ECG at home in Egypt

Why doctors Request ECG

ECG at home in Egypt, Many people are concerned about cardiac problems and associated chest pain, even young and healthy people.
You can do variable tests to evaluate heart functions and rhythm, and ECG is the fastest and safest one. Also, you can do ECG at home without any serious complications.
We at curexmed home radiology center provide ECG at-home services anytime to make your life better and more accessible.
Naturally, the electrical impulses coordinate the contractions of different parts of the heart to keep average blood circulation. An electrocardiogram records these electrical impulses to show how quickly the heart is beating, its rhythm (regular or irregular), and the strength and duration of the electrical impulses as they travel through different muscle bundles of the heart. Changes in normal ECG can be a sign of many heart disorders.

What is ECG?

EKG, or ECG abbreviations refer to cardiac test that monitor and trace heart signal to check heart work and activity.
Our heart produces a number of beats every minute to pump blood around the body; ECG can detect these contractions. It’s a machine consisting of two parts, the electrodes, small plastic pieces attached to the skin in certain places at the chest, arms, and patient legs. The electrodes are connected to the ECG device by leads which transmit the measured electrical activity of the heart to be printed. But actually there is no electricity sent to the surface of the body.

How is ECG done?

Why doctors Request ECG

At first your doctor will explain the steps of ECG test and give you answers for all Inquiries. There is no need for fasting before the exam, but it’s better to avoid smoking and caffeine.
After you request an Electrocardiogram at home in EGYPT, cardiovascular doctor and technician take care about your complain and prepare you to start tracing the heart evaluation. The process is following these steps:
• You have to remove any clothes or jewelry that maybe interfere the test.
• You need to be shirtless and also the wrist and ankle should be naked.
• Test at most of cases done at rest so you will lie comfortably at bed.
• You should keep silent and don’t move during the test to prevent alteration on the record.
• If your chest is very hairy, it’s better to shave it.
• The technician will start put watery material at the sites of electrodes.
• Electrodes will be connected to your chest, wrists and legs.
• Leads of ECG device will connect to the electrodes.
• Patient information (name, age, past history) or any identifying data will be entered to the computer of ECG.
• Recording the electrical activity of the heart by ECG takes short time and patient not feels anything during the tracing.
• When the recording is completed, the doctor will remove all the skin electrodes.

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Why doctors Request ECG?

There is many risk factors increase your chance to have any cardiac related disorders, so it’s important to do ECG if you complain of some sign and symptoms associated with heart diseases.
What disorders ECG show? Some of reasons make doctor plans to do electrocardiogram for you include:
• Long history of HTN which increase your risk for cardiac Hypertrophy.
• Chest pain with left shoulder pain.
• To identify systemic problems that happened due to some cardiac dysfunction as: sudden fainting, fatigue and dizziness
• To evaluate the response of some medications and its toxicity.
• Baseline ECG As part of surgical workup with continues tracing of cardiac activity all operation duration
• To detect any heart rhythm abnormality.
• For recognize any myocardial infarction attacks even the old ones.
• Congenital heart diseases.

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Does Myocardial infarction appear in ECG?

Why doctors Request ECG

Ischemia of heart muscles causes many changes on normal ECG. There are many significant findings indicate MI, ST wave elevation is the most common one.
Also it’s important to collaret the patient presentation with ECG changes; some patients at first hours of ischemia may have normal ECG records which can’t exclude the event.
In conclusion, electrocardiogram is one of essential tests that should be done with many other labs and physical examinations.

What are the Differences between ECG and Echocardiogram?

We in curxmed provide you with EKG at home in Egypt which is not the only test to check heart conditions.
Both Echocardiogram and ECG are common diagnostic tools that help doctors to discover heart disease and follow up its progress.
Echocardiogram is typically ultrasound test to imaging living heart by sound waves that show heart activity, its champers and valves. Many diseases can’t be confirmed without take look at the mechanical system of the heart that provided to doctor by ECHO.
ECG checks the electrical activity of heart such as arrhythmias, beats and pace and also helps in monitoring the heart muscle damage after attacks, but echocardiogram more informative in valvular heart diseases and congenital disorders.

Cost of ECG at home in Egypt

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