Best Nephrologist home visit in Egypt

Best Nephrologist home visit in Egypt

There are a lot of people who suffer from long term kidney problems. these people require regular follow up by visiting the nephrologist clinic to prevent the disease from worsening. so it better for you to call a Nephrologist home visit and start building a close relationship between your patient and the best nephrology physician. to make him extensively aware of patient medical condition and his complaints.

Going to excellent doctor clinic is no longer your only or best option when you complain of some kidney problems or have chronic renal diseases, nowadays nephrologist near me home visit  service has become available, this amazing service save  the patient and his family timing and more comfortable to them.

Curexmed provides nephrology doctor’s home visit in all cities of Egypt. and we are also care to connect you with the most skilled and best specialized doctors in their field with suitable prices.

If you look for a kidney specialist doctor for home visit. this article will help you understand many details related to this service. We advise you to complete reading then if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly via Whatsapp.

Who is kidney specialist home visit? 

When you call a doctor for the home visit to assess your health and do examination. you will meet an internist who gets advanced degree of specialization in kidney diseases and condition; also he has received years of training in the renal departments. In other words, the nephrologist home visitis the same consultant who is in the hospital or in his private clinic, but the only difference is that the doctor comes to instead of you traveling long distances and waiting long time to talk with your doctor. Just contact us if you seek kidney specialist near me for home visit.

During the home visit, the nephrologist will evaluate your general health, examine your kidneys and abdomen, do kidney function test and measure your renal efficiency, then he will prescribe appropriate medications for your complaint. In addition, he can answer all the questions and concerns that may worry you.

What do you expect when request best kidney specialist near me home visit? 

Most of people neglect their problems that associated with kidneys diseases. and don’t paying any attention for their flank pain or frequent infections due to being busy and the difficulty of make an appointment to talk with good nephrologist. but nephrology doctors home visit service has resolved this problem. so you can now easily contact a nephrologist consultant to come to your home and reassure your urinary system health and examine your kidneys.

You will receive many facilities during home visit, include:

  1. Abdominal Examination, evaluating kidney functions, ensuring their work, and conduct the all necessary investigations.
  2. Follow up of yourchronic renal failure progression and schedule dialysis appointments for patients to improve their health if needed.
  3. Educate patients about proper nutrition and prescribe some nutritional supplement.
  4. Answering patient’s questions and talking with them about necessary information related his illness.
  5. Evaluation of other body systems and comorbid diseases that directly affect the functioning of the kidneys, especially heart failure.
  6. Conducting periodic reviewing of kidney function to detect any deterioration early. and treat it as soon as possible to prevent serious complications.
  7. Putting an appropriate management plan with taking in consideration nutritional supplements for dialysis patient and stop harmful medication that cause kidney injury.
  8. Make a follow up schedule to check up the patient health state.

On the other hand, people with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes should see a consultant nephrologist home visitfrom time to time because these diseases lead to kidney problem in long term and affect the work of the kidneys by decreasing their efficiency gradually.

Facilities that curexmed provided when request nephrology doctor near me home visit

Curexmed started providing skilled doctors with a high level of knowledge and long experience in various fields, one of doctors that we offer to you is kidney disease specialist. We always care about the medical services quality, with an increasing concern of patient comfort, maintaining their privacy, and creating strong relationshipbased on trust in their doctor.

Wherever you are in Egypt, when you ask for best nephrologist near me for home visit, we will meet your request as soon as possible.

All you have to do is contact us via the Whatsapp number in order to send you a nephrologist and medical staff when needed. According to the complaint and the severity of the problems that your patient suffers from.

There are many features that make Curexmed your first and most appropriate choice:

  • We have a skilled medical staff from doctors, nurses and paramedics with long experience and good training. And the team is equipped with the best technologies and diagnostic materials that help in diagnosis.
  • Accuracy so that we choose an appropriate right doctor for the how can manage and treat your complaint.
  • Quick visit to you wherever you are in all the governorates of the country.
  • Our services are available 24 hours of the day. and you can request a doctor at any time to reach you within a short period.
  • We provide you at home with all the necessary investigation and tools to get samples instead of going to the laboratory.
  • Complete maintaining the patient’s privacy. ensuring his comfort. and giving him enough time to talk about his pain and health problems.
  • The price of consultant nephrologist home visits is suitable for all patients. It varies according to the size of care that patient obtained.

What are the symptoms that require seeing kidney specialist doctor for home visit?

There are a number of symptoms and signs that may indicate that there is problem in your kidneys, such as:

  • Pain in one or both sides of the back.
  • Swelling of lower limb or face swelling especially around the eyes.
  • Significant weight loss without any diet for weight loss.
  • A change in your normal urination habits, such as an increase or decrease in the number of urination, or a change in the color of urine.
  • Burning sensation during urination.
  • Blood with urine.
  • Feeling a constant desire to go to the bathroom and the inability to control bladder work.

Some other symptoms may indicate the presence of a serious or chronic problem that was neglected in early stages.The most important are: high blood pressure not improved with treatments or urinary incontinence and anuria, in addition to feeling chest pain and shortness of breathing in patients with chronic kidney failure.

Prepare yourself for first appointment when request best kidney specialist near me home visit

During the first interview, the doctor goal is evaluating your general health then getting to know all details about your life that may help him diagnose your problem. Therefore, you must answer all the questions he asks, also tell him about all complaints you faced because it may be related to the disease.

Some kidney diseases are hereditary diseases. Therefore, if one of your family members, such as parents, a sibling or grandparent suffers from kidney disease, you are at an increased risk to have the same disease.It is very important to inform the doctor about your family’s medical history, with no concern about your privacy, we understand that theseDetails are secrets and the doctor will never publish it. In the cases of familial disease concerns you can see pediatric nephrology home visit to ensure your baby health.

Some chronic diseases cause kidney problems when they become uncontrolled; especially diabetes and high blood pressure, so you should mention that you have a chronic disease during the first home visit and your medications. Some drugs may be harmful to the kidneys and must be changed or discontinued completely if their side effects appear.

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