Curexmed for Best Medical Home Services

We provide the best home visit services in Egypt

Home visit services

Curexmed offers home healthcare services with the top professionals to provide patients the best treatment at home

Our care and safety standards are the finest available.

Our medical professionals in all areas offer the highest standard services.

Lab and Radiology from Home

Investigational and radiological imaging services are required, and we offer them entirely from home.

Curexmed is committed to provide the greatest radiology specialists and equipment.

We’re eager to obtain the greatest outcomes from radiological and laboratory tests.

Home Nursing

Highest quality nursing home care is provided by Curexmed.

We strive to give individuals the finest medical treatment possible from our top teams’ homes in Cairo.

Under the supervision of the top physicians and nurses who specialize in providing medical treatment from home

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Curexmed for Home Medical Services

Doctor Home Visit

We provide home visit services by top staff

We preserve your secrecy, we try to make you avoid the pain of searching in hospitals and clinics

The doctor is always with you, with all the investigations and treatments from home.

Radiological home services

Curexmed provide radiological services from home

By top radiologists that reach to your home.

We provide mobile radiological services

We guarantee fast and accurate results from home

Lab tests from home

Curexmed provides lab tests from home 24/7

By our nursing staff, specialized in lab procedures

We guarantee speedy and accurate results

Home Nursing

Curexmed provides best home nursing staff

They help with the Cannula, Catheters, IV fluids adjustments, and many other procedures

They help the elderly to move and do their basic functions to keep their vascular system intact.

Physiotherapy from Home

Curexmed provide Physiotherapy from Home, especially helpful for people recovering from .accidents

Like muscle cramps, atrophy and others. we provide the best devices to help the patients recover

Private Ambulance in Egypt – a Personal Ambulance in Cairo

Curexmed provides private ambulance to help transport patients in emergencies.

Professional Staff are coming with the ambulance, trained in these situations.

It’s equipped with oxygen pipes and many other uptodate devices.

Book ICU beds

You can now book ICU beds with Curexmed without the hassle of waiting in line in hospitals

After COVID, ICU beds became busy and rare, it’s no more with Curexmed

Patient care after recovery

After surgical procedures, patients try to find the best care, especially when leaving the hospital.

That’s why Curexmed provides the best post OP patient care directly from home.

Elderly Home care

After getting older, elderly have less social time, and less people to help them with their health

It’s especially difficult when they develop some diseases such as alzheimer’s and dementia

Our Vision

Being the face of the best professional medical home services is our goal at Curexmed.

For home care, we offer the greatest specialists in all clinical disciplines

Our Services

We provide different medical services, Doctor home visit, nursing home visit, physiotherapy home service, laboratory services from home, radiological imaging

All by best medical teams in Egypt

Our Mission

Our goal at Curexmed is to improve people’s health.

By offering the best possible medical care

Contact us now for best medical care from home

Curexmed provides the best medical services from home, with professional staff in all fields, to provide the necessary care for the patients from home.

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