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Private ambulance service Egypt can be booked with Curexmed

سيارة اسعاف خاصة في مصر

private ambulance service Egypt

we always focus to become the best home care services provider in Egypt so we are always with you during your tough times.

Many people may have accidents during their lives, which are often sudden and unannounced, and most may require the intervention of specialists to deal with these emergencies.

Some can also experience such accidents in places that may be difficult to access or may take a long time to arrive, so the service of an ambulance for patient transfer from Curexmed was very important so that we could ambulate patients and provide them with the necessary service.

Request private ambulance from Curexmed

private ambulance service from Curexmed allows patients to be transported from home to hospital or clinic medical appointments. We provide our services within special ambulances and a distinguished medical team of doctors, nurses, and paramedics with a 24-hour service on all weekdays in all districts of Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria.

Benefits of requesting an ambulance service from curexmed

Quick response: The ambulance service from Curexmed has the speed to respond and come to the scene or the location of the student so that we can provide the necessary medical care very quickly. You can call Curexmed’s ambulance number at any time. Our services are available 24 hours a day throughout the week.

Comprehensive coverage: An ambulance service from Curexmed, covering all the provinces of Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria, do not hesitate and request Curexmed ambulance numbers at any time.

Qualified competencies and trained medical staff

Curexmed paramedics hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and all paramedics are trained and qualified in the emergency to deal with all critical situations.

Ambulance drivers also are equipped, trained, and familiar with all roads to select the shortest roads to reach the required locations as soon as possible.

Curexmed ambulances We provide ambulances equipped at the highest level to be able to provide the best service to patients as quickly as possible, so call Curexmed ambulance telephone number:

  • The driver’s compartment is separate from the patient’s compartment, able to accommodate 2 paramedics, and two patients on two loads so that at least one patient can be given intensive care during transportation.
  • The paramedic is trained to provide emergency medical care for injured persons.
  • Equipped with the best devices to protect workers and patients in serious conditions, to ensure protection and rest, and to avoid deterioration of the patient’s condition or loss of life:
  • Fixed strap with wheels.
  • A foldable strap enables paramedics to carry the patient on the stairs and in other narrow areas where it is impossible to use the fixed one.
  • pharyngeal air ducts for adults and children, of all sizes.
  • Artificial respirators.
  • Mobile and fixed suction devices.
  • Oxygen inhalation equipment.
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment.
  • Fracture fixing fittings.
  • Wound dressing supplies.
  • Small surgical kit.
  • Sterile catheter equipment.

Our services in Alexandria Province

We provide all other medical services such as (at-home nursing, at-home physiotherapy, at-home medical examination, at-home radiography, and at-home analysis) To provide integrated medical care.

Cases requiring an ambulance to transport

We provide two types of ambulance services according to the nature of the condition:

Critical emergencies: Call now Curexmed the private ambulance company, and don’t forget to provide first aid to the injured person before ambulances arrive, as you might be able to save his life:

  • Road accidents.
  • Heart problems
  • All kinds of injuries and wounds.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Cases of exposure to fire.
  • Psychological states.
  • Home births
  • Newborn care.
  • Death at the scene of the accident.

Non-emergency services

Don’t ask about ambulance numbers. call Curexmed now for a private ambulance to provide non – emergency services to patients. Our services are available 24 hours a day and during all days of the week:

  • Hospital-to-home transportation for immobile patients.
  • X-rays, analyses, treatment, or medical follow-up for immobile patients.
  • Transportation between hospitals and medical centers for radiology and medical analysis which not available at the hospital where the patient is present.
  • An outpatient clinic appointment for immobile patients.
  • Transportation between hospitals, both inside and outside the province, for those unable to move.
  • Transportation services for patients with chronic diseases:

We provide a special ambulance service for chronically ill people, such as Kidney failure, diabetes, stress, cancer, and others, patients with fixed hospital appointments to take their necessary treatment sessions and return home again, we provide this service by ambulance equipped to transport them and return to their homes under available medical care appropriate to their state of health.