Plastic surgeon home visit – Cosmetic surgeon home visit

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Plastic surgeon home visit

In Its effort to provide the highest level of medical care for the patients, Curexmed provides the services of plastic surgeon home visit. In this article you’ll learn more about several aspects of this important service, and we’ll answer all of your questions about choosing the best plastic surgeon in Egypt for home visit. Some of those questions:

How to choose a plastic surgeon for home visit?

What can plastic surgeon do?

How to Book home visit with a plastic surgeon?

What is the cost of plastic surgeon home visit?

If you need a plastic surgeon for a home visit, and for providing the necessary care urgently, then let’s read the article.

Plastic surgeon home visit

Many of the plastic skin conditions become worse, and get complicated if the patient was exposed to the sun and its head, such as the burn conditions and this was discussed thoroughly in medical literature. That’s why Curexmed provides a plastic surgeon home visit.

Sun exposure is not the only offender on such skin conditions, but what comes with being outside, such as microbes’ exposure, the friction and contact with the wound, all of that delays the healing process. Curexmed provides its convenient plastic surgeon home visit service for that reason.

After contacting Curexmed team, and telling them about your address, we’ll organize sending you a plastic surgeon for home visit, to treat your conditions and gives you the necessary medical advice.

Plastic surgeon house call

It’s not to get your wounded or burned skin exposed to sun, or even contacting the clothes or sweating. With Curexmed, we will provide the service of plastic surgeon house call to make you avoid going out and search for doctors in hospitals.

The plastic surgeon house call service is also convenient in those cases of bed sores, which they occur in patients that are bedridden, this means we will save you the hassle of searching the suitable transporting method for your patient.

Some burning cases needs to be assessed, and it’s something that only the plastic surgeon can do perfectly. That will allow the doctor to choose the best treatment method, and decrease the healing time required.

Best plastic surgeon in Cairo

There are a lot of questions in social media groups about the best plastic surgeon in Cairo to treat wounds, burns and sores, and to avoid the patient the complications by saving the most possible amount of skin tissue.

Here in Curexmed, we believe that we’re the right team to answer the question of which is the best plastic surgeon in Cairo? And we have every reason for that, and of those reasons:

  • We carefully choose the doctors that work with us.
  • We read their CVs.
  • We interview the doctors qualitied.
  • Our Doctors have the highest educational level.
  • Our doctors are experienced and treated many skin conditions.
  • We use scoring system from patients to keep our level of care up to our standards.

Cosmetic surgeon home visit

Many patients search for the perfect cosmetic surgeon home visit to assess their medical condition, and manage it with best possible treatment. A lot of these conditions need urgent medical to prevent the possible complications.

It’s not just about healing the patient, the cosmetic surgeon will try his best to make the patient avoid those unaesthetic scars in the future, if you don’t want those scars, don’t try home treatments, call Curexmed to send you cosmetic surgeon for home visit.

What can plastic surgeon do from home?

It’s not possible to treat all the plastic skin conditions from home, some cases need complicated tools that are impossible to provide outside hospital centers. Curexmed team provides you the guidelines about which condition can plastic surgeon do from home:

  • Bed sores treatments.
  • Wound Suturing.
  • Assessment of burns.
  • Treatment of minor burns.
  • Assessment of wound complications.
  • Skin and subcutaneous tissue abscess assessment and drainage.

Plastic surgeon in Egypt

Curexmed is proud to be the first company to provide the service of plastic surgeon in Egypt, visiting the patient’s home, and providing them with the best possible medical treatment for early cure and avoid complications.

You can call Curexmed team to book an appointment with a plastic surgeon in Egypt, arriving to your home and treating the plastic skin conditions such as bed sores, burns and wounds, which can help you avoid the scars.

Best plastic surgeon home visit

After contacting Curexmed team and giving them the necessary information about your location and medical condition in Egypt. We’ll send the best plastic surgeon home visit, and the benefits of this service:

  • Treating wounds and sores
  • Assessment of burns
  • Avoid unaesthetic scars
  • Not exposing the skin to sun and irritants.

What is the cost of plastic surgeon home visit?

One of the frequent questions of our patients is what is the cost of plastic surgeon home visit? This questions has to forms of answers, one is short, assuring the patient that the cost of our medical care is suitable for everybody. We want to treat you not to increase your burdens.

The longer answer, is the cost is different according to geographic location and the patient’s condition, and what it requires from investigations and treatments. You shouldn’t worry about the cost, our service is the cheapest in comparison to others.

Cosmetic surgery consultant

Curexmed organizes sending you a cosmetic surgery consultant in best possible prices, he/she will visit your home and give you the special care you deserve. All you need is contacting our team and we’ll do the rest!

The cosmetic surgery consultant is specialized in treating the plastic skin conditions, the surgeon treats the bed sores for bed ridden patients that are unable to move, also treats the wounds and assesses the minor burns with providing the best possible treatments.

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