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Home radiology service is provided by Curexmed

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As we know, the basis for proper treatment is the correct diagnosis, and for a doctor to reach a proper diagnosis, he may need other means to see things that are not seen by the naked eye.

From this point of view, radiology is a science that allows doctors to see the organs, bones, and teeth inside the human body.

There are a lot of types of radiology, such as X-rays, Ultrasonography, ECG, ECHO, Doppler, etc, that help doctors to detect and reach the proper diagnosis of many health problems.

Without a diagnosis, the doctor will not reach a treatment plan and without a treatment plan, There’s no cure.

However, radiology is not limited to this. Radiology, helping in diagnosis, following up the state of health of the patient, and making sure that it improves, it also helps to ensure that the patient is cured.

With the great evolution of radiology, we have a new concept, the concept of home radiology service, and this new service has multiple benefits for patients.

In Curexmed, we provide home radiology services in all regions of Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria.

Home radiology service

How many unable Patients can not go to the hospital to do the required tests and radiology, and then they break down going to hospitals, which worsens the patient’s state of health!!

We provide a home radiology scan that allows all patients to do home radiology examinations without having to go to any hospitals or radiology centers. Our service is available 24 hours a day and throughout the week.

Benefits of home radiology service

1- No need to go anywhere

Curexmed provides home radiology service to ensure the comfort of patients, especially those unable to go to hospitals or radiology centers and wait.

2- Speed of diagnosis

It is customary to book an appointment at a hospital or radiology center and then wait for the results, which can sometimes take full days of work, and then go to a doctor for the diagnosis.

With a home radiology service, you don’t need those steps, because our service allows for the immediate release of images, which will help to get a faster diagnosis.

3- Lower cost

With a home scan service with curexmed, there would be no need to get a radiologist to review and report on it because our team of technicians would take the images and send them to the radiologist, who would review them and write the radiology report immediately.

4- Possibility of consultation among doctors

The home scan allows doctors to communicate without having to meet each other in the same place, which reduces the time and cost of going to more than one doctor.

5- Provision of service at all times

Radiology centers or some hospitals are usually closed on holidays or at specific times a day, for example at night, either with a home radiology service with curexmed, our service is available 24 hours a day and on all days of the week.

6- Access to service in remote areas

We provide home scan service from curexmed in all regions of Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria.

We also have a full team of radiologists to ensure the production of high-quality and reliable radiology images.

You don’t need to go anywhere, as we brought you an integrated home radiology center.

We provide all other medical services such as (at-home nursing, at-home physiotherapy, at-home medical examination, at-home analysis, and special ambulance, which will arrive as soon as necessary) To provide integrated medical care.

Types of household radiology services we provide:

X-Ray home service

Book Now X – Ray on all parts of the body in the house.

Get a bone x ray at home.

Get a chest x ray at home.

And you can get teeth x ray in the house.

Ultrasonography at Home

Book Now the ultrasound sonar in the house.

You can book with curexmed a home sonar on all parts of the body, such as uterus, stomach, testicles, pancreas, kidneys, etc.

ECG Heart Drawing at Home

Book Now to do home cardiomyopathy easily and accurately, so with curexmed.

You can do an ECG at home.

Book Now for Holter at home to help diagnose some heart disease.

Echo Heart ECHO Home

Book Now to do Echo at home, get accurate images of the size and shape of your heart, the blood vessels, the valves associated with it, the strength of the blood pumping, and the frequency of its movement.

Doppler for arteries and veins in the house

Book now for doppler veins at home and doppler arteries at home, to get the most accurate measurement of the amount of blood flowing through the arteries and veins, to diagnose the blockage of arteries and clots.

EEG Brain Drawing

Book now to do a brain drawing at home with curexmed without having to go to the hospital, where it helps diagnose brain tumors, stroke, etc.