Best General surgeon home visit in Cairo

Best General surgeon home visit in Cairo

Patients are looking for the best General surgeon home visit in Cairo because they are afraid and anxious when the attending physician diagnoses their condition and informs them that their health requires surgical intervention. However, as science has advanced, surgery has become safer and more effective in treating many diseases, so that some doctors prefer it to medications in some cases.

As general surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on the abdominal organs, such as the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, and frequently Thyroid (depending on the availability of a surgeon who specializes in head and neck surgery), Curexmed Center offers the best General surgeon home visit in Cairo, and he is excellent in his field, according to the testimony of many people who were treated by him.

After contacting the Curexmed team and informing them of your health condition, we will ask for your home address in Cairo to send you the most qualified general surgeon who can perform a home examination in Cairo. The general surgeon can diagnose and treat a wide range of surgical diseases of the digestive system, abdomen, breast, skin, and endocrine glands, as well as treat cases that need urgent surgical intervention.

The general surgeon will diagnose your health issue and go over potential treatment choices with you after performing a home examination. The surgeon may be If your disease is managed with medication and counseling, anyone can take care of you at home; nevertheless, surgeries call for complex equipment that is only available in hospitals.

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General surgeon home visit in Cairo

Best General surgeon home visit in Cairo

The Curexmed Center’s general surgery home visit physician in Cairo is regarded as the best due to his extensive training and high surgical success rates. The doctor also looks after the patient before and after surgery and offers the chance to identify any surgical issues, such as:

Appendix surgery
An appendicitis surgeon in Cairo performs open or laparoscopic surgery to treat the condition. Additionally, he makes a cut in the skin near the appendix, removes it, and then closes the area with stitches. Serious risks from laparoscopic appendectomy are nonexistent.

Gastric sleeve surgery
The goal of an abdominoplasty or sleeve gastrectomy is to minimize the number of meals a person can eat and help them feel full quickly after consuming the least amount of food possible. The procedure involves removing a significant portion of the stomach to make it resemble a pipe or a banana fruit. A general surgeon in Cairo who performs home visits can choose the procedure that is best for each patient individually as well as the ideal date for it without making patients wait in clinics. Food, as these factors help obese patients lose excess weight easily, as long as they follow the doctor’s instructions.

Management for inguinal hernia
A general surgery home visit doctor performs a delicate surgical technique in which a small incision is made in the lower abdomen, particularly below the midline, and the hernia sac is removed while the intestines are also returned to their natural position. The hernia can also be treated with a laser. In order to reach the hernia and implant the laparoscope and other essential surgical tools, he made a number of tiny incisions in Cairo. The doctor can remove the hernia sac and return the protruding intestine to its natural position using the additional tools, which allow him or her to view even the smallest details.

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is carried out through 3 to 4 tiny abdominal incisions, each of which has a hole that is between 0.5 cm and 1 cm in diameter. The laparoscope and the surgeon’s instruments are then inserted to remove the gallbladder. When the openings are sealed, the operation is finished as well. On the day of surgery, the patient is allowed to drink. On the day of operation, you might come back at night or the following morning.

The Curexmed Center tries to deliver everything new in the field of surgery to assure your safety. A general surgeon, a home visit in Cairo, performs all operations utilizing the newest medical equipment and technology. By phoning the numbers provided on our website, you may get in touch with the facility and arrange an appointment for a medical consultation.

Talk about your alternatives for losing weight.
Your digestive system’s structure and functionality are altered by weight loss surgery. You can address obesity-related illnesses and lose weight with the help of this operation. Diabetes, sleep apnea, and risk factors for heart disease and stroke are among these ailments. Bariatric surgery is another name for weight loss surgery. There are several procedures as well, but they all aid in weight loss by reducing the amount of food you can consume. Other treatments may also reduce the amount of nutrients that can be absorbed, so a general surgeon home visit in Cairo.

Fistula and varicose veins are investigated.
An improper connection between an artery and a vein is known as an arteriovenous fistula. In a normal state, blood travels from the arteries into capillaries, then into the veins. The capillaries in the body carry oxygen and nutrients from the blood to the tissues. Blood flows directly from the artery to the vein in an arteriovenous fistula, skipping certain capillaries in the process. As a result, the tissues below the capillaries that did not receive blood receive less blood, necessitating the need for a home inspection by a general surgeon.

Breast examination for tumor screening
Despite the fact that breast cancer is one of the most often diagnosed cancers in women, by detecting it early and receiving the necessary follow-up care, you can significantly improve your odds of surviving the disease. Mammography, which is an examination of the breast to identify abnormal growths of breast tissue from an X-ray image, is used to diagnose breast cancer since it is easier to treat and has a greater success rate when identified early.

Small calcifications, cysts, and tumors are among the abnormal alterations found; these could go undetected during a breast self-examination. The first step in identifying whether you have breast cancer is a mammogram. We have the perfect management plan in Curexmed for these kinds of conditions,

Examination of the hemorrhoids
External hemorrhoids can be seen and diagnosed by a doctor. The anal canal and rectum may be examined, and the doctor may inspect the fingers while donning a medical glove, as part of diagnosing internal hemorrhoids. Since internal hemorrhoids are typically extremely minor, this enables the doctor to detect the presence of strange items, such as growths. The doctor may use an anoscope, proctoscope, or sigmoidoscope to inspect the lower portion of the colon and rectum if there are any conditions that cannot be felt during a rectal examination.

If the patient exhibits symptoms that point to the possibility of another digestive disorder or if they have risk factors for colorectal cancer, the doctor might additionally recommend performing a colonoscopy to look at the entire large intestine.

Treatment for diabetic foot
One of the complications of diabetes is diabetic foot. Because diabetic foot problems take a long time to heal and can lead to major complications if they are not treated correctly, patients with diabetes must consistently follow their doctor’s advice to prevent having their feet amputated.

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General surgeon house call in Cairo

Best General surgeon home visit in Cairo

For various disorders, including those related to weight loss or other issues, some people may require surgery. It is a type of general surgery and one of the treatments dealing with the digestive system. The type and timing of the operation must typically be discussed during the initial consultation with the general surgeon.

The top general surgeon in Cairo can be sent to your home via Curexmed to go over your alternatives for weight loss surgery and what you can do in the meantime.

To help patients get ready for and recover after surgery, the general surgeon may provide an assessment at home. To ensure that surgery is performed properly, there are additional preparations that must be completed before it. The general surgeon can carry out these actions through a home examination.

Curexmed Center relieves the patient from having to visit a doctor in that state of health by sending general surgeon house call in Cairo
Because this is a home consultation created especially for us. After surgery, some patients require special medical care if they return home early. We want you to think that this is just a preliminary diagnostic appointment for minor ailments that can be handled at home and that any necessary surgical care is only provided in specialized facilities.

While you sit with the doctor and receive an examination at home, your doctor will also perform a few straightforward procedures. In the meanwhile, your doctor will decide the proper diagnosis for your health condition.

Treatment is the next step. Surgery is not always treated by a general surgeon. If he determines that the illness is treatable with medication, he will provide the necessary prescriptions without performing surgery. Surgery is only carried out in specialized hospitals if the case calls for it.

You can explore these treatment choices with your general surgeon when you get home by speaking with the dedicated team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses who carry out the surgeries.

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How much does general surgeon home visit in Cairo service cost?

Curexmed always aims to cure your medical issue as soon as possible. However, as we understand that some customers may be concerned about the cost of the service, one of our objectives is to guarantee that the cost of a General surgeon home visit in Cairo is always affordable for all patients. The price of a home examination and general surgery varies according to the various medical conditions and the required diagnostic procedures. Additionally, the cost varies according to location. With Curexmed, we don’t want you to be concerned about costs.

How do I schedule a general surgeon to come to my home?

Contact Curexmed, as we take all client calls and messages, to schedule a general surgery home visit. We will then ask you for the essential information about your health and location.

You can ask any questions you may have of our customer service representatives, and we will be happy to assist you.

You won’t need to worry about anything after your visit because we will let you know when you can expect to arrive roughly so the doctor can meet you at home.

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