Emergency doctor home visit

Curexmed provides  complete medical home services, we send the most talented doctors from all specilaities to your home, to assess and treat your condition. One of those services is Emergency doctor home visit, which is useful in those cases which require urgent intervention.

In this article you’ll learn more about the answer of these questions:

What can the ER doctor diagnose?

Should I see a doctor or go to ER?

How much ER doctor home visit cost?

How to request ER doctor home visit?

Let’s read the article to learn more about these emergencies, and to know which conditions are worth the wait for home visit ER doctor, or those which require you to go to the hospital immediately.

Emergency doctor home visit service

Curexmed provides the service of ER doctor home visit. It’s an important service which depends on urgent intervention and providing the best care for the patient.

Curexmed encourages you before ordering ER doctor  home visit to assess the condition by yourself. Is there any immediate therat that requires urgent intervention? If so, then we encourage you to go to the hospital. We love to provide the medical care for you, but we value your life, we don’t want to risk it.

If  you weren’t sure about the condition, you can ask the people close to you, you can also contact Curexmed team, and tell them about the details about your condition. We’ll give you the best advice.

ER physician house call

Best time to ask for ER physician house call service is when you need an urgent intervention to your condition, and this intervention is not a life or death situation. You can ask for this service when, for example, you had a knife wound with controlled bleeding, we don’t recommend to wait for a house call doctor with an extensive profusely bleeding wound.

After making sure it’s not life-death situation, you can call Curexmed team, and give them the necessary information about your condition and geographic location. We’ll send ER doctor house call to your home in Egypt in fastest time possible.

Emergency medicine doctors near me

In Curexmed, we know that speed is important in emergent cases, we provide Emergency medicine doctors near you, to provide urgent medical care. The emergent condition in which home visit ER doctor is suitable for:

  • Strains and suspected fractures.
  • Minor head and scalp injuries.
  • Cuts and wounds with controlled bleeding.
  • Minor burns.
  • Ear, throat and chest infections.
  • Eye problems.
  • Fever in children and adults.
  • Stomach pain.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Losing balance and nausea.
  • Asthma exacerbation.

Curexmed team will assess your condition, we might advice you to go to hospital instead of home visit service. We might send home visit doctors in other specialties if it was best suited service instead of ER doctor. Everything is mutually discussed with the patient.

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ER doctors near me

Some patients might suffer from medical conditions that require urgent intervention, in the same time it’s difficult for them to find a hospital outside. Curexmed sends the most talented ER doctors near you in Egypt.

If you were suffering from a sudden deterioration of your health, reach out for a Curexmed team to order a home visit service. We will quickly answer your question and send you an ER doctor to your home. We will need detailed information about your condition, and your past related medical history, this will help us to accurately assess your condition.

ER Dr visit home in Egypt

With Curexmed, the patient doesn’t have to leave home and look for a doctor in clinics and hospitals. The ER doctor comes to your home in Egypt. We cooperate with the best ER doctors in Egypt, and we organize sending them in the fastest possible manner.

The service of ER Dr visit home in Egypt is for emergent conditions which the life of patient is not jeopardized, especially those conditions without profuse bleeding, minor burns and different infections. If you weren’t sure about the seriousness of the condition, you can contact Curexmed team, we’ll provide the best advice for you.

Emergency room specialists

Emergency conditions can be dealt with by ER residents and specialist. The usual case scenario in hospitals is that you’re treated by a resident. With our home visit ER doctor service, we send you much more talented, experienced and specialists doctors.

ER doctors urgent care.

ER specialist doctor

If you were from Egypt, wherever you live, and suffered from an urgent medical condition which require intervention in the same day, you can order ER specialist doctor for home visit.

After contacting Curexmed team, from the numbers on our page, we’ll give you the estimate time of ER doctor home visit arrival.

Emergent conditions depend on speedy intervention, the diagnosis and treatment go together in the same time. ER doctor home visit will diagnose and treat your condition to avoid possible complications.

What can the ER doctor diagnose?

ER doctor seeks to stabilize the patient, they diagnose and treat in the same time, and that’s what make emergent conditions special. ER doctor can diagnose the emergent medical conidtion and treat it in the same time. The condition might need a referral to a more specialized doctor after stabilization, but what’s important in emergency conditions is stabilization.

Should I see Emergency doctor home visit?

This is an important question, a home visit doctor might be late for some hours, and some hospitals might have more sophisticated tools than home, we encourage you to go to hospital in these conditions:

  • Profuse bleeding of accidents.
  • Asphyxia and diffulity in breathing.
  • Loss of consciousness and fit.
  • Severe pain.
  • Chest pain in elderly which might indicate a myocardial infarction.
  • Brain stroke.

What happens when you go to the ER?

Curexmed goal is to urgently treat your condition, we don’t want you to delay seeking intervention thinking of cost. We appreciate that the cost of the condition is an important factor for the patient, we try as always to make the cost suitable for everybody.

The cost of ER doctor visit home is different according to geographic location, and what the condition will require of investigations and treatments.

How much ER doctor home visit cost?

You can contact Curexmed team from the number available in the page, our service team member will welcome you, and will take necessary information about your condition and location. You can share your concerns with our team. After that we’ll give you the estimate time of ER doctor arrival, and rest assured you’re in good hands.

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