Home Radiology Center in Cairo

The Best Home Radiology Center in Cairo

Home radiology Center in Cairo and the availability of medical services in an ideal atmosphere in the future, as the doctor provides medical examinations in an ideal atmosphere in his diagnosis of the disease. For this reason, we decided to provide these excellent medical services to patients at home. You can have an integrated service center in Cairo with the highest level of safety and accuracy. We provide medical materials service at the best prices in Cairo.
The goal of home x-rays is to save time and effort for patients when conducting medical x-ray examinations, particularly with injuries that prevent them from moving from home to a radiology center or hospital. A home radiology center in Cairo offers all of its services is run by the best diagnostic radiologists, who use the newest portable medical devices to perform all types of examinations and x-rays at home very quickly and with great accuracy.
In the past, it was impossible to conduct tests and take x-rays from home, but thanks to advancements in science and technology, both x-rays and investigations can now be carried out swiftly and easily at home. A portable medical machine that can instantly conduct the required radiological tests and offer medical evaluations and results.

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The Best Home Radiology Center in Cairo

The Best Home Radiology Center in Cairo

The benefit of ordering a home radiology service is that it eliminates the need for travel. Curexmed provides a mobile radiology service to assure patient convenience, particularly for patients who are unable to travel to hospitals or radiology facilities and do not want to wait.

Diagnostic Rapidity: This is due to the instantaneous generation of radiographs made possible by our service, which enables quicker diagnosis.

Lower costs: Since home examinations enable doctors to confer with one another and cut down on the time and expense of several doctor visits, our goal is to constantly offer home radiology services at the best pricing.

With home radiology center in Cairo, we can provide service whenever you need it. Our services are accessible every day of the week, 24 hours a day.
We also employ a large and devoted staff of radiology technicians and radiologists to guarantee that we deliver dependable, high-quality x-rays without requiring you to travel.

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Types of radiological investigations in Home Radiology Center in Cairo

The Best Home Radiology Center in Cairo

Radiology is a science that enables doctors to see a person’s organs, bones, and teeth and there are many types of rays, such as X-rays, sonar scans, EKGs, and electrocardiograms. This is because you may need other ways to see things that are not visible to the naked eye in order for the doctor to make the correct diagnosis. The doctor can accurately discover and diagnose a variety of health issues with the aid of an electrocardiogram, Doppler, echocardiography, and other investigations.

First, x-rays
It is a rapid and painless procedure that generates pictures of the body’s anatomy, particularly the bones. Depending on the density of the materials they pass through, X-rays enter the body and are absorbed in various amounts. As a result, the air in the lungs appears black in an X-ray whereas denser substances like bone and metal appear white.

The appearance of muscle and fat is gray.
To examine images more clearly, some X-ray types include injecting a contrast agent into the body, such as iodine or barium. Because they are visible clearly on X-rays, fractures and infections of the bones and teeth are typically diagnosed using X-rays.

Indications of arthritis. X-rays obtained over time can also assist a doctor in determining whether arthritis is deteriorating. In addition, they are employed in the detection of cancer, bone tumors, lung infections, chest disorders, and osteoporosis. It’s also available for some diseases of the breast. Our patients always prefer Curexmed since our facility since it is the best home radiology center in Cairo and offers a home x-ray machine for this reason.

Second is ultrasound
By sending ultrasonic waves into the body and then catching them again after they have bounced off various body components, it can take pictures of specific body parts. In doing so, doctors are able to run medical checks. To determine the shape of the body, internal organs such the knee, pelvis, spleen, liver, prostate, liver, bladder, etc. are photographed. With the guidance of these organs, we may realistically describe the interior of the human body.

This undoubtedly aids in the diagnosis of a variety of conditions that impact these organs, including kidney stones, infections, and malignancies. The ultrasound machine is safe for use on people since it produces ultrasonic waves that are crucial and useful for helping doctors diagnose concerns with the body’s tissues, blood vessels, and blood without having to cut or open the patient’s skin or muscles.

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Third is ECG
Heart electrical signals are captured by an ECG. It is a routine test with little discomfort that can detect cardiac issues and track heart health fast. Typically, an EKG is performed in a hospital room or a doctor’s office.

Operating rooms and ambulances come equipped with ECG units as normal. A home x-ray facility in Cairo and every home examination doctor that you can order from our center both have personal equipment like wearable technology that allow ECG monitoring.

Fourth is Holter
A small, portable device called a Holter monitor is used to record heart rate. It is utilized to determine or identify the possibility of an arrhythmia. If a traditional ECG does not reveal enough information concerning cardiac problems, a Holter monitor test may be carried out.

You might require an event recorder for long-term surveillance if the arrhythmia is unusual. Smart watches and other personal electronics provide ECG monitoring.

If you have unexplained fainting, have arrhythmia signs and symptoms, or have a heart condition that makes arrhythmias more likely, your doctor might advise using a Holter monitor.

Fifth is ultrasound One of the most crucial imaging procedures that doctors use to assess the function of the heart muscle and heart valves is an ultrasound of the heart, often known as an ECHO of the heart. and the form of the heart, both of which aid in making a precise diagnosis.

Sixth is Doppler
A qualified and experienced radiologist performs a very quick and high-resolution Doppler ultrasound procedure for Medicare, and the results and medical report are sent to you right away.

Doppler is a technique to view the blood vessels of the human body to understand the condition of these blood vessels, either the inner lining or blood flow in these blood vessels or the outside wall of the veins and arteries, in order to diagnose the patient’s problems.

We carry out all Doppler tests, including the abdominal and pelvic Doppler ultrasounds.

Doppler ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis.

Doppler ultrasound of the kidneys and urinary tract.

Doppler ultrasound of the liver and gallbladder.

Doppler ultrasound of the prostate and bladder.

Doppler ultrasound of the fetus and pregnancy.

Doppler ultrasound of the neck and thyroid gland.

Doppler ultrasound for tumors.

Doppler ultrasound of all parts of the body.

7th is EEG
An EEG scan can be performed by a qualified and experienced radiologist at a home radiology clinic in Cairo. An EEG scan is a test that looks for electrical activity in the brain using tiny metal discs (electrodes) connected to the scalp.

An EEG is used to identify brain abnormalities, particularly epilepsy or other conditions linked to seizures. The following conditions may also benefit from being diagnosed or treated with an electroencephalogram (EEG):

Brain tumors

Head injuries leading to brain damage.

Brain illnesses with a wide range of potential causes (encephalopathy).

Brain assault, brain inflammation

Sleep problems.

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How much does an ultrasound exam cost?

It is impossible to set a single price for all services, but it is certain that the Curexmed Center sets the lowest costs in comparison to other centers since it consistently considers the needs and circumstances of its clients, allowing it to set prices that are affordable for everybody.

Can one perform a CT scan at home?

Yes, you may get the x-rays you want by calling the Curexmed Center, which offers you a range of services at the most affordable prices, including home examinations, home x-rays, and other services.

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