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Doctor comes home

We used to see the important role of the doctor who came home in old black and white films. Doctor home visit service was the first choice for patients in the eighties and nineties, and there was a family doctor for every family who knew the medical history details of all family members. After that, the doctor home visit service disappeared, due to the appearance of private clinics and the inability of doctors to balance the patient’s visit at home with their private clinics.

The family doctor’s service declined too, with the increase in the number of patients visiting the private clinics, it became difficult for the doctor to remember the medical history of all patients, and doctors visits in the clinic were limited to diagnosing symptoms only and not a continuous follow-up of the patient’s health state in general.

But recently, the need for doctor home visit services has increased, so what is the reason behind that?

Doctor comes home from Curexmed

The demand for Doctor comes home service from Curexmed has been increasing recently for many reasons including:

●    Corona pandemic

After the Corona pandemic, many people stayed away from gatherings in clinics and areas of epidemics such as hospitals, to avoid infection, especially the elderly due to lack of their immunity, so the doctor comes home service began to appear again.

●    The development of technology

The development of technology and the appearance of many health care companies that provide all medical services at home which save the time and effort of the patient and his family in visiting hospitals or clinics led to increasing demand for doctor comes home service.

●    waiting

Long waiting queues in hospitals and clinics hurt many patients, physically and psychologically. Visiting the doctor may cost you a lot of hours, and sometimes a whole day, So the Doctor Come Home service from Curexmed saves time and effort for the patient and his family.

●    Elderly patients

Patients, especially the elderly, may be reluctant to visit the doctor for medical examination due to age issues and the inability to move or be alone, which makes them lazy about visiting the doctor.

Recent studies have proven that the improvement of doctor comes home services, especially for the elderly discovering many health problems the patient was not aware of, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and movement-related orthopedic diseases.

●    Best medical staff

Now, with Curexmed, you can request the best doctor who comes to your home for a medical examination.

If the clinic of your doctor is far away or the clinic’s appointments do not fit your busy schedule, You can contact us to arrange an appointment to visit the best medical staff for you at home.

And if you are looking for a consultation with an excellent doctor you can choose the best doctors in all specialties, as we provide at Curexmede a large and detailed list of the best doctors in Egypt and the Arab world. Do not hesitate and request a doctor comes home service from Curexmed.

General Practitioner vs Specialist vs Consultant

You can request a general practitioner, a specialist, or a consultant when requesting doctor comes home service, but what is the difference between them?

General Practitioner Doctor

You can request the general practitioner comes home from Curexmed to check on your health in general. The general practitioner is the doctor who provides continuous and comprehensive health care for all family members of all ages and both sexes, as he treats acute and chronic diseases, provides preventive medical care for all family members, and refers cases to specialist doctors.

If you suffer from many symptoms and cannot determine which medical specialty you have to go to, you should ask a general doctor to perform a medical examination and he will refer you to a specialist doctor, he may also request some tests and x-rays to help in the diagnosis process.

Specialist Doctor

whereas the specialist doctor specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of specific human systems (such as a heart and blood vessel specialist, orthopedic specialist), he can examine all diseases related to his specialization in general, and refer the patient to a specialized consultant if necessary.

consultant doctor

There are sub-specialties in each specialty; for example, a neuro-ophthalmologist, a pediatric ophthalmologist, a glaucoma consultant, and others within the ophthalmology specialty.

and The doctor who specializes in one of the subspecialties is called a consultant doctor, who diagnoses diseases, follows up on the patient’s health condition, and determines the appropriate treatment plan and the necessary surgeries for the patient.

You can request a specialist doctor to come home if you suffer from symptoms related to a specific system, such as the nervous system.

You have to request a consultant doctor to come home in the case of:

  • You have already been diagnosed by a
  • If you are familiar with the nature of your illness in
  • You have been referred by another doctor to a consultant

The tasks of doctor comes home

Curexmed doctors are interested in conducting a comprehensive medical examination of the patient from all medical aspects to determine the largest possible number of health problems that may affect the patient, so he is concerned with:

●    Comprehensive diagnosis

Doctor comes home makes a complete physical examination of the patient according to his health condition, and the doctor may order some medical tests and x-rays to be able to accurately diagnose the symptoms that the patient suffers from.

●    Description of medicines

The doctor is interested in prescribing the necessary medications to improve the patient’s health condition. He is also interested in following up on the effect of the medications on the patient and detecting any side effects or complications of the prescribed medications.

●    Movement ability

It includes the assessment of the patient’s ability to perform daily activities such as bathing, moving, dressing, using the toilet, and other daily activities to know the general health status of the patient.

●    Diet assessment

Curexmed’s treating physician is interested in evaluating the patient’s diet and eating behavior (eating speed and nature of food), to determine the negative effects of an unhealthy diet, such as heart disease and cholesterol.

The doctor also provides medical and nutritional advice to the patient and his family members.

●    Evaluate the role of family members

The doctor is interested in talking with the patient’s family members and distributing responsibilities related to the patient’s health to them, such as reminding the patient of the appointment of medicines, feeding the patient, contacting the doctor in emergency cases, and providing a detailed periodic report to the doctor about the patient’s condition.

In the absence of people close to the patient, we offer you the home nursing service from Curexmed to care for patients and the elderly.

Curexmed medical specialties

  1. Internist: to treat digestive system diseases such as liver and stomach diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure
  2. Abreugraphy: To treat chest diseases caused by smoking, allergic chest diseases, pneumonia, asthma, and viral
  3. Neurologist: to treat Alzheimer’s disease, cases of convulsions, brain clots, Parkinson’s disease, and bleeding in the
  4. Nephrologist: to treat urethritis, nephropathy, and
  5. Urologist: To treat urethritis, urine salts, stones, and urinary
  6. Cardiologist: To treat patients with coronary artery failure, high or low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and increased cholesterol and triglycerides in the
  7. Vascular doctor: to treat, foot clots, and weakness of the arteries of the
  8. Orthopedic doctor: to treat cases of bone and muscle pain, and make splints at home
  9. Plastic surgery doctor: To make cosmetic sutures when
  10. Ophthalmologist: To treat allergic eye conditions, eye inflammation, and to conduct an examination of the retina, and the fundus of the
  11. ENT Specialist: to treat rhinitis, ear and throat infections, and vertigo
  12. Dermatologist: For the treatment of allergic skin conditions, dermatitis, and all other skin diseases.

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