Home radiology center in Masr Elgedida

Home radiology center in Masr Elgedida

The best home radiology center in Masr Elgedida is constantly working to provide the best home radiology service by using the latest advanced technologies and innovative treatment options. Curexmed is considered one of the most famous home radiology centers in Masr Elgedida, which includes highly trained professional radiology technicians, radiation safety officers, and biomedical engineers who continuously train and supervise staff and devices to ensure the best quality and safety of all radiology processes, as well as a team of expert radiologists who interpret radiology scans and communicate with other specialists as needed.

Curexmed is considered the best home radiology center in Masr Elgedida, it has an integrated team of radiologist doctors who are ready to provide home radiation scanning services. Curexmed is the best home radiology center to reach your home as soon as possible, wherever you are. It provides the highest level of safety and accuracy to prove that optimal care is possible. Curexmed also provides all home medical services, including a home visit doctor. You don’t have to worry, because Curexmed will take care of you wherever you are.

What is the radiology specialty?

Home radiology center in Masr Elgedida

We usually hear about radiation in various forms; for example, we hear about bone X-rays, doctors tell us that solar radiation (sun rays) is necessary to protect our bones, and on the Internet, we find that the radiation caused by television and smartphones is harmful. Also, there is malignant tumor radiology therapy, and on the TV news, we hear about nuclear plant radiation. In addition to many other situations where we use the word “radiation” used without understanding what it is.

Radiation medicine is one of the relatively new medical branche, about 120 years old. The history of the birth of this specialty began in 1895 with Wilhelm, who performed the first successful X-rays for his wife, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize. From that day until today, radiology has continued to evolve. It is no longer limited to diagnostic radiology to identify diseases and internal organs that were not visible in the past. It also became an effective treatment method with the unique combination of medical diagnostic radiology and micro-medical interventions that led to interventional radiology.

● Diagnostic Radiology
Diagnostic radiology is a medical specialty that involves the use of a variety of diagnostic scanning techniques to take scans of the body’s organs, then the radiologist carefully interprets these images to diagnose diseases and injuries and their extent and nature with great accuracy. Diagnostic radiology includes X-rays, CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasound.
● Nuclear medicine imaging or PET scans.
Each of these types of diagnostic radiology scanning produces different scans of body tissues that differ from each other, so every one of them has specific effectiveness and importance for diagnosis and the development of treatment plans, as well as for treatment in many cases.
● interventional radiology
One of the most important achievements of radiology is the evolution of interventional radiology, which is a non-surgical treatment method that uses diagnostic radiology (such as radiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound) to provide live scanning that allows accurate use of medical devices and tools like medical needles and catheters to reach the desired organ without harming the surrounding tissues.

Interventional radiology allows us to look at the blood vessels of the body connecting the human body, which may be difficult and harmful from a surgical point of view.

Why Curexmed is the best home radiology center in Masr Elgedida

Curexmed is the best home radiology center in Masr Elgedida because it has many features, which are:
● The most trained and specialized team of doctors.
● The latest portable medical devices for radiology scanning.
● The fastest home radiology center that arrives at you wherever you are in all regions.
● The best home radiology center provides the most accurate results and tests.
● The services of the best home radiology center in Masr Elgedida are varied, and they are characterized by safe and very accurate scans. These include color Doppler at home, digital X-rays at home, heart ultrasound at home, and EEG at home.

We at Curexmed have a great radiology team with different duties, which are listed as follows:
● Radiology technician. A Radiology technician’s duties include maintaining and preparing diagnostic imaging equipment and maintaining patient records. A technician usually works in hospitals or doctors’ offices.
● Radiologist. A Radiologist interprets radiology images and scans which help doctors in diagnosing diseases and suggest an appropriate treatment plan. The radiologist may specialize in ultrasound, mammography, or x- rays. This job title requires a medical license to perform it.
● radiology nurse. radiology nurse helps patients to get prepared for scanning and explains how the radiology scanning process will be done. Nurses can work in many medical centers such as hospitals, clinics, home care facilities, and ambulatory care centers, the nurse may specialize in one of the subspecialties, such as pediatric radiology or ultrasound.
● Radiation therapist, the role of the therapist is limited to treating patients with radiotherapy, irradiating the affected areas and organs, and ensuring that the patient is ready for the procedures used. The therapist works in hospitals or universities.
● Technology radiologist. He is a licensed physician radiologist specializing in radiology technology in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic laboratories, and scientific research institutions, such as universities. He may specialize in pediatric radiology, emergency radiology, gastrointestinal radiology, or mammography.
● All these people work with us at Curexmed, we also provide a qualified physiotherapy team to perform physiotherapy sessions for patients at the highest level of efficiency.

Types of home radiology services at the Curexmed

Home radiology center in Masr Elgedida

There are different types of Curexmed home radiology services that can be performed at home without resorting to going to radiology centers, and this services save patients time and effort. Curexmed also provides the possibility of booking a private ambulance to transport patients to hospitals. Types of home radiology services include:
● Doppler scan
The Doppler scan is a non-invasive radiology scan that record the value of blood flow in the blood vessels using high-frequency sound waves. A Doppler scan can also be performed at the Curexmed Center, which is the best home radiology center.

A Doppler scan also estimates the velocity of blood flow by measuring the frequency. During the Doppler scan, the radiology technician uses a portable device called a transducer. This is a small device, about the size of a bar of soap after it is applied to the skin, on the area is to be examined and moved from one area to another as needed.

This test may be an alternative to more invasive procedures, such as an angiogram, in which a dye is injected into the blood vessels so that they show up clearly on an X-ray. Doppler can also help a doctor determine damage to the arteries or monitor certain treatments in the veins or arteries. If you are looking for a doctor to come home to perform these x-rays, you can contact us at Curexmed and request Doppler at-home service.
It is a test in which the electromagnetic radiation generated by the radiation device penetrates the tissues of the body and affects the plaque that is usually placed on this plate or on the computer behind the body, where the computed tomography scan creates an image showing the internal organs of the body that have been penetrated by X-rays. MRI scans show the different organs of the body and they are drawn in black and white and with different shades of gray. The color difference is due to the different densities of organic tissues in the body.
● Electrocardiogram (EkG)
The electrocardiogram is a simple, painless, and quick test that tests the heart’s rhythm and electrical activity. This test can also be performed by a professional electrocardiogram technician. You can perform an EKG scan now at Curexmed radiology center, which is considered the best home radiology center in Masr Elgedida, and it is worth noting that this test does not redord the flow of electric current in the body but rather records the electrical activity of the heart by placing electrodes on the skin. Patients may feel uncomfortable when removing these electrodes because they are stuck to the skin with an adhesive.
● Ultrasound
Curexmed Center provides home radiology services with all different types of radiology scanning tests that help doctors reach the most accurate diagnosis to obtain the most appropriate treatment. This radiology method is based on the use of high-frequency mechanical vibrations, as different tissues reflect ultrasound waves that are completely radiation-free, safe, and painless.

Ultrasound devices generate high sound waves that are recorded on the sensor and converted into images. In this way, we can see many areas of the body and explain the cause of the pain in principle or even rule out pathological changes that occur in the organs of the body. However, in some cases, the ultrasound is combined with other radiology scanning tests to reach an accurate diagnosis.

You can perform an ultrasound scan at home with Curexmed, as it has become the most important procedure for the differential diagnosis of severe abdominal pain or gallstones, or for the assessment of vessels and blood flow in them, especially in the legs. It is also important to examine the thyroid gland, heart, kidneys, urinary tract, and bladder.

Ultrasounds can be done during pregnancy, so that pregnant women can monitor their babies and determine the most appropriate due date.

● Electroencephalogram EEG
The electroencephalogram (EEG) is a radiology scan measuring and recording potential differences produced by nerve cells in the brain. Recording this electrical activity is known as an electroencephalogram (EEG). the EEG can also be performed at home with Curexmed Center. We also provide home lab tests to save patients time and effort.

Can a radiology scan be done at home?

Of course, yes. You can now perform radiology scans at home by contacting Curexmed Center, which provides you with various services, such as doctor home visits, home radiology services, and other services, at the lowest prices.

How to request home radiology service on the same day?

All you have to do is communicate with Curexmed Medical Center now through the numbers placed in front of you on the screen, our social networking sites, or via the center’s e-mail, and one of our customer service representatives will respond to you immediately. After you have made a reservation, they will send the closest medical team to your location as fast as possible.

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