The best home visit doctor Egypt

The best home visit doctor Egypt

best home visit doctor in Egypt, Doctor home visit services are interested in the examination, diagnosis, prescription of treatment plans suitable for every patient’s condition, and continuous follow-up till full recovery, so if you are looking for the best home visit doctor in Egypt 2023, you have to contact Curexmed medical center, and we will send you the best doctor in any specialty you need. Many patients around the world resort to doctor home visit services for several reasons. On top of them is the fatigue that afflicts a person suddenly at late times when there is no way to find any open medical centers or clinics. Lack of transportation at that time in some areas is also considered one of the obstacles, and many unable patients can’t go to hospitals or any place. All these reasons led to the improvement of doctor home visit services by special home medical centers to help patients as quickly as possible and ensure patient comfort.

Curexmed provides the most demanded and important healthcare services in Egypt and provides the best-experienced consultants and doctors in various medical specialties.

With the spreading of many infectious diseases and epidemics in our current era, most people are afraid to go to hospitals or even private clinics to avoid any infection or transmitted disease. Also, the inability to move conditions that affect some people, especially elderly patients and orthopedic patients who are exposed to fractures, led to the emergence of doctor home visit services and the search for the best home visit doctor in Egypt 2023. Therefore, we recommend Curexmed home medical services, provided by the most skilled doctors in Egypt, to any demanded medical specialist at any time and as soon as possible, especially in emergency cases.

Home visit doctor in Egypt service

With improving scientific and technological development in Egypt, the home visit doctor service Egypt gained prominence, as it is a convenient and smart service aimed at patient comfort. There is no need to go to hospitals or clinics to receive medical care services anymore, as you can get a home visit doctor at any time you need. So if you or a member of your family is sick and suffers from a severe fever, for example, having a broken leg or being an elderly, or sick person who cannot move, you need a home-visit doctor to help you in emergencies or even with normal illnesses. Also, if you suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension or diabetes, have a very sick young child, fear infection in gatherings or hospitals, need quick intervention to avoid developing late-related complications, or have any other conditions that require quick intervention, you have to call a home visit doctor who comes to your home without having to preserve a previous reservation at some private clinics or wait for your turn for hours.

All you have to do is communicate with Curexmed, and we will send you the best home visit doctor in Egypt to examine, diagnose, and prescribe the suited medications, as soon as possible and wherever you are in Egypt.

If you have a child or an elderly, or if you are exposed to a sudden illness in the middle of the night and do not know where to go or what to do, all you have to do is contact us, and we will send you the best home visit doctor who can deal with such emergencies, as some injuries and diseases need a quick medical intervention to save the patient’s life with no time to take the patient to the hospital. Therefore, a home visit doctor is the best solution because of the immediate response at any time, with no need to go to any private clinic and wait several hours, listen calmly to patient complaints, perform a comprehensive and integrated clinical examination, and describe the necessary tests, radiology, and medicines. As well, we provide home medical labs.

The best home visit consultant doctor

The best home visit doctor Egypt

The home visit doctor in Egypt service is the ideal solution for medical and clinical examinations, as it eliminates the need to go to hospitals and provides specialized doctors to visit the patient at home, perform a complete clinical examination, diagnose his condition, prescribe appropriate medications, and keep track of the patient’s condition until complete recovery.

The home visit doctor educates family members and provides them with instructions and rules that contribute to treating the patient correctly and quickly. Also, if you have any fractures or orthopedic diseases and need physical treatment, you can contact Curexmed Center, and they will send you the best home visit consultant doctor in Egypt who specializes in physiotherapy to follow up with the patient constantly, perform physiotherapy sessions, train them, and supervise their rehabilitation till full recovery. The most important advantage of requesting the home visit consultant doctor service is privacy and calmness, as the consultant doctor will listen to the patient quietly away from the noise of the clinics, which gives him the privacy to describe his feelings and symptoms with all comfort, discover the patient’s medical history, pathological conditions, and genetic diseases.

Home visit doctors in Egypt

Due to the great demand for doctor home visit services in Egypt, you will find many home visit doctors in Egypt, but with CurexMed you will get the best home visit doctors in Egypt with whom to communicate and rely, as we own a large database of the most experienced home visit doctors in various specialties. You are safe with us.
Curexmed home visit doctor will make you fully trust him in all treatment phases, due to their gentility and humanity, they will reassure the patient, encourage him to take his medicines on time, and also encourage him to stay away from any unhealthy habit that may harm his health and affect him negatively, such as smoking and eating unhealthy foods and drinks. Curexmed home visit doctors in Egypt are distinguished by their strong love for work as they work diligently to provide comfort for patients, treat patients with kindness and mercy, can deal with different patients’ personalities, deal with children calmly and earn their love to easily examine them, deal with elderly patients’ diseases, and deal with any problems or obstacles that may face them during examination.

Contact Curexmed now if you have any emergency medical condition, or if one of your family members has, so that we can send you the best home doctor visit in Egypt as soon as possible. We can also provide you with highly trained home nurses to stay with the patient for several days and provide the necessary medical care.
If you know a patient who must reside in the hospital but does not want to, you can contact us, and we will provide you with all the home medical care that makes the patient’s condition stable. We provide excellent services in all medical specialties by experienced specialists such as cardiology, nephrology, internal medicine, general surgery, and orthopedics, and we can also perform tests and radiology at home.

Advantages of requesting the home doctor visit service

The best home visit doctor Egypt

There are many advantages to requesting the home doctor visit service in Egypt, which are:
● Requesting the doctor home visit service saves the patient’s time and effort and eliminates going to hospitals and medical centers and waiting for several hours to see the doctor. As some centers require a prior reservation, it is also useful in late-night emergencies when clinics are closed.
● Curexmed provides doctor home visit services with competitive and principal prices for everyone, to change the completely wrong idea about the high price of home medical services. So if you suffer from any sudden fatigue or illness, the best solution is to contact our center, and we will send you a specialist as soon as possible, coming to your home, wherever your location is.
● Requesting the home doctor visit service also reduces the chance of infections, diseases, and epidemics being transmitted to you because it prevents patients with weak immunity from gathering and socializing, especially children and the elderly.
● Requesting the home doctor visit service will reduce the tension and make the patient feel more private while he is being examined quietly in his home, away from the waiting and the noisy clinic atmosphere.
● It also reduces the patient’s effort and makes him feel comfortable, as he does not have to go to the hospital or clinic.
● Doctor home visit gives the patient the chance to ask the doctor calmly about any information he wants. The home visit Doctor hasn’t any other appointments waiting for him, which usually makes him hurry as private clinic doctors, as well as perform the examination process calmly and prescribe the diet and appropriate medication for the patient.
● Also, the best home visit doctor in Egypt 2023 service makes any previous test analyses, medical reports, and medications easier to be awarded by the doctor to reach the correct diagnosis.

Doctors home visit

In our current era, most people of all classes suffer from chronic diseases, and there are also many cases that need periodic medical care, but at the same time they are unable to leave the house, either because of transportation difficulties or because of their poor health conditions, especially elderly patients, whose health status makes them unable to wait for long periods, and they are also highly vulnerable to catching any infection from others because their immunity is very weak, so the idea of using the best doctors home visit service in Egypt have been raised . There are many cases of emergencies that require contacting a home visit doctor immediately, such as abdominal emergencies and accidents.
You can also request a home visit doctor if you suffer from a high fever and cannot leave the bed, if you are sick and want a doctor to follow up on your condition until full recovery, if you suffer from vomiting, abdominal pain, or severe diarrhea, or if you are taking a lot of medications and fear drug interactions.

Curexmed provides a technical support team of customer service which are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to respond to customer inquiries and questions at any time and provide first aid instructions to patients in emergencies as quickly as possible. We also provide a doctor home visit by a group of the best expert doctors, specialists, and consultants in all specialties who are equipped with the latest medical devices and equipment. The home visit doctor can come to you at any time, 24 hours a day. As we in Curexmed provides a group of the best doctors, specialists, and consultants in all specialties.

The cost of the doctor home visit service

Doctor home visit service is one of the most important medical services, especially for special needs and elderly patients. The cost of doctor home visit services varies from one center to another and is determined according to the geographical location in which the patient is located and also according to the doctor’s academic degree, but with Curexmed you do not have to worry about prices. Some people believe that doctor home visit prices are very expensive and exaggerated; therefore, CurexMed works to provide a home visit doctor in Egypt service at the best prices that are suitable for all patient categories. Our main goal at Curexmed is to help patients, serve them with comfort, and help the largest number of patients possible. If you want to do any clinical examinations and avoid waiting a whole day till meeting your doctor in hospitals or private clinics, which makes the clinical examination a heavy burden and very stressful for patients, and prevent all difficulties, you should contact Curexmed now, the best home medical center in Egypt.
If you suffer from a chronic or acute disease, or any emergency, you will need the help of a home visit doctor, All you have to do is contact us, and we will set an appointment that suits you. When the doctor comes to you, you must let him know all information about your medical history and truly describe any symptoms you feel so that he can correctly diagnose your medical condition, prescribe the appropriate medications, and put together a treatment plan that suits you. As well, you must tell the doctor about your previous medications, medical reports, lab test results, and radiology reports.
Curexmed also provides a special ambulance request service in case the patient needs it. All of these services have been provided to you with high-quality, efficient health care that makes you comply with recovery in the fastest time.

Home visit doctor in Egypt medical specialties

CurexMed provides home visit doctor service in all medical specialties. Contact us now and request it. Some of the medical specialists we provide include:
● General surgery
General surgery is one of the most important medical specialties. It has subtitles for many branches such as cardiac surgery, pediatric surgery, vascular surgery, endoscopic surgery, chest and heart surgery, endocrine surgery, colon surgery, tumor surgery, etc.
Some of the emergency conditions the specialist faces in daily life are acute pancreatitis, inflammation of gallstones, intestinal obstruction, appendicitis, and hernias, and most of these diseases require immediate and prompt intervention. Therefore, if you suffer from any symptoms, you can seek help from CurexMed, as we will send you the best home visit general surgeon in Egypt.
● Internal medicine
Internal diseases are one of the most common diseases that affect children and adults all the time. Therefore, the internist is the doctor who is interested in diagnosing and treating internal diseases that affect the body’s systems, through clinical examinations and conducting the necessary analyses and x-rays. Internal medicine is an ancient specialty interested in finding therapeutic methods free of surgery.
Curexmed can provide you with the best home visit internist in Egypt, who performs a comprehensive and integrated examination of the patient, treats simple and complex diseases in adults, listens carefully to the patient’s complaints, and prescribes appropriate medications to treat certain medical problems and prevent any medical complications.
● Otorhinolaryngology
Otorhinolaryngology is one of the medical branches that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nose, ears, and throat. Otorhinolaryngologists study and diagnose problems related to eating, speaking, voice, and swallowing. So if you suffer from any diseases related to the ear, nose, or throat, contact Curexmed now to get the best home visit otorhinolaryngologist in Egypt.
● Intensive care
A home visit intensive care doctor is concerned with all the needs of at-home intensive care health care, as many patients need to be detained in intensive care but they fear going to hospitals and want to stay in their homes, which prompts them to seek help from a home visit intensive care doctor.
The intensive care doctor is interested in periodically following up on patient health conditions through the use of the latest tools and devices and recording the necessary vital readings to save the patient’s life, such as pulse and electrocardiogram, body temperature, and connecting the patient to a ventilator if necessary.

● Ophthalmology
Ophthalmology is one of the most important medical branches. It is concerned with diagnosing and treating eye, lacrimal gland, and eyelid diseases and examines the eye muscles. If you suffer from eye diseases, we can send you the best home visit Ophthalmologist in Egypt, as he performs comprehensive eye examinations, diagnoses all eye injuries, such as farsightedness or myopia, and prescribes lenses and medical glasses.
● Geriatrics medicine
One of the most important features of our center is that it provides a group of the most efficient home visit doctors who diagnose and treat geriatric diseases. Therefore, if you have an elderly person in your home, you can contact us, and we will send the best home visit doctor, as we have modern devices that enable us to monitor the mental health status of the elderly.
● Vascular medicine
You can contact Curexmed to request the best home visit vascular doctor to examine and diagnose your health condition, as he can treat weak arteries, diabetic feet, and foot clots.
● Pulmonology
CurexMed Center provides you with the best home visit pulmonologist in Egypt. It is known that chest diseases affect many people of all ages. They may suffer from shortness of breath and respiratory diseases. Therefore, the pulmonologist examines, prescribes appropriate medications, and treats asthma, inflammation, pneumonia, chest allergies, and others.
● Plastic surgery
Curexmed home visit plastic surgeons in Egypt can come to your home, listen to your complaints, and provide appropriate solutions for you. He also specializes in cosmetic stitches.
● Gastroenterology
A lot of people suffer from digestive system diseases such as pancreatitis, gastroesophageal reflux, and stomach ulcers, which need gastroenterologist examination. Therefore, if you have any symptoms related to the digestive system, you should seek help from a home visit gastroenterologist.
● Emergency Medicine
CurexMed provides a home visit emergency doctor service in Egypt 24 hours a day so that you can communicate with him if an emergency occurs with you at any time and any hour.
● Orthopedics
Many people need a home visit orthopedic doctor to diagnose and treat bone injuries and other bone-related problems. So we at Curexmed provide you with the best home visit orthopedic doctor that comes to you in your home.
● Urology
The urologist is interested in diagnosing and treating urinary tract diseases in men and women, and he is also interested in treating diseases of the reproductive system. Therefore, if you suffer from a serious problem and need immediate consultation, you can contact the best home visit urologist in Egypt with Curexmed.
● Neurology
Brain and nerve-related diseases are the most dangerous, as they cause emergencies that require rapid intervention to save the patient and prevent any complications from developing. If you have someone suffering from serious neurology symptoms, all you have to do is contact Curexmed and request a home visit neurology service.
● Dermatology
Skin diseases affect adults and children, some are temporary and last for several days, while others may last longer. Also, some cases require immediate dermatologist consultation, so you should contact Curexmed to get the best home visit dermatologist in Egypt.
● Cardiology
A home visit cardiologist can come to you to follow up on cardiology related conditions, such as hyper- and hypotension, arrhythmias, and others.

How much does the home visit doctor service cost?

The cost of the home visit doctor service varies from one center to another and from one doctor to another, and it is determined according to the geographical location of the patient, the doctor’s academic degree, and what specialization the patient wants, but you do not have to worry about the cost in the presence of the CurexMed Center, as it sends you the best home visit doctors in Egypt at the lowest prices to suit all patients.

What is the doctor home visit service?

The doctor home visit service is one of the most important home medical services, especially for critical cases and the elderly, as the home visit doctor goes to the patient’s house, listens to his complaint, requests the necessary radiology and lab tests, and then prescribes the appropriate medicine.

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