient with additional fees, such as:

  • Prepare snacks for the elderly.
  • Help with light household chores.
  • Shopping and buying medicine and food.
  • Transfer the elderly to visit the doctor.

Respite care (Short Term)

Respite care differs from regular home visits, where respite care is characterized by a specific time for patient care, such as patient care after surgeries or accidents, which may take only a few months until the elderly improve and this service is dispensed.

The nature of the service may vary depending on the health status of the elderly. He may need comprehensive care, medical care only, or services only, such as senior sitters.

Elderly nursing

Some elderly people may not need to communicate with a company for elderly sitters to bring a sitter for the elderly, while they need an elderly nurse who provides a nursing service to care for the elderly who suffer from problems and diseases that need to be closely followed up, supervise medication intake, and inform the doctor of all updates of the health status of the ill elderly person, such as:

  • Administer treatment according to the treating physician’s orders.
  • Evaluate emergencies that may require a quick and immediate response and report them to the doctor.
  • Preparation and administration of medicine (intravenous, intramuscular, liquid, or tablets and capsules)
  • Note the effect of the drug and follow up on possible side effects.
  • Monitoring the patient’s health condition and informing the doctor and the specialized medical team of all changes.
  • Assisting with the patient’s hygiene tasks such as bathing and getting dressed.

Order now the home nursing for elderly Service from Curexmed to provide specialized home nursing for the elderly as soon as possible in all areas of the governorates of Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria.

Why is elderly care important?

Elderly care is concerned with health problems that older people may have with age such as memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and social problems such as loneliness and depression.

How can I request an elderly sitter?

Contact Curxmed to get senior care at home, as we provide the best elderly home care service in the fastest time and at the lowest possible price.

What is the cost of senior care?

Elderly sitters cost from Curexmed vary depending on several factors such as the type of service required, the duration of the service request, the location of the service requester, and the time of the service request.