ICU (intensive care) doctor home visit in Egypt

Do you look for a good intensive care unit for a home visit?  ICU doctor will care about your critical patient at home; just you have to contact us in curexmed to provide you with the best ICU physician home visit.

The ICU care is wide in range, not only doctors but also many nurses are working together side by side to help people how are so tired and in need of diligent care but they wouldn’t like a long hospital stay, also their stay in hospital put them in real risk to get some lethal infection. In this condition, it’s so much better to take your patient home and request an Excellent ICU doctor to take care of.

In addition, patients how severely ill require family love and support, we find that integrating them into a normal family environment improves their health where they don’t feel loneliest. Order now ICU physician home visit 5th settlement.

Our own medical staff comes quickly to care about the urgent complaint. ICU Home visit care and treatment is completely the exact one in the hospital but with keeping patients comfortable. Qualified medical staff from doctors and nurses has been trained to give basic life support, ventilation, and assess breathing at home, and deliver the best health care to their patient.

What is the intensive care unit?

It’s a medical specialty that deal with urgent serious people or those who suffering of severe illness that result in many organs damage that impede patient ability to keep breathing normally or alter their consciousness level.

Some medical cases as respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis, poisoning, heart arrhythmias and, after major surgery need intensive monitoring and treatment to save their life’s thus they should be admitted to hospital ICU to get proper advanced care.

When we talk about the intensive care home visit service, we actually refer to the following up cases that have passed the serious stage and started to improve which make them able leave the hospital and go home then their families can call a doctor to take care of them and review their improvement at home.

Some patients who suffer from chronic diseases need long term care due to their dependence on permanent oxygen devices such as continuous positive pressure (CPAP) breathing device or (bi-pap). Fortunately, this can be provided at home by trained intensive care nurse who has received sufficient training to deal with those devices.

The emphasis should be placed on that Some cases cannot be treated at home and require hospital admission, especially patients who develop respiratory failure and need life support on ventilator.

To build up an ICU room at home: it’s possible?

During the COVID19 crisis that attacked the world for the last three years, the ICU centers in hospitals were very busy despite a large number of beds there was a disability to care for all patients due to critical cases of corona infection. So many people thought it’s better to get an ICU physician home visit for people who need long-term care.

To set up ICU at home, you need some important tools and devices, such as IV fluids and medications & their stand, oxygen & pulse ox meter, Ventilator, and other oxygen providing machines, also there is a necessity to prevent the long term complication such as bed sore and DVT.

Here you the list of facilities should be provided for Best ICU doctor to give proper care:

•           Qualified ICU nursing staff:

Some patients are critically ill and require continuous monitoring, daily assessment, and administration of medication; they keep intensive doctors in touch with any medical progression and consult him. One of the nurses’ most important jobs is to check up on the medical devices and ensure their work.

•           Proper ICU beds:

The type of beds in critical care rooms is variable depending on the patient’s condition. Patient with brain strokes and mobility deficit has a risk to develop bed sore. Beds should be provided with medical air mattresses to prevent sore formations in the pressure area such as the buttocks and back. The nurse has to be attention to the old sore and manage any infection in it.

•           Physiotherapy:

The early mobility helps to rapid the patient healing and improves his general health.

•           Continuous electrical supply: the monitoring and machines should keep working all the time.

•           Maintaining the ICU hygiene, by cleaning it twice daily.

Who are patients will be benefit?

•           People who are depending on medical devices. They need experienced health providers to handle it and checkup it regularly.

•           Elderly who need to ensure their blood pressure and random blood sugar readings and, give them their medications. Also, they require support, healthy diet administration and, some sport and physical activity.

•           After large surgery and massive interventions.

•           Cancer patients, who get their chemotherapy doses to monitor their health state and to give them proper analgesia is needed.

•           People who have breathing support by tracheostomy.

•           Acute critical conditions such as respiratory failure.

•           Long term coma patients who need daily pulse measurement and tracking their general health.

Professional intensive care home visit

The ICU physician home visit for critical cases is your best choice for many reasons, such as:

•           Many families prefer to save their comfort and reduce the stress for their long-term patients.

•           Decrease the risk of getting hospital-acquired infections.

•           Intense concentration on one patient.

•           Open time visiting and good communication with a doctor at any time.

•           ICU physician home visit price is less than privets hospital cost.

•           Continuous following up and health assessment.

•           Faster improvement under the guidance of qualified doctors.

•           There are medical staff packages in different specifications you can choose the right care based on your patient condition.

•           Better sleep at home.

ICU medical specialty for emergency cases and life saving

Usually, the families of critical patients and serious diseases have a good knowledge about signs that indicate they are entering an urgent medical condition, and therefore they request an ICU physician home visit 5th settlement or any place in Egypt.

In ICU physician home visit for emergency cases,the doctor evaluates the patient’s health condition and then start applying all necessary measures to save his life as: placing him on ventilator, fluid replacement, monitoring the pulse, temperature, and ECG.

The intensive care home visit service that Curexmed provided is flexible and consider patient Families and their needs. Long-term patients can get advanced care by Excellent ICU doctor at home now, just call as to request intensivist home visit.

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