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curexmed always put top priority to patient comfort and safety so we provde top quality medical service at home such as doctor home visit – home radiology and laboratory services and also home nursing services.

you can know more about our services through this page.

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خدمة الكشف المنزلي في مصر - دكتور يجي البيت

doctor home visit

curexmed provide doctor home visit with the best doctors in every speciality

we guarantee patient privacy and safety during doctor home visit

you can request urgent doctor house call or scheduled home visit by contacting us

خدمة الأشعات بالمنزل

home radiology services

curexmed provide high quality radiology services at the comfort of your home.

we provide wide range of home radiological services provided by best radiologists in Egypt.

our home radiological services include home X-Ray, home ultrasound and holter examination.

خدمة التحاليل بالمنزل

laboratory service at home

curexmed laboratory services at home help you with taking all the labs you want at the comfort of your home.

we have top quality laboratory devices and our medical stuff will help you with taking samples from your home

we always make sure to send the results to our patients as soon as possible

افضل تمريض منزلي في مصر

home nursing services in Egypt

curexmed nursing team provide wide range of nursing services which include home nursing shifts either 24 or 12 hours, IV cannulation and fluid .administration at home

our nursing team are ready to help you in any acute or chronic condition at the comfort of your home

أفضل علاج طبيعي بالمنزل في مصر

physiotherapy at home

our highly trained physiotherapy team are ready to help you improve from any medical condition that may have happened to you like muscle weakness , sport injury and even rehabilitation after stroke.

we provide best physiotherapy devices with the latest technologies to help you reach best results as soon as possible.

خدمة الإسعاف الخاصة

best private ambulance service in Egypt

curexmed provide private ambulance that arrive to patients home in any urgent situation

our ambulances are highly equipped with the latest technology equipment needed for patient transportation with any medical situation

our ambulances also provide oxygen and high technology ventilators

حجز أسره الرعاية المركزة

icu bed reservation

now you can make ICU bed reservation with our team as due to COVID 19 many hospitals are fully booked so we started this service to help patients receive the required medical care as soon as possible.

you can contact us if you need any help regarding ICU bed reservation.

رعاية المرضي بعد الشفاء

patient care after recovery

after major surgical operations and after long ICU stay patient may need special care with highly trained medical stuff.

so we at curexmed developed the concept of patient care after recovery from major medical or surgical condition.

رعاية المسنين بالمنزل

elderly care at home

by getting old our loved ones may develop multiple medical conditions that may need special care from trained individual.

curexmed provide the best care for seniors at home to help them live better life.