Labs at home Service

Labs at home Service can be ordered from Curexmed. Best prices available.

معمل تحاليل بالمنزل

Medical lab tests are one of the most important diagnostic tools helping doctors to diagnose and detect diseases related to a patient’s health. The medical lab analysis is as important as X-rays, sonars, MRI, and other diagnostic tools.

Also, all medical analyses are of particular importance. There is no better analysis than others since each analysis is responsible for detecting a specific disease or problem.

Labs at home Service

One of the most important features of our time is the easy access to services in a short time. This development has also included the medical field. Many services come to you at your home, so you don’t need to go to hospitals or places for these services, such as home visiting, home nursing, home radiology, home analysis, ext, our services in all the provinces of Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria.

Who needs labs at home Service?

Curexmed provides home analysis service to anyone unable to go to the hospital or the labs for his illness or preoccupation:

  • Older patients.
  • Patients are unable to move.
  • Patients with critical health conditions.
  • For busy people, an analysis service can be provided anywhere, either at work or at home.
  • Who wants to check their state of health.
  • Periodic analyses to monitor the health situation.

You’re not gonna have the day to go to the hospital or anywhere else because we brought you an integrated home testing center inside your house.

5 Benefits of Home Analysis Service with Curexmed

  1. 24/7 available service

Many of the analysis lab centers are closed at certain times on the day as night and certain days as holidays and events, and with Curexmed we offer you an analysis service at home 24 hours a day throughout the week.

  1. Lower cost

The cost of a home analysis service is less than you might imagine. Sometimes you may need to take a special transport or ambulance to suit a patient’s state of health.

  1. healthy environment

Many people may be worried about going to hospitals or analytics centers for fear of epidemics and diseases, either with a home analysis service with curexmed we come to you in your health environment.

  1. Saving time

The home analysis service allows people unable to go to the hospital or analysis centers to carry out the analysis without having to book an appointment, wait and wait for the results.

  1. Speed of results

The analytics technicians take samples at home and send the results as soon as possible.

Curexmed provides a service for taking analysis samples at home by the best analytics technicians, and we have an integrated medical cadre to examine the samples and results in the fastest time and the best quality.

We provide all other medical services such as (at-home nursing, at-home physiotherapy, at-home medical examination, at-home radiography, and special ambulance, which will arrive as soon as necessary) To provide integrated medical care.

Types of analysis provided in the home medical analysis service

All medical analyses are available with

Curexmed and not just regular ones.

Full blood image analysis ( CBC at home )

Book now an analysis of a complete blood count at home to detect diseases like leukemia, anemia, and allergic diseases.

Cbc exam at home includes the following: white blood pellet census (WBC), red blood pellet count (RBC), hemoglobin, platelets, and arithmetic mean platelet count (MPV).

Analysis of salts in the blood

Book now a blood salts analysis at home to measure the normal level of some blood salts, such as calcium at home, chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium at home, and sodium at home.

This analysis gives an impression of general human health and its relationship to various diseases.

Liver Functions Analysis

Book now to do a liver function test

at home, which includes:

     Bilirubin analysis

Bilirubin at home is used to determine the level of bilirubin in the blood, and its height from normal may indicate liver problems, such as jaundice.

     Hepatic virus analysis

To detect hepatitis C, B, A.

    Liver Enzymes Analysis

Analysis of alanine-amine transporter (ALT), aspartate transporter (AST), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), albumin, gamma-glutamyl peptide transporter (GGT), prothrombin time (PT), lactate hydrogen (LD).

kidney functions analysis

Book now to analyze kidney function tests at home to determine that there are any kidney problems, or complications resulting from other diseases that can damage the kidney, such as diabetes or hypertension.

  • Urine Analysis.
  • Blood creatinine analysis.
  • Blood urea nitrogen analysis (BUN).

Fast glucose level test

Book now for a blood sugar test at home.

Gives an indication of diabetes or not.

Comprehensive lipid analysis

Comprehensive lipid analysis at home includes:

Cholesterol screening, which includes good cholesterol (HDL), harmful cholesterol (LDL), and triglycerides.

Thyroid analysis

Book now to do thyroid function at home to detect any thyroid problems, which include

TSH and T4, T3, T3RU, thyroid antibody, and thyroglobulin.

Hormones Analysis

Book now for female and male hormonal analysis at home to detect any hormones problems, which include:

  • Estrogen and progesterone.
  • Follicle alarm hormone-FSH.
  • Luteinizing hormone-LH.
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).
  • Sex Hormone Globulin Link Hormone (SHBG).
  • FSH and LH.