Home Nursing Service in Egypt – Nursing care office in Egypt

Nursing care at home can be ordered by Curexmed. We provide the best teams for nursing care.

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Are you looking for the best elderly care at home, home nursing after surgery, wound care, home injection service, urinary catheter insertion, canola installation, vaccination, or any other home nursing service?

But you quickly retract your decision for fear of dealing with nursing at home services. You see a lot of relevant ads and you can’t choose between them.

However, choosing independent nurses who are not affiliated with a home nursing office may sometimes be a wrong decision because you don’t know them personally, or know their practical experience, and if they decide to leave suddenly, you may spend a long time being able to hire someone else.

So you have to choose Curexmed!

Why should you choose nurse at home service from Curexmed?

Because we provide you skilled nursing at home services, with a selection of the most qualified nursing staff after checking them out and checking their data and practical experience. Most of our nursing staff specialize in intensive care nursing, also, they work under the best doctor’s supervision.

We have 24-hour nursing care at home services available at any time and anywhere within Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria.

What are the Benefits of nursing care at home services?

  • It is the most suitable and comfortable choice for a patient rather than being admitted to a hospital or nursing home because the home helps the patient recover more quickly due to the presence of people who love around them.
  • Taking care of the patients’ diet.
  • It’s considered as a personal patient’s focus and support.
  • Taking care of the patient’s medication system.
  • Home care nurses also examine blood pressure, body temperature, breathing, and heart rate.
  • coordination with the attending physician to provide a proper course of health care for the patient.

Types of home nursing service

Short-term home nursing service

Nursing staff provides service for 1-4 hours or a limited period, often after surgeries or injury, or mini-services such as giving injections, vaccination, wound care, and home cardiac planning.

Long-term home nursing service

The length of service is 12-24 hours and is a comprehensive package of health, physical, nutritional and personal care for the patient, such as Nursing the elderly or disabled, setting up a ventilator at home, bed ulcer care, installing a catheter, giving intravenous solutions.

Permanent Home Residence nursing service

They take care of all the daily activities of the patient, such as personal care, and nursing of the elderly.

Nursery care at home cost

The cost of home care nursing services varies depending on:

  • Patient’s state of health.
  • The required length of service.
  • Type of care: Permanent Home Residence, Long-term, short-term.
  • Geographic location.

However, 24-hour nursing care, cost is 20-50% cheaper than hospitals and nursing homes.

All our nursing staff is supervised by doctors. Book now home nursing service which is available 24 hours a day and all days of the week at the best price.

We provide all other medical services such as (at-home analysis, at-home physiotherapy, at-home medical examination, at-home radiography, and special ambulance, which will arrive as soon as necessary) To provide integrated medical care.

Curexmed home nursing care services

●    Care for the elderly

Book now for nursing care for stroke patients at home, and Alzheimer’s patients.

Also, home care for chronic old age diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity.

Book now at home nursing care for osteoporosis patients, and for the personal care of the elderly.

●    Epidemics

Nursing Care for Corona patients at home to avoid going to hospitals where there are crowding or no empty hospital care spaces.

Receiving vaccinations

Book now at home nursing near me service to get vaccinations for a lot of diseases like this.

H1N1, typhoid, pneumonia, hepatitis, etc. by qualified nurses at home.

Call us to tell you more about the types of available vaccinations.

●    Post-surgical nursing

Book now 24-hour nursing care at home service to follow up on the patient’s post-op status and give him the necessary medication and follow up on the respiratory marks at home.

●    Urinary catheter structure

Book now nurse at home service to install the urinary catheter or remove it in the house.

●    Treating and healing wounds

We have an Integrated team to deal with all kinds of wounds from injury wounds, surgery wounds, or bed ulcers at home.

●    Oxygen device installation

Book now nursing care at home to install an oxygen device for bleeding patients, shortness of breath, lung diseases, and others.

●    home injection service

Book now the home nursing service to give muscle, intravenous, solution installation, and caniola injections at home.