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Welcome to Curexmed Company

Curexmed Company for medical services at home

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Home medical care

Curexmed works to provide all health services to individuals at home in Cairo by the best medical staff of doctors and nurses specializing in the medical field and providing home care services

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Certified medical staff

The company provides the most efficient nursing staff to provide a home treatment service at the highest levels of comfort and safety, and there are doctors and experts in all medical specialties who provide the best services

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Medical service 24 hours

Curexmed provides medical services 24 hours a day and under the supervision of a team of nurses and specialists licensed by the Ministry of Health with the provision of the latest medical devices and equipment

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Home medical services company

We provide you with all medical services with the most skilled and best medical staff available throughout the day 24 hours, we have a lot of home care services for patients and the elderly

medical care

Our Mission

Curexmed mission is to help people live healthy life by delivering high quality home healthcare service


Our Services

We currently offer a wide range of healthcare services including Doctor home visits, nursing services at home


Our Vision

To be number one choice for home healthcare services, you must choose Curexmed

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Welcome to Curexmed company

Our Services

Elderly care at home

The elderly care service is one of the most important services we provide at Curexmed. Elderly home care service ensures customized support for the elderly...

Patient care after recovery

Many patients and their families may suffer from dealing with the health condition and caring for patients after surgery, and from this perspective, we have...

ICU bed reservation

After the Corona pandemic, it became difficult to reserve an intensive care bed in any hospital, due to the need for intensive care for many...

كشف منزلى

Doctor home visit

Why Patients in our community and their family members don't use home visiting physicians services? It is usually related to several reasons: Out of fear...

سحب عينات التحاليل من المنزل

Labs at home Service

Medical lab tests are one of the most important diagnostic tools helping doctors to diagnose and detect diseases related to a patient's health. The medical...

خدمة الأشعة المنزلية

Home radiology service

As we know, the basis for proper treatment is the correct diagnosis, and for a doctor to reach a proper diagnosis, he may need other...

العلاج الطبيعي

Home physiotherapy

Many people had traffic accidents, sports injuries, falls, old-age diseases such as Parkinson's disease, or a stroke, While receiving the treatment, the doctor advises them...

تمريض منزلي

Nursing care at home

Are you looking for the best elderly care at home, home nursing after surgery, wound care, home injection service, urinary catheter insertion, caniola installation, vaccination,...

سيارات إسعاف خاصة

Ambulance service in Egypt

private ambulance service Egypt Many people may have accidents during their lives, which are often sudden and unannounced, and most may require the intervention of...

Curexmed company for medical care

Medical services at home

Curexmed offers you the best services related to medical and health care for all patients at home, while providing the best professional medical staff specialized in providing comprehensive care at the highest level and for the best prices.
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