Equipped ambulance with a specialized accompanying doctor

Reservation of an equipped ambulance with an accompanying doctor is mandatory for many people, whether in an emergency or not. The ambulance concept is no longer limited to emergency cases but rather to a group of cases in which it is necessary to reserve an ambulance with an accompanying doctor. The most modern type of ambulance is an emergency vehicle that is specifically made to have a separate cabin for the patient and the driver to keep the patient separated from the front of the vehicle. This allows space for two rescuers and a designated area for the patient, enabling at least one patient to receive critical care while being transported.

Curexmed provides non-emergency medical transportation for patients who need to move between health facilities or between home and hospital. This service is available to patients who require medical supervision during transportation but do not require emergency measures.

We provide an ambulance service that is fully equipped with oxygen tanks, a set of medicine pumps, and artificial respirators to help save patients’ lives in any way possible.

Ambulance number equipped with an accompanying doctor

Equipped ambulance with an accompanying doctor

Families of patients with life-threatening conditions or whose health is seriously compromised should request Curexmed’s equipped ambulance with an accompanying doctor, since our multidisciplinary team provides emergency services with the latest medical equipment needed to ensure the safety and comfort of patients.

Our ambulances are equipped with the highest standards of patient transport service. It is equipped with all of the portable devices, monitors, defibrillators, analgesics, and other life-saving medical supplies. Our ambulances also come equipped with electric syringes, solution pumps, and respirators.

The most crucial member of Curexmed’s ambulance team is the intensive care doctor who is accompanying the patient in the ambulance. This doctor specializes in emergency cases and has a set of medications to support the heart muscle, respirators, oxygen devices, and medication pumps.

Curexmed’s equipped ambulance with an accompanying doctor service is available by reservation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Both patients who can walk and those who require a wheelchair can request the service because all patient transfers are carried out in accordance with local laws and regulations as well as stringent medical protocols.

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Benefits of requesting the ambulance service from Curexmed

Since taking care of patients’ health is our first and most important priority, Curexmed Center is now able to provide you with an equipped ambulance with an accompanying doctor service that you will not find in any other facilities or hospitals. Depending on the patient’s condition, our ambulance service comes with a doctor who specializes in intensive care as well as many other specialties.

We are able to determine the patient’s condition through the patient’s family’s communication with us and their assessment of his health. Then, in an effort to save the patient’s life, we dispatch our most skilled specialist doctors along with the best ambulance drivers, who are familiar with all the routes and know how to drive both quickly and safely.

Curexmed’s equipped ambulances contain a set of basic devices that greatly help in saving patients. You have to know that any ambulance that has these devices in belongs to a specialized center with the highest standards of scientific and medical integrity.

In light of the aforementioned information, we discover that the Curexmed Center offers a variety of benefits to patients when they request an equipped ambulance with an accompanying doctor. This makes it the first option in an emergency since it is a source of great trust for patients.

The most important features of Curexmed’s equipped ambulance with an accompanying doctor are:
● Firstly, the vehicle is equipped from the inside with all the latest medical equipment to ensure incredibly effective functioning in order to support people who suffer sudden drops in blood pressure that result in fainting.

● Secondly, if the patient requires any kind of medication to support the heart muscle, there are several options available. A specialist physician is also present to ensure that patients’ lives are preserved in the most suitable manner for each individual situation.

● Thirdly, our ambulances are equipped with portable ventilators that run on their own to supply oxygen, as well as an internal nasopharyngeal airway set that is utilized for patients of all ages. There are two devices: one is meant to be used inside the ambulance, and the other is meant to be used as a backup or outside the ambulance.

Equipped ambulance with an accompanying doctor

If you would like to request an equipped ambulance with an accompanying doctor, the ambulances must have a simple, wide-open suction tube, two oxygen supplies—one mobile and one permanently installed—and oxygen inhalation equipment that is both mobile and fixed.

It is necessary for the portable oxygen device to be near the door and have a 300-liter capacity in order to be used outside the vehicle. It also needs to include a hose, an oxygen mask, a flow meter, a pressure gauge, an oxygen flow rate of at least 10 liters per minute and an additional 300 liter bottle.

It is crucial that the oxygen pressure gauges, flow meters, humidifiers, and tubing in the ambulance situated atop the unit are easily observable and accessible.

Oxygen masks should be semi-open, transparent, easy to clean and disinfect, and available in sizes appropriate for children and adults.

Curexmed’s services do not end here. We also offer you a home radiology center, so you can perform any kind of X-ray you want without having to travel to one and wait for a long time. And by providing at home medical laboratory service, we were also able to spare you the headache and inconvenience of having to travel to a medical laboratory.

Request equipped ambulance with an accompanying doctor

Equipped ambulance with an accompanying doctor

Since request equipped ambulance with an accompanying doctor, the ambulance must have a CPR team on board as well as a spinal stabilizer that can be used directly for CPR cases. This device provides the required resistance to effective external cardiac pressure when it is placed beneath the patient in a sling or on their bed.

Additionally, it needs to be equipped with tools for stabilizing fractures or suspected fractures. Ambulances must be equipped with the following:
● A lower extremity semicircular joint splint.
● Splints for the lower and upper limbs, including plastic, cardboard, and wood-like boards; straps; and triangle braces for upper arm and shoulder fractures.
● Long and short boards for the spine, along with any necessary accessories, should be used in the event of a spinal injury or suspicion of one in order to properly rescue and stabilize the patient.
● The ambulance’s wound care equipment includes splint application, padding, and wound care accessories.
● Sterilized gauze pads in standard size for bandaging injuries.
● A soft bandage several widths wide is wrapped around sterile dressings to seal absorbent wounds or drain fluids from the chest.
● Fixation tools include medical tape and needles.
● Bandage scissors.

Today, while at home, you can place requests for different services from Curexmed. We provide physical therapy sessions, along with the option to have a doctor home visit if needed.

Request equipped ambulance to transport a patient

In the event that a member of your family becomes ill and you need to take him to the hospital or get tests and x-rays, the Curexmed Center will relieve you of the burden of caring for the patient by sending an ambulance that is fully equipped to arrive at your location as soon as possible. A qualified doctor will accompany the patient to ensure his health is monitored during the ride, and if needed, we can also provide discounts of up to 20% on our ambulance services.

We now provide you with an ambulance number equipped to transport patients and reach them as quickly as possible after immediate communication. From now on, you do not need to worry about your family members or loved ones because we are always here to support you. We also offer you a range of exceptional services that take place while you are at your residence. For example, we provide a doctor home visit service to examine the patient, make a diagnosis, and prescribe the appropriate medication.

What are the components of the equipped ambulance and what are its specifications?

The ambulance is equipped with some critical equipment, like medication pumps and respirators, and it also has a doctor on board who is knowledgeable about the patient’s condition. Other essential emergency supplies include oxygen masks and other life-saving equipment.

How do I request a prepared ambulance?

Now, you can call Curexmed Center numbers to get an ambulance service that comes with a reputable accompanying doctor who specializes in the needed field. The ambulance will be sent to you immediately once your location has been determined, so there is no need to worry anymore; we are at your service 24 hours a day.

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