The Best respiratory Function test at Home in Egypt

The Best respiratory Function test at Home in Egypt

Pulmonary function test is one of the most important respiratory tests, so in Curexmed, we offer the best respiratory function test at home in Egypt service to check pulmonary function without having to go to a hospital or any other specialized centre.

lung function tests

pulmonary function tests is a set of breathing tests used to verify and check on lungs and respiratory function:

  • Lung volume and capacity.
  • Airflow rates and how much air the lung holds.
  • Gas exchange and how well air moves in and out of the lung.
  • How well oxygen is transported in the blood.

You may also know respiratory function tests as pulmonary function tests, or lung function tests.

Importance of measuring pulmonary function test

Breathing function tests are used in:

  • The detection and diagnosis of many respiratory diseases, which are divided into:
  1. Obstructive lung diseases: These diseases cause narrowing of the airway, making respiration more difficult as Asthma, bronchitis, lung bloating, and COPD
  2. Restricted lung diseases: These diseases prevent lung muscles from stretching sufficiently, reducing airflow to the lungs and transferring oxygen to the blood, such as Skin hardening, sarcoid, pulmonary fibrosis.
  • Follow up on the health status of the patient and the impaction of the medication.
  • Find out the cause of many breathing problems.
  • Check respiratory function before major surgeries, especially heart and lungs operations.
  • Diagnosis of diseases resulting from inhalation of chemicals that damage the lungs.

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The common lung function tests


Spirometry is one of the most common lung function test. It measures the amount of air that can be inhaled and exhaled. and measures how quickly the air is emptied from the lung.

During the test, the doctor asks the patient to breathe forcefully as he fills his lungs with as much air as possible. and then expels as much air as possible from the lungs so that he can measure:

  • Forced vital capacity (FVC): Measures the total amount of air that can be exhaled from the lungs as much as possible (deep exhaled) after taking a deep inhale.
  • Forced Expiratory Volume in the first second (FEV1): Measures the amount of air that can be exhaled from the lungs as much as possible in the first second of the test.

The doctor may order the use of bronchodilator drugs to see the effect of the drug on the patient.

    Lung volumes

Lung volume is measured using several devices, but the most important one is (Body plethysmography), which measures the amount of air in the lung upon inhalation. and measures the amount of air that remains in the lung after exhalation as much as possible. This test helps diagnose diseases that restrict lung volume such as pulmonary fibrosis.

    Airway Resistance

It measures how easily air moves in and out of the lung, using the Body plethysmography device, This test is usually used to see how obstructive lung diseases such as asthma affect the narrowing of the airway.

    Nitric Oxide (FENO) Test

The body usually excretes nitric oxide gas in cases of inflammation or other diseases such as asthma, this test measures the amount of nitric oxide gas that is exhaled from the lungs, which indicates the presence of a disease such as asthma or inflammation and also helps the doctor to know the extent of the effect of the treated drugs on patient health.

    Bronchial provocation test

Stimulants such as methacholine or other substances that narrow the airways are placed inside the inhaler mask and follow the breathing process. Doctors use this type of test to see how narrow the airways are during asthma.

    Diffusion Lung Capacity (DLCO) Test

This test measures the quality of oxygen transmission from the lung to the blood and helps to determine the extent of cardiovascular diseases, which may affect the amount of oxygen reaching the blood vessels.

    Arterial blood gas (ABG) test

The arterial blood gas test is a blood test that measures how well the lungs get oxygen and remove carbon dioxide.

    Cardiopulmonary exercise stress test

This test is used to measure how well the heart and lungs perform during exercises such as walking on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike, while monitoring the heart rate and respiratory rate by using a breathing mask connected to the device, to diagnose heart and lung diseases, which affects breathing rates and heart rates during exertion.

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pulmonary function analysis

After performing the pulmonary function breathing test, the doctor will study the pulmonary function test results and compare those results with the expected results for a person of the same age, height, gender and ethnicity as the patient, as all of these factors have an impact on the final results.

 The pulmonary function studies show:

  • Sometimes a higher FEV1/FVC ratio than normal (more than 80%) may indicate shortness of breath or restricted breathing, such as restrictive lung diseases.
  • A lower FEV1/FVC ratio than normal (less than 65%) may indicate obstructive lung diseases.
  • Decreased forced expiratory volume during the first second (FEV1) may indicate obstructive lung disease.
  • Low forced vital capacity (FVC) may also indicate restricted or shortness of breath as restrictive lung diseases.

However, keep in mind that lung function tests are only diagnostic aids, and your doctor may need to use other diagnostic tools to reach an appropriate diagnosis.

Respiratory function test of asthma and COPD

The results of respiratory functions in COPD are usually similar to those in asthma because these diseases are obstructive lung diseases, which in turn impede the breathing process.

 A decrease in the (FEV1 / FVC) ratio than normal (less than 65%) and a decrease in FEV1 indicates obstructive lung diseases.

The distinction between asthma and COPD:

  • The patient’s response to bronchodilators and improved breathing during the spirometry test may indicate asthma.
  • asthmatic patients are usually non-smokers, and COPD patients are often smokers.
  • Respiratory function tests findings such as total lung capacity, lung volume and residual capacity are usually lower in asthma than in COPD.
  • Higher nitric oxide test results may indicate asthma compared to COPD.

How to test lung function?

lung function measures vary from test to other:

●    Spirometer

A spirometer is usually used in a spirometry test, where a clip is placed on the nose and a mouth mask is placed connected to the spirometer, then the doctor asks the patient to breathe into that mask and the device measures the amount and rate of airflow.

So this is how pulmonary function test is done by the spirometer.

●    Body plethysmography

Plethysmography is usually used in lung volume and airway resistance tests. the patient is placed in a small airtight room such as a phone booth and a nose clip is placed, the patient breathes through their mouth into an oral mask connected to the device to measure lung volume and capacity.

PFT vs spirometry?

Respiratory functions (PFT) are a group of breathing tests that are used to check the functions of the lungs and respiratory system and are done using several devices such as a spirometer and the plethysmography device.

The Incentive Spirometer is a type of spirometer (pulmonary function test machine) that measures lung function.

But what distinguishes Spirometer from Incentive Spirometer is that the incentive spirometer is a small device used in breathing exercises:

  • To clean the lungs from fluid and germs to avoid any infection such as pneumonia.
  • To help breathe deeply and increase lung capacity, which helps increase the flow of oxygen into the blood.

It is usually used after lung surgeries.

What is the pulmonary function test cost?

The price of pulmonary function test service with Curexmed varies according to several factors, including the type of respiratory function test, geographic location, and time of requesting the service.

But be sure that Curexmed offers the best respiratory function test at home service with the best quality, at the lowest prices and as quickly as possible.

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