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Curexmed provides best doctor home visit services in Egypt. One of these services is general surgeon home visit, by sending the most talented general surgeons to your home in Egypt. In this article you’ll learn more about the answers of these questions:

What can general surgeon do?

Is there is a differance between surgion and doctor?

can General surgion do home visit?

How much does General surgeon home visit cost?

How to book general surgeon home visit?

If you needed a consultation of a general surgeon, and wanted to do that from home, then let’s read the article together to learn more about the service, and then you can contact Curexmed team to order it.

General surgeon home visit

Curexmed provides the service of general surgeon home visit in Zamalek and other districts in Cairo, we organize sending a general surgeon to your home in Egypt. The general surgeon can diagnose and treat wide range of surgical cases, such as those in abdomen, breast and endocrine, as well as managing urgent surgical conditions.

After contacting Curexmed team, and telling them more about your condition. We’ll ask for your address in Egypt, to send you the most talented and experienced general surgeons. We’re obliged to send the doctors as fast as possible.

After the general surgeon arrives to your home, he’ll diagnose your condition. Both of you will discuss available treatments. The doctor can treat your condition if possible from home if it was treated by medications. More complicated cases, will need a special team and tools that should be available in hospitals.

General surgeon near me visit home

Your general physician might referral you to the general surgeon. Instead of looking for a perfect general doctor in hospitals and clinics, Curexmed provides general surgeon near you visit home service.

The first phase of the encounter between the general surgeon and the patient is of no difference than those that occur in hospitals. In the first appointment the doctor will reach to a diagnosis and discuss the available treatments, all of that can be made through general surgeon home visit service.

Best general surgeon near me come to home

Some patients might need a weight reducing surgery, and those surgeries are related to digestive system which is in the scope of specialty of general surgeon. Usually the plan for this surgery requires a first appointment with a general surgeon for discussing the type and timing of the operation.

With Curexmed service, we can send the best general surgeon near you to come to home. Both of you can discuss the plan of weight reducing surgeries and what might happen before it. Please note that the operation should be done in sophisticated hospitals. But the first planning appointment can be done from home.

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Specialists in general surgery do house calls

The service of general surgery home calls is important for pre-operation and post-operation care. There are some steps that can be done to make sure the operation can go smoothly, and those can be done by a general surgery specialist home visit.

After operation, some patients need care, especially if they leave the hospital early. The burden of finding a doctor for post operation patient is no longer an issue with Curexmed service of general surgeon home visit.

General surgery specialist come to home

You can contact Curexmed team to order a general surgeon come to your home service. The home appointment is for the simple conditions that can be treated from home. But we want you to think about this service as a diagnostic in the first place. If surgery is needed, then it should be done in hospitals.

You might ask what a home visit general surgeon can do. This is our answer:

  • Diagnose all surgical cases.
  • Planning for weight reducing surgery.
  • Preoperation and post operation care.
  • Breast exam for early diagnosis of cancers.
  • Anal fissure, fistula.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Hernia.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Diabetic foot.
  • Gallstones.

General surgery doctors home visit in Shubra

Curexmed provides the service of General surgery doctors home visit in Shubra, it’s not just Shubra, we can arrive to your home in any location in Egypt. You can contact Curexmed team, tell them more about your condition and address. And we’ll send a general surgery doctor for home visit very soon.

We’ll also tell you about the estimate time for the doctor arrival, to be ready for him when he arrives. The doctor will try to reach for a diagnosis, and both of you will discuss the available treatments.

Pediatric general surgeon

We know that surgical cases of pediatric age group need a special doctor, these children need a special care and treatment, this is what we’re trying to achieve in Curexmed with pediatric general surgeon home visit.

The appointment with pediatric general surgeon is diagnostic in the first place, the surgical options are discussed with the doctor, and will be take place in hospitals.


What is the difference between doctor and surgeon?

The general physician is different from general surgeon. The general physician will recognize the medical cases, and will treat the ones he’s sure of. He will referral to more specialized doctors when necessary. Sometimes he’ll referral patient to general surgeons, the one who will conduct a more in depth investigation to diagnose the condition and treat it in best way possible.

What can general surgeon do at home?

The appointment with the doctor will be diagnostic in the first place. Some simple interventions might take place. You’ll sit with the doctor and be examined, the doctor will reach to the diagnosis of your condition.

If the case required a surgical intervention, then it should be done in sophisticated hospitals by special team of surgeons, anesthetists and nurses. All of that can be disused with the doctor.

How much does General surgeon home visit cost?

Curexmed is always keen to treat your condition as fast as possible, you know the cost is important factor in patients mind. Our goal is always to provide the medical care in prices that are suitable for everyone.

The cost of the home visit is different according to the condition itself, what it’ll need in terms of investigations and treatments. It’s also different according to your geographic location. Anyway, we don’t want the cost to concern you, you can always share your concerns with your team.

How to book general surgeon home visit?

To book general surgeon home visit, it’s pretty straight forward. Just call or text Curexmed team from the numbers available in the page, our team will replay to you in a in a timely manner.

We’ll take the necessary information about your condition, and address your concerns. After confirming the appointment, you can rest assured, we’ll send you the best of our general doctors for a home visit.

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