The best ambulatory blood pressure monitoring at home in Egypt

The best ambulatory blood pressure monitoring at home in Egypt

Curexmed offer the best ambulatory blood pressure monitoring at home in Egypt, where the world has recently undergone significant development in the medical field, which led to the great development in medical devices, so many devices appeared that closely monitor the patient’s health condition, such as 24 hour bp monitoring machine.

 24 hour blood pressure monitor

 The 24 hour blood pressure monitor is one of the latest medical devices that monitor and follow up the patient’s blood pressure measurement for 24 hours, that is all day and also during sleep.

 Usually, when the doctor asks the patient to record several blood pressure readings, the patient records only 4-5 readings per day, which exhausting for the patient and makes the diagnosis process less accurate, especially if he does not have a blood pressure monitor and resort to measuring it in specialized places, but with the 24-hour blood pressure monitor, the process of monitoring blood pressure becomes easily by the 24 hr bp monitor.

The rate of normal blood pressure

  • The rate of normal blood pressure ranges between 90-120 (systolic pressure) / 60-80 (diastolic pressure).
  • The rate of high blood pressure is higher than (130/80).
  • Blood pressure has a daily pattern, starting to rise a few hours before waking up and continuing rising and peaking in the middle of the day, then dropping again during the evening and night, and peaking during sleep.
  • Rising the blood pressure during sleep until the morning is a serious matter that increases the risk of heart disease.

measuring blood pressure 24 hours helps to discover this danger that is difficult to diagnose, due to the difficulty of measuring blood pressure during sleep by traditional methods.

 The dangers of hypertension

Persistent hypertension may lead to many health problems, such as:

  • Heart disease.
  • Heart attacks.
  • Kidney damage.
  • Peripheral artery disease (PAD).

 The importance of using the ambulatory bp monitoring machine

A bpm blood pressure monitor helps to measure pressure continuously throughout the day, which helps in:

  • Giving integrated, real, and accurate blood pressure reading results, unlike recording only 2-3 blood pressure readings per day.
  • Getting rid of the phenomenon (White coat hypertension): Some healthy people do not suffer from hypertension, but their blood pressure rises when they visit doctors and then returns to its normal rate when they back home, which may lead to a wrong diagnosis of hypertension.
  • diagnosis of masked hypertension which is characterized by a change in blood pressure measurements. which can appear at a normal rate when visiting a doctor and rise again when the medical visit is over.
  • Masked hypertension has significant risks similar to persistent hypertension.

the diagnosis of persistent hypertension is characterized with rising in blood pressure at all times, whether at the medical visit or when it is over.

  • Follow-up of the patient’s state of health and ensuring the efficacy of the antihypertensive drugs, as sometimes there may be a need to change medication or add other drugs to stabilize blood pressure.
  • Monitor the effect of some other medications on the patient’s blood pressure, as many medications that treat other diseases may affect blood pressure.
  • Follow-up of the health status of patients with borderline hypertension to figure out the need to give them antihypertensive drugs.
  • The need to use a bpm machine may be very important for patients with difficulty controlling hypertension even after using antihypertensive medications.
  • Monitor blood pressure continuously for hypertensive pregnant women.

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 Disadvantages of using a 24 hour blood pressure monitor

 Some people may suffer from using the ambulatory blood pressure device as:

  • Constantly wearing a bp monitoring device causes discomfort for many people, but the patient must tell the doctor about these feelings because it may affect the results of measuring blood pressure.
  • Frequently inflating the cuff causes upper arm pain for many people.
  • Skin irritation and mild rash in the area of ​​the cuff wearing (upper arm) as a result of wearing the device for long periods.
  • Measuring blood pressure at night may affect the patient’s sleep, but they quickly get used to it.

Wearing a 24 hour blood pressure monitor

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  • The size of the ambulatory bp monitor does not exceed the size of a small radio, and it is attached to a belt around the body connected to a cuff that inflates and deflates placed on the upper arm to record the blood pressure measurement, and these readings are stored on the device.
  • After the end of the period specified by the doctor to use the 24 hour bp monitor, the patient goes to the doctor and the computer analyzes the readings recorded on the device then issues the results of those readings.

 Important Instructions for Using the 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

 The device measures blood pressure every 15-30 minutes throughout the day and every 30-60 minutes during sleep, depending on the doctor’s settings for the device.

 When it is time to record the readings, the device will sound an alarm. If you are awake, you must do a few steps to ensure that a correct reading is recorded:

  • Inspect the device to make sure there is no twisting in it.
  • sitting properly if possible.
  • Straightening the arm to which the cuff is attached and placing it at the level of the heart.
  • Do not move your arm until the device has finished recording the reading.
  • Avoid talking while recording your blood pressure.
  • Follow your normal daily routine, the purpose of the device is to measure blood pressure in all patient conditions.
  • It is necessary to record the dates of taking medications concurrent with the period of installation of the device and inform the doctor about them.

 ambulatory blood pressure monitoring at home cost

 At Curexmed, we offer the best ambulatory blood pressure monitoring price at the fastest time and by the most skilled doctors and nurses.

 Is it possible to shower while wearing a bpm blood pressure monitor?

 It is not recommended to shower while wearing the device, but if it is necessary, the device should be removed because it is not waterproof and installed again after showering.

 Is it possible to exercise while wearing a portable blood pressure monitor?

 It is advised not to exercise while using the device, but it is okay to practice walking exercises.

 Should I wear a 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor while sleeping?

 Yes, this must be done to record blood pressure measurements during sleep, and the device can be placed under the pillow to get better sleep.

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