Medical checkup at home

Medical checkup

A home medical checkup is one of the most significant medical examinations because it enables people to regularly and thoroughly check on all body organs, prevent diseases, follow up on chronic conditions on a periodic basis, identify potential health issues early, and detect aging diseases in elderly people without having to visit a hospital, analysis lab, or radiology center separately. What are the medical checkup tests, how to do a comprehensive body checkup, what is the best hospital for the medical checkup, and are the prices of the medical checkup affordable for everyone?

A medical checkup is a comprehensive examination that looks at all body systems and includes a number of tests and examinations to monitor a patient’s condition in relation to his age, gender, and overall health. Curexmed offers a comprehensive medical checkup that includes clinical examinations, laboratory tests, and diagnostic x-ray examinations. The best medical staff, including specialized doctors, consultants, distinguished nursing staff, lab and x-ray technicians, assist in providing this care. The most up-to-date medical and laboratory methods and techniques are used to ensure the best results.

Regularly conducting comprehensive medical checkup is essential. Health professionals advise that people between the ages of 18 and 40 should have a medical checkup every five years, and those over forty should have a thorough examination every three years. If your workplace is demanding and stressful, you should not put off having a complete annual blood sugar assessment, particularly if you are over 35. Furthermore, some tests, such as a cumulative blood sugar test, must be performed every year.

Curexmed for medical checkup services

Here at Curexmed, we believe that everyone has the right to health care, and everyone should have access to it, including the elderly, people who are unable to travel to hospitals for treatment, and people who are immobile. A medical checkup allows a patient’s medical condition to be accurately assessed at home by tailoring all tests to the patient’s specific needs. We also provide complete blood analysis and diagnostic radiology examinations at home, from the initial sample collection to the report being delivered to the patient’s home.

We also offer you the opportunity to consult a doctor on a regular basis so they can evaluate your health, recommend medication, and suggest a lifestyle and diet that suits you.

Curexmed Medical Checkup Center prioritizes providing the most advanced comprehensive health examination tools and technologies available in Egypt. Our goal is to offer readily available, reasonably priced healthcare that satisfies everyone’s needs without forcing people to leave their homes. Curexmed is distinguished by its medical checkup services:

● a precise plan-based medical check-up that includes a clinical examination, medical tests, and diagnostic x-rays to examine every body system.
● Determine the medical checkup program individually, appropriate to the patient’s condition, age, and gender.
● using the newest and greatest tools and technologies for medical examinations along with the best medical professionals to help deliver the best possible healthcare.
● providing excellent, comprehensive testing facilities with a high degree of accuracy and knowledge.

Unquestionably, a medical examination offers a thorough evaluation of a person’s health because it presents a great opportunity to detect possible illnesses, track chronic conditions, avoid health complications, and provide the required treatment options. Depending on your age, gender, overall health, and particular circumstances, we recommend obtaining a medical examination annually.

The reason the comprehensive medical checkup is so valuable is that it is not just a routine test procedure; rather, it is a medical procedure designed to give an in-depth analysis of the body’s vital organs operating in compliance with international health standards. This is significant because patients in our society are accustomed to seeing doctors only when an issue comes up. Therefore, the comprehensive examination program not only gives a general picture of the patient’s current health status but also helps identify any health issues and gives an opportunity to develop a plan for better health:

  1. Knowing the root cause of many health problems
    Routine medical checkup help treat a variety of related medical conditions that require a precise, comprehensive medical diagnosis of multiple human body systems. It provides a more thorough understanding of the health issue and aids in the discovery of these connections. It also helps in formulating a treatment plan that goes beyond treating symptoms to focus on the underlying causes of diseases.
  2. Receive optimal health care
    A medical checkup helps ensure that patients receive the best possible care and has the opportunity to see a doctor on a regular basis because doctors in general comprehensive examination clinics have limited time to examine patients, which prevents patients from fully understanding the nature of their health problem, asking questions, or having a full discussion with the doctor. A medical checkup gives the patient the opportunity and time to talk to his doctor about any concerns, learn how to manage the illness, and develop a customized treatment plan.
  3. Health care tailored to each person’s individual needs
    The treating doctor must be fully informed about every aspect of the patient’s life, even the most minor ones like stressors that might affect daily functioning, in order to determine which tests will be necessary during a medical checkup. Every patient needs reliable tests, analyses, x-rays, and medications, so it is essential to receive medical care that is tailored to each patient’s needs.
  4. Early detection of diseases
    A medical check-up helps the doctor identify possible problems because it is a more accurate way to test and examine than any usual examination. It also helps identify problems that a traditional usual examination might miss.
  5. Prevent health complications
    A medical checkup examination can help prevent health problems, aid in the early detection of diseases, and reduce the patient’s risk of developing chronic health complications. This is because a medical checkup examination provides additional information about health problems that can be prevented by making lifestyle changes or by taking medication.

The most important tests included in a medical checkup at home

Medical checkup

A medical checkup is an extensive assessment of a person’s health. This comprehensive physical checkup examination lowers the risk of illness by monitoring the patient’s health and spotting potential problems before they get worse.

Although medical evaluations vary from patient to patient, the comprehensive examination comprises five main examinations, which are:

  1. Medical history
    The foundation of any medical examination is the patient’s medical history, which includes a thorough review of the patient’s past and present medical conditions, inquiries about illnesses or surgeries, current medications, and allergies.

A patient’s family medical history is also very important because some diseases run in families. If the doctor has this information, they will be better able to understand your medical history and any potential risks.

  1. Checking vital signs
    Vital signs are basic measurements of the body’s main functions. During a medical checkup, a doctor looks at the following four vital signs: temperature, pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure.
  2. Clinical examination and evaluation:
    ● Comprehensive examination of children.
    ● A comprehensive examination of the digestive system.
    ● Bone examination.
    ● Skin examination.
    ● Heart examination.
    ● Detection of neurological diseases.
  3. Medical tests:
    ● Complete blood count (CBC) test.
    ● Erythrocyte sedimentation rate test.
    ● Blood sugar test.
    ● Thyroid tests.
    ● Uric acid test.
    ● Urinalysis.
    ● Liver function test.
    ● Kidney function test.
    ● Complete triglyceride test.
    ● Stool analysis.
  4. Diagnostic radiology examinations:
    ● Electrocardiogram.
    ● Plain chest x-ray of the spinal area
    ● Abdominal ultrasound (upper and lower abdomen).
    ● Prostate ultrasound (men).
    ● Breast ultrasound (female).
  5. Dental examination

Medical checkup for women

A comprehensive medical checkup for women involves several important tests to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, and other health issues that jeopardize women’s health. These tests include:
● Comprehensive blood test.
● Clinical examination of the breast.
● Mammogram.
● Detection of cervical cancer.
● Pelvic examination.
● Bone density examination.

Comprehensive examination for men

In addition to the aforementioned general examinations, men often need a number of specialized tests that are different from those for women, such as:
● Prostate cancer screening.
● Testicle examination.
● Cholesterol test.
● Screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm.
● Penile examination.

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How to prepare for a Medical checkup

Medical checkup

A comprehensive body checkup examination does not require much preparation before undergoing it, unless a specific tests that requires not eating for a number of hours. However, you can prepare by:

  1. Make a list of your symptoms
    If you have any symptoms, write them down before your appointment. Give a detailed description of your symptoms, including when they first appeared, what relieves or exacerbates them, and how they affect your daily activities.
  2. Prepare a list of the medications you take
    Bring a list of any medications you are currently taking, including dosage and frequency. This includes prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, nutritional supplements, vitamins, or herbs.
  3. Prepare all previous medical records
    Prepare all previous medical records as this will help provide your doctor with a comprehensive picture of your health. This can include details about any allergies, laboratory tests, x-ray reports, or other information.
  4. Prepare your questions
    A comprehensive medical exam is an ideal time to ask your doctor and discuss your general health, and it’s also important to be prepared to answer health and lifestyle questions, such as diet, sleep habits, and exercise.

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Risks of Medical checkup

There are usually no risks from performing a medical checkup of the body, but some patients may encounter difficulties that vary depending on their general health condition, such as:
● Discomfort and mild pain during medical tests.
● Physical fatigue, especially the elderly.
● Certain x-ray precautions include not putting any creams, moisturizers, perfumes, cosmetics, or deodorants on areas that are exposed to radiation.
● High cost of some medical procedures, x-rays, and medications. There is no need to worry when you deal with Curexmed, the best comprehensive examination center. We offer the best comprehensive examination of the body at the lowest cost and with the best quality.

Who should undergo a medical checkup ?

Regular medical checkups are essential to monitor health status, identify illnesses early, and track chronic conditions. By doing so, health risks are reduced and diseases are identified early, especially for the elderly and those with a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, or cancer.

How often should a person undergo a medical checkup ?

The frequency of medical examinations is determined by factors such as age, gender, and overall health. Younger people without long-term health issues might only require an examination every two to three years, whereas older adults and those with long-term health issues require an examination annually.

What is the price of a medical checkup ?

A comprehensive medical checkup can be expensive depending on where you get it done, so you should be careful when selecting. Curexmed is the best place to get a medical checkup in Egypt.

Curexmed offers complete blood examination services in addition to all other medical checkup services. If you are wondering how much comprehensive examination tests will cost, proceed with caution. The cost of the physical examination is dependent on a number of factors, including the experience level of the doctor, the location of the service request, the date of the request, and the total number of tests that will be needed. We are sure Curexmed will enable you to receive a medical examination at home as soon as possible.

What are the medical checkup offers from Curexmed ?

If you are wondering whether Curexmed offers comprehensive examination offers, the answer is yes. There are many offers for in-depth exams that are customized to meet the individual medical requirements of each patient.

Do not hesitate to contact us now and ask about medical checkup prices and comprehensive examination packages.