Best Pulmonologist home visit (2023)

pulmonologist home visit
best pulmonologist home visit in egypt

When the Corona virus is still ravaging the world and threatening human life, especially the elderly and immune-comprised people with chronic diseases. It’s necessary to provide respiratory patients with Pulmonologist home visit to assess respiratory system function and take care of their chest diseases.

Our services at Curexmed are aimed to save time and decrease the waiting time at good doctor’s clinics by providing best pulmonologist house call to get appropriate medical care instead of going to private clinics or hospitals.

Saving time and effort not the only goal we need to achieve by lung doctor pulmonologist home visits but also this service reduces the risk of exposure to fatal infection known as hospital acquired diseases.

Chest diseases and related problem are very common complaints. It is ranging from acute upper respiratory tract infections to chronic diseases such as asthma with allergy and interstitial fibrosis in addition, lung masses and cancer.

Nowadays, people are asking for pulmonologist clinic near me offer home visits. There are many reasons beyond this change in community thoughts; the most important is COVID 19 crisis. Request most popular pulmonologists for home visit protects patients and their family from exposure to corona virus in closed gathering.

Pulmonologist specialist

When we talk about a chest doctor, we mean an internist who specializes in pulmonary diseases and chest allergy.

Also when I’m looking for best rated pulmonologist near me, I suspect proper management plane for my patient recent illness with good follow up and strong prevention of chronic disease complications.

 The role of pulmonologist consultant doctor home visit is to do complete evaluation and assessment of patient health and to examine his chest, order important investigation and chest x ray if needed then after reach to accurate diagnosis, give him the appropriate treatment according to his illness with regular follow up until his complete recovery.

Now you can contact us in curexmed for pulmonologist near me now visit at home wherever you are in Egypt.

Chest diseases and conditions that needs pulmonologist

Some chest diseases are new onset and do not require long-term treatment and also patients are completely cured with no chronic problems, while others are chronic and the patient will take medication lifelong, these disorders also may develop secondary complications. Therefore, it is necessary to create a strong relationship between you and the top pulmonologist home visits in order to get focused medical care. Some of respiratory diseases are:

  • Allergies and Asthma
  • Acute chest infections, which can result in acute respiratory failure.
  • Fluid in lunges and surrounding space (pleural effusion).
  • Lung Cancer.
  • Chest tightness and difficulty in breathing.
  • Chronic cystic fibrosis.
  • Severe cough, whether dry or accompanied by sputum.
  • Lung Congestion.
  • Difficulty breathing with exertion or even during rest.
  • Pulmonary hypertension.
  • Chest infections and recurrent flu.
  • Influenza or the Corona virus infection.
  • Lung tuberculosis.
  • Lung fibrosis.
  • Fever associated with a runny nose and cough.
  • Sleep apnea or loud snoring.
  • Difficulty during breastfeeding in newborns.

You can request pediatric pulmonologist near me home visit if your child is constantly crying, coughing or complain of difficult breathing while crying and breastfeeding, or after any foreign bodies swallowing.

Chest doctor home visit

Best pulmonologist house call has become a preferred option for many people; this is due to different reasons some related to patient family, such as their desire to avoid crowding and the difficulty of house leaving during bad weather. Also, it is not easy to manage your schedule with the appointment date in clinic.

On the other hand,lung specialist home visit service through Curexmed has a wide number of features and characteristics that make you prefer it, including:

  1. We provide you with highly qualified and experienced doctors. We have doctors who specialize in treating Corona patients and following them up until full recovery, and follow up complications if developed later on.
  2. We have a complete medical staff to treat and improve the quality of life of pulmonary patients; especially the most skilled physical therapists that help patients get rid of sputum and plaques to breathe better.
  3. Providing all the medical equipment necessary for the diagnosis and treatment, from blood pressure measurement tools, random glucose test, and a portable x ray device. Also we provide oxygen therapy and therapeutic nebulizers for ill people.
  4. Rapid Responding to all your inquiries at all times.
  5. Our services include providing pediatric chest doctor home visit as well as clinician for adults.
  6. Our home visit service is available 24 hours a day, on all days of the week and also on holidays.
  7. We can deliver our health care to all governorates in Egypt. You can now order a pulmonologists home visit at mokattam.

When to see a pulmonologist specialist?

You can contact Curexmed in order to request the best respiratory doctor home visit  if you have any of the following problems:

  1. Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.
  2. Congestion and inflammation in the lungs with high fever.
  3. Shortness of breathing during sleep.
  4. Recurrent bronchial and lung infections.
  5. Sharp constant pain in the chest.
  6. Shortness of breath during rest.
  7. Flu and influenza symptom.
  8. A severe dry cough,
  9. Cough with sputum especially if there is bloody sputum.
  10. Wheezy chest.
  11. Chronic asthma patients because of deterioration such as increase in the attack number and severity.

What do you expect to get from pulmonologists home visit?

There are a number of tasks and roles that will be implemented after the delivery of most popular pulmonologists for home visit to you, including:

  • Examine the patient and perform all investigation to find out the most accurate diagnosis then start treatment quickly before any complications.
  • Taking blood samples and doing chest imaging such as x-rays, CT scans, and invasive modalities as necessary.
  • Oxygen saturation measurement and lung function test.
  • Corona examination and providing the patient with all necessary treatments and follow-up continuously until his full recovery.
  • Setting of complete management plan and schedules following up to check up the patient’s improvement and to ensure that there are no complications or side effects of medications.
  • Patient and his family education about his health condition and increasing their awareness level about his illness.
  • Educate the family about emergency complaints that require urgent transfer of the patient to the hospital.
  • Asthma nursing to educate the patient about the correct using of nebulizer.
  • Lifestyle change and following good habits, such as healthy nutrition, smoking cessation, exercise, and weight management.
  • Situation assessment at home such as: adequate ventilation and the presence of smokers or any pets & cats which may affect the success of the treatment.
  • Medical consultation to patients before going to surgeries.
  • Maintaining patient privacy and comfort.


Is the best pulmonologists home visit available only for adult?

We can provide you with pulmonologist according to patient’s age. So if your child has asthma or cystic fibrosis or even just flu symptoms you can order pediatric pulmonologist near me home visit.

How much lung doctor pulmonologist home visits price?

The price of pulmonologist consultant doctor home visit is variable according to the number of medical services and investigations were done, but in general, it is suitable for all people.

How I can get pulmonologists telephone number?

Just contact with us via whats app to deliver you most popular pulmonologists for home visit.

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