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Curexmed provides complete medical services in every speciality. One of those services is Dermatologist home visit, to treatskin conditions, in this article you’ll learn more about the answer of these questions:

When to see dermatologist?

What can dermatologist do at home?

How to book dermatologist home visit?

What is the cost of dermatologist home visit?

Who is the best dermatologist for home visit?

Dermatologist house call

Skin is the biggest organ in the body, it covers large spaces. It’s the first line of defense against bacteria, viruses and even protection from sun exposure and dehydration. The Skin also helps in maintaining body temperature and plays an important role in immunity.

Skin might get diseases conditions just like any organ in the body, these diseases can affect the skin functions and make the patient susceptible for many complications because of microbes. That’s why Curexmed provides Dermatologist house call service.

After calling Curexmed team and asking for Dermatologist house call service, we’ll organize sending you the most talented dermatologists to your home in Egypt, to provide you the medical care you deserve.

Dermatology consultants visit home

Skin conditions might get complicated when going out and looking for a doctor. Sun exposure and microbes are waiting to take advantage of the diseased skin. That’s why Dermatology consultants visit home medical service is best suited for these situations.

Skin conditions could be complicated by disfiguration, which makes the patient embarrassed of going out and cover his diseased skin with heavy clothes which makes the condition worse. Curexmed takes all of that way with Dermatology consultants visit home service.

Dermatologist near me for home visit

if you need a dermatologist near you for home visit, then Curexmed is the best choice, we send you the best dermatologists to diagnose and treat these conditions:

  • Acne.
  • Warts.
  • Skin inflammations.
  • Psoriasis and itching.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Hair loss.
  • Autoimmune conditions that affect the skin.
  • Skin tumors.

Best dermatologist home visit

Some teenagers suffer from acne problems when approaching adolescence. Some of these acnes fade away at their own, some will stay and hold a risk of disfiguring scar, that’s why it’s necessary to see a dermatologist.

Some medical treatments doesn’t work with acne, it’s a problem that needs the interference of a specialist, and that’s exactly what we provide in Curexmed, we send you the best dermatologist home visit to get rid of acne forever!

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Dermatologist specialist house call

If you were suffering from hair loss recently, this condition requires seeing a dermatologist specialist to look for the cause, it could be scalp infections, autoimmune conditions or some internal problems.

Curexmed provides Dermatologist specialist house call to see why you’re losing your hair, and treat you as fast as possible

Dermatologist in Faisal home visit

Warts of the skin are common, occasionally painful. They’re not dangerous if they didn’t have an internal disease process (i.e. HPV infection) but it can affect the patient’s appearance. The dermatologist can remove these warts by medications, cryotherapy or surgery.

If you were suffering from warts, you can call Curexmed team and ask for Dermatologist in Faisal home visit, our doctor will reach to the diagnosis and treatment. We provide this service in all locations in Egypt.

Dermatology associates come to home in Egypt

The skin over the genital area is just like the skin of other places, it can get infections or be diseased. If you were suffering from itching, redness, scalding or warts in these areas, you can call Curexmed.

We’ll send you Dermatology associates come to home in Egypt, to examine you and diagnose your conditions. We pay special care to your privacy.


When to see dermatologist?

There are some skin conditions that require a home visit of dermatologist, and of these conditions:

  • Skin rashes.
  • Psoriasis.
  • Persistent itching.
  • Acne treatments aren’t working.
  • Hair loss.
  • Warts.
  • Changes in skin color and texture

What can dermatologist do at home?

There are a lot of cases a dermatologist can deal with from home. First, a dermatologist can diagnose almost all of the skin conditions from home.

For treatments, most of dermatology skin conditions can be healed by medications, which make a home visit perfect for them. There are limited conditions which require more sophisticated surgical interventions, that’s only a specialists can decide. You’re welcome to discuss these options with your doctor.

What I expect from dermatology home visit service?

There are some things you need to keep in mind before a dermatologist visiting your home. The dermatologist might examine every inch of your skin, a woman will need to remove any nail polish or makeup.

A dermatologist might need to examine some parts that are considered private, he/she will ensure you have the total privacy. The dermatologist will take a full medical history, and do a complete physical examination. The doctor then will reach to a diagnosis and prescribe the medications

Who is the best dermatologist for home visit?

It’s really not important to answer of who is the best dermatologist for home visit with Curexmed medical services. In the past, patients were spending enormous amount of time and effort to reach for a doctor clinic.
Now, with Curexmed, the best dermatologist is always with us, you don’t need to look for the location, we send you the most experienced and talented dermatology doctors to your home.

What is the cost of dermatologist home visit?

Curexmed is always trying to provide the best medical care for the patients. Our goal is focused on treating your condition as fast as possible, and to make the cost suitable for everyone.
The cost is different according to the condition, there are some conditions that require investigations and treatments more than others. It’s also different according to the geographic locations.

How to book dermatologist home visit?

You can contact Curexmed team from the number provided in the page. Our team will welcome you, you can send your medical history and anything you think is related to your condition, we’ll need your address to send you a dermatologist home visit.

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