here is some of Our achievements in Home care services

قصص نجاح كيوركسميد

Success Stories

There is nobody nearby.

We got a call after mid-night with a patient require an immediate life saving procedure . within minutes we were able to provide an ambulance, doctor and moved quickly to save a mans life and stable him before taking him to hospital that was a close one

Fear of going to the hospital during the epidemic

During covid-19 pandemic we got a call from a patient who have hepatic encephalopathy and his relatives are very afraid to transfer him to hospital to avoid risk of exposure to covid-19 immediately a top level team of gastroenterologist and nurse went to the patient, Anti-coma measures started for the patient and we continued the treatment of the patient till stabilization of patient condition.

An urgent condition  requiring medical home care

We got a call that an elderly patient need emergency IV access but his hand and veins wasn’t in good condition so we used home ultrasound to find central IV access in the neck according to the best medical practice guidelines through a team of ICU doctor, Radiologist and a nurse applied central line for the patient at home with extreme safety followed by regular follow up after application of the CVL. we basically got the patient a small hospital at his door steps.