Home Nursing Nasr City

Home Nursing Nasr City

Home Nursing Nasr City

curexmed provides many private Home Nursing Nasr City like post-operative, trauma, and
wound nursing care, intramuscular and intravenous injections, cannula and urinary catheters,
vaccinations, in addition to other nursing services.

Taking care of your health is not an easy thing, you have to be careful about choosing who will
take care of you and take care of your health, as many can provide home nursing services, but
only Curexmed provides these services with the highest quality, which makes us the perfect
choice for its clients.

What distinguishes home nursing services from Curexmed

Curexmed provides 24 hour nursing care at home services of the highest quality by the most
efficient nursing staff, by ensuring the scientific expertise of the staff members and checking
their data.
Curxmede has skilled nursing at home staff who specialize in the field of intensive care nursing,
working under the supervision of the best doctors in all specialties.
One of our goals is to be close to our customers wherever they are, so you can request our
services from anywhere in Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria.
Benefits of requesting home Nursing Nasr City service
● Follow-up of the patient’s diet and medication.
● Communicate with the treating physician and inform him of the developments of the
● Providing comfort to the patient by undergoing treatment at his home around his family
without the need to go to the hospital or a nursing home, which improves the
psychological state of the patient and speeds up the recovery.
● Monitor temperature, breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate.
● Providing psychological support as well as medical services.
If you are a resident of Nasr City or near it, call now and book a 24 hour nursing care at home
near me in Nasr City from Curexmede and get the best medical services.

Nursing care at home types

● Short term home nursing services
The service is provided for 1-4 hours or specific periods. Short-term service is often provided
immediately after surgeries and injuries. Short-term services also include some mini-services
such as (vaccinations – care for injuries and wounds – giving injections – doing an
electrocardiogram at home).
● Long-term home nursing services
The service is provided for a period of 12-24 hours. Long-term service includes personal and
physical care of the patient such as care for the disabled and the elderly, which includes
(installation of ventilators at home, care for bedsores, insertion of the cannula and urinary
catheters, and intravenous solutions.
● Resident nursing services
It includes taking care of all patient’s activities in a day, providing personal care, and nursing the
Nursing care at home cost
The24 hour nursing care at home cost depends on some factors:
● Patients’ health condition.
● Service type (long, short or Resident).
● Geographical location.
Call now and book a home nursing service in Nasr City and other areas of Cairo, Giza, and
Alexandria, and get services of the highest quality and the best prices by senior nursing care,
and under the supervision of the best doctors.

Curexmed Home Nursing Services

● Elderly care
❖ Caring for chronic diseases for the elderly such as
❖ Providing personal care.
❖ Osteoporosis care.
● epidemic care
Curexmed provides a home care service for Corona patients, to avoid crowding at hospitals.
● vaccinations
Book now to get the vaccine for many diseases such as:
❖ Pneumonia.
❖ typhoid.
❖ Liver infections.
❖ And other diseases, just call and ask about the available vaccinations.
● Post-traumatic and surgical nursing
Curexmed provides a postoperative nursing service, to monitor the patient’s health status after
the surgical procedure, give him the medications prescribed by the physician, and monitor the
respiratory system at home.
● Urinary catheter insertion
Curexmed provides a home urinary catheter insertion and removal service.
● wound dressing
Curexmede has a professionally trained team to treat all types of wounds such as
● Post-operative wounds.
● severe injuries.
● bed sores.
● Installing oxygen ventilators
Installing oxygen ventilators for pulmonary diseased patients.
● Giving injections and installing a cannula
❖ Give intramuscular and intravenous injections.
❖ cannula installation.
You will not find any company like Curexmed which always cares to provide the best integrated
medical services to its customers everywhere, call now and book a home nursing Nasr City and
all areas of Cairo.

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