Best Doctor home visit in Egypt

Doctor home visit by Curexmed. Best Doctors for home visit in Egypt, with reasonable prices.

خدمة دكتور كشف منزلي

Why Patients in our community and their family members don’t use home visiting physicians services?

It is usually related to several reasons:

  • Out of fear that they couldn’t afford to dr home visit services.
  • The need for qualified doctors that make house calls and visits.
  • Timing of the request for In home doctor visits service.
  • Speed of response to physicians home visits service.
  • Geographic location, so the patient asks himself, can I find home visiting physicians near me?

But with Curexmed don’t worry!!

As we offer secure and fast doctors that come to your house services in Cairo, Alexandra, and Giza Governorates, by using highly selected senior care visiting physicians, and consultant doctors in all medical fields, to ensure our patients’ comfort.

Also, we consider patient’s follow-up after the examination of house call doctor till recovery, to achieve the highest quality of medical services provided.

We are also providing an emergency doctor home visit near me services at appropriate prices for all, in many areas of Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria governorates.

You can get a home call doctor at any time, and dr making house calls services from carexmed our services available all days of the week as quickly as possible without having to wait in clinics or hospitals.

We are also interested in providing home check up doctor service as soon as possible, considering the patient’s follow-up, and providing all other medical services he needs such as home nursing, home physiotherapy, at home radiology, at-home analysis, and special ambulance, which will arrive as soon as necessary.

So if you ask yourself, are home visiting physicians near me available for Curexmed?

Well, the answer is yes!

So Feel free to communicate with us and book an appointment with doctors visiting patients at home service.

Our services are a 24-hour emergency at the best price for doctors doing home visits services.

When should you book for doctors doing home visits services?

  • Severe illness or injury or surgery.
  • Chronic diseases.
  • Parents with newborn babies.
  • Multiple medical problems and multiple medications.
  • Need for ongoing detection and follow-up.

The Benefits of Requesting a house call doctor Service from Curexmed

  • The patient’s health will improve significantly, due to the excess personal care.
  • Get a great physical examination for the patient based on his medical condition.
  • detection of symptoms or other diseases was not detected at the outpatient clinic’s examination

Available at home examination specialties:

●     Internal medicine doctor Home visit

Book now doctor home visit near me service to treat internal diseases such as liver disease, stomach, colon, and digestive system.

Also, for examination and treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure diseases.

●    ICU doctor house call

Book now,  Doctors that make house calls near me service.

We service intensive care doctor’s examinations and follow-up for critical cases at home.

●     Geriatric physician home visit

Book now, GP home visits for elderly patients, or a geriatric doctor home visit service,  to treat and exam chronic diseases.

Also, you can book home doctor visits for the elderly to monitor the improvement of the patient’s health.

●    Pediatric doctor home examination

Book now a pediatrician home visit service by a pediatric doctor to check and treat pediatric diseases.

●    chest doctor home visit

Book now for a private on call doctors near me service, to treat chest allergy, and pneumonia, viral pneumonia, asthma, and smoking-induced chest diseases.

With the possibility of having a chest scan before the doctor comes to get the right diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible.

●     Neurologist home visit

Book now,  Brain and Neurological physician house call near me service to treat spasms, paranoid paralysis, Alzheimer’s, consciousness disorder, brain clots, and brain bleeding diseases.

●    Nephrologist doctor come to your home

Book now an appointment with nephrologist doctors making house calls near me, to treat cases of renal morbidity, renal inflammation, and urinary inflammation. Also follow-up on kidney patients.

●    gastroenterologist house call

Book now a digestive home visit doctors near me service, to detect and treat gastrointestinal diseases, stomach ulcers, esophageal reflux, neurotransmission, diarrhea, and constipation.

●    Cardiologist doctor at home

Book now home visiting physicians near me by a cardiologist to make a home detection and treat cases of hypertension, arrhythmia, Heart attack, coronary failure, increased cholesterol, and increase of triple fats within the blood.

●    Orthopedic doctor home visit

Book now for an ortho doctor home visit to detect and treat bone pain, muscle pain with the possibility of making casts for bone fractures at home.

Radiology may be performed before the doctor comes for rapid diagnosis and treatment.

●    Urologist doctor at home

Book now in home urologist visit, for detection and treatment of pebbles, urinary inflammation, urine salts, and urine retention cases.

●    plastic surgery home visit

Book now for Plastic Surgery examination at home, to do plastic sewing when it’s necessary.

●    Vascular surgeon home visit

Book now for a vascular doctor home visit, to detect and treat diabetes, foot clots.

●    Ophthalmologist home visit

Book now for Ophthalmologist home visits to detect and treat eye allergies, eye inflammation.

Also, to provide retinal and fundus examinations at home.

●    ENT house call

Book now an ent specialist home visit service nose detect and treat nasal infections, nose sensitivity, ear infections, larynx, and dizziness.

●    Dermatologist home visit

Book now a dermatologist home visit to treat skin allergies and dermatitis.

●    Emergency doctor come to home

Book now an appointment with an emergency doctor, our services are available all weekdays 24 hours.