best Doctor Home Visit in Cairo

Doctor for home visit in Cairo

Doctor Home Visit in Cairo

The best doctor home visit in Cairo is necessary because people with certain illnesses or fatigue are frequently unable to travel to hospitals or clinics for treatment. Because of this and our concern for people’s health, we offer home examinations by doctors. And for their convenience, we at the Curexmed Center offer a home examination carried out by the top medical professionals using the most up-to-date techniques and tools to diagnose and treat patients at home.
The goal of the home examination is to reduce the patient’s time and effort spent traveling to the hospital or medical facility, where they might come into contact with other patients in the hospital or clinic, making them susceptible to other diseases.
Our unwavering dedication to selecting the most skilled and experienced physicians highlights Curexmed’s home vistt service. For this service, we provide Cairo’s best Doctor home visit along with a variety of other primary medical specialties. Depending on the condition being treated, each doctor’s area of expertise varies from the others.

Doctor for home visit in Cairo

The best home visit doctor is available at Curexmed Center 24 hours a day in all medical specialties thanks to the center’s exceptional team of physicians and consultants, who are based on the use of all current technologies and accurate methods of diagnosis and treatment that, God willing, contribute to a speedy recovery.

Contrary to other facilities and businesses that offer a home doctor service, Curexmed Center’s primary objective is to provide a home medical service that saves time and effort for patients instead of having to travel to clinics and hospitals. This is in addition to the portable medical equipment that the center provides for them and this is very helpful because the patient might not be able to get to because of his or her extreme fatigue, so the center will send doctors there as soon as they can to check on the patient there and care for him until he recovers.

Because of a variety of factors, such as the need for qualified doctors, the time when the service was requested, the speed of response to the service, or the distance of their geographic location, patients in our society or their families generally do not resort to having a doctor visit them at home. However, with Curexmed, you can get a doctor for a home visit with the highest levels of experience.

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The advantages of home visit service

best Doctor Home Visit in Cairo

What would you do if a member of your family woke up exhausted in the middle of the night? How will you get to the doctor if you’re exhausted and by yourself at home? What if you have an emergency but don’t know where to go? Did you visit the doctor and discover that he apologized for receiving cases for today? Do you desire to see a medical professional with knowledge and experience in your condition? Each of these questions requires a distinct response.

We can also respond to this question by referring you to the Curexmed Center, which offers you the best home visit consultant doctor as well as a group of highly skilled and qualified medical professionals to conduct house call examination with the essential medical tools for an accurate examination.

Our team offers you home examinations with a team of doctors from various specialties, and the center can offer you all the medical tools required to conduct an accurate home visit call. It also gives you the chance to visit your doctor to conduct a home examination at any time of the week, saving you the time and effort of looking doctors outside. Finally, the center offers you privacy while the examination is being conducted.

Without the hassle of clinics or waiting, we guarantee the patient’s privacy and lessen stress during his examination. Additionally, the home visit enables the patient to learn about his lifestyle based on a healthy diet that is appropriate for him, as well as easy access to various medical reports, including investigations, imaging and previous examinations, and identifying the medications that the patient takes during the examination.

In addition to relieving the patient’s burden of having to travel to clinics and wait in waiting rooms, one of the most significant benefits of the home examination service is that there is enough time for the doctor to respond to the patient’s questions. Our doctor house call service contributes to lowering the likelihood of infectious diseases being transmitted to patients with weakened immune systems.

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Criteria for choosing home visit doctor

best Doctor Home Visit in Cairo

The Curexmed Center works to identify the best medical professionals who can provide the home visit examination service with the highest possible quality, as the medical professionals conduct home visits in accordance with a number of fundamental criteria, the most crucial of which are:

The doctor enjoys being an enthusiast of their profession, which leads them to appreciate their patients, especially the young and elderly because they require special care.

The doctor’s capacity to quickly adjust to the patient’s situation and handle any challenges that may arise.

The capacity to persuade the patient and have a positive influence on him, which helps the treatment to be completed quickly.

The doctor is understanding, gives the patient room to go into detail about the various pains he experiences, and pays close attention.

He must have had a lot of experience treating different illnesses, which will aid in a proper diagnosis and, God willing, a speedy recovery.

Keep anxious patients calm and don’t scare them away from the illness when treating them.

Along with being knowledgeable about everything new, one of the most crucial qualities of the best house call doctor is his thorough understanding of the most recent studies and guidelines.

A team of the best doctors, specialists, and nurses with experience and competence provides all of these services and more at the Curexmed Center, a specialized health and home care facility that offers the best home care services, home examinations for the elderly, physiotherapy sessions, medical examinations, and x-rays all at your house.

Also to be considered is the fact that receiving care at home allows patients to maintain their privacy, live in a family setting, and experience psychological safety in their home environment.

The medical examination is distinguished by the use of the most up-to-date treatment techniques and tools, as well as the provision of suitable medical or psychological home care services for patients and the elderly under the supervision of a medical specialist who assesses each patient’s condition and establishes the most suitable course of treatment for him. When compared to the services offered by other centers, where patients are taken advantage of, home visit service prices are among the lowest and best for any emergency situation.

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The medical specialties available in the doctor house call


There are several majors available through the center, but the following are the most noticeable:

Internal medicine physician home visit: Through the Curexmed Center, we offer you access to aninternal medicine physician in Cairo for the treatment of a variety of diseases, including diabetes, high blood pressure, all conditions affecting the colon and digestive system, as well as diseases of the liver, intestines, or stomach. You can contact us for internal medicine physician house call right away.

Home visit intensive care doctor in Cairo may occasionally be required to follow up with and oversee the treatment of a number of critical cases requiring intensive care.

Age-related diseases: Because of their condition, the elderly are undergoing physical or psychological changes that are related to their remarkable aging process. Cairo and the surrounding governorates are reachable by elderly house call service.

Chest doctor home visit: You can now seek the advice of a qualified and experienced chest doctor in the treatment of illnesses related to chest allergies, pneumonia and its treatment, asthma, and diseases of the chest brought on by smoking, as well as the possibility of conducting X-rays and investigations.

Brain and nerves: To treat spasms, different types of paralysis, Alzheimer’s, cognitive disorders, strokes, and brain hemorrhages, you can now ask a neurologist to conduct an examination for home visit. Since the nervous system is made up of many different parts, including the brain, spine, and nerves, which work together to control bodily functions, you might one day need a neurologist in Cairo to monitor how things are going. If a defect develops in any part of the nervous system, it can affect your ability to walk, speak, swallow, breathe, or learn. You might also experience issues with your senses, memory, or mood.

Kidney Doctor: The Curexmed Center allows you to order a nephrologist for a home visit in Cairo right away to treat kidney disease, kidney infection, and inflammation. Kidney disease is one of the most common diseases today, and the number of patients with kidney failure in hospitals is rising. Kidney failure often results in death, especially in elderly patients. l A nephrologist will contact you as soon as possible to follow up with kidney disease patients who are at home.

GIT Doctor: A gastroenterologist in Cairo is now sought out for the treatment of digestive disorders, including stomach ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, and constipation. Cases are handled by a gastroenterologist because many people suffer from diseases of the digestive system.

Home visit cardiologist: You can now get a home examination visit cardiologist in Cairo to treat your high or low blood pressure, arrhythmias, heart attacks, coronary artery insufficiency, and high blood pressure. Blood triglyceride levels that are high and cholesterol levels that are high indicate that a cardiologist should perform a home check-up as soon as complications arise.

Skin Doctor: To treat skin allergies, dermatitis, and all other skin diseases, consult a dermatologist from Curexmed right away.

Emergency Doctor: Call the emergency doctor to get you home right away. Emergency medical services are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Orthopedics: To treat bone and muscle pain, contact an orthopedist right away. Plaster splints may be made at home, and you have the option to perform a CT scan in order to diagnose your condition more quickly.
Urology: You can now schedule an appointment with a urologist through us to treat cases of stones, urethral infections, urinary salts, and urinary retention.

A plastic surgeon is now available to perform cosmetic stitches as needed in the area of aesthetics.

Blood vessels: Seek treatment for peripheral artery diseases, low pulse arteries in the foot, and diabetic foot diseases from a specialist or vascular doctor.

Eye Doctor: You can conduct a home examination of the retina and fundus of the eye as well as receive treatment for allergies and eye infections from an eye doctor.

ENT Doctor: The treatment of rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, throat and ear infections, vertigo, and other conditions can now be directed to an ENT physician through Curexmed.

General surgery: for the treatment of varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and other surgical conditions.

Prices for a doctor’s home visit service

By allowing the doctor to visit the patient at home to conduct an examination, many facilities now offer home health care services. The cost of home visits varies depending on a number of factors, as follows:

The required field of specialty.

A doctorate and relevant experience (consultant, excellent physician, medium experience).

The geographical location of the patient’s home or the office he/she chooses

Is a doctor coming to your house?

Yes, by speaking with the Curexmed center, you can find a specialized doctor who will visit your home as soon as you call him to examine the patients. All of these services are provided at the most reasonable prices possible while still taking into account the patients’ conditions. Cairo and the other governorates of the Republic Egypt are where we are located.

How do I schedule a home visit doctor appointment in Cairo?

You can now get in touch with the Curexmed Medical Center and ask about scheduling a doctor for a home visit, as all medical specializations are offered there at the most competitive rates.

Who is a doctor that conducts home visits?

The top home visit consultant doctor examines the patient, accurately diagnoses the illness, prescribes the required tests, prescriptions, and investigations, and then keeps track of the patient’s status until he recovers. However, all of these procedures can be
carried out quickly and easily in the patient’s house, eliminating the need to travel to hospitals and specialized clinics.

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