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Urologist home visit

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Urologist home visit

We as Curexmed are proud to provide the best urologist for home visit in Egypt, we are aware that these urological and genital illnesses could come with more embarrassment than other conditions.

When you read this article you’ll have an insight about:

  • How to book urology doctor home visit?
  • What is the cost of urologist home visit?
  • What is the benefit of urologist home visit?
  • Which kind of conditions an urologist could treat?


One of the main goals of Curexmed is to provide the best professional urologists for home visit, which can make you avoid the embarrassment that can accompany these conditions, in this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the subject, let’s know more about it.



Urologist home visit

One of the important services that Curexmed provide is urologist home visit, the problems of urinary tract is one of the common problems in men, women and children, and its treatment requires a specialist.

Providing urologist home visit is important in many aspects, it saves time and energy that could be consumed between hospitals and clinics, and also makes the patient avoid the embarrassment of these conditions, this could speed up the treatment process and decreases the complications.

Urologists are doctors that are specialized in urological conditions for 5 years after medical schools, so they are specialized in conditions of:

  • Kidney
  • Ureter
  • Bladder
  • Urethra
  • In addition to the conditions of penis, testicles and prostate in men
  • Difficulty in urination, frequency and infections of urinary tracts.

Urologist doctor home visit

The service of urologist doctor home visit is one of the medical services that saves patients’ lives and their psychology. In many cases, delaying medical intervention could cause symptoms and complications that are long lasting, and affect the patient and his family.

You can contact Curexmed for sending urologist doctor home visit, to treat different urological conditions in men, women and children. We are keen to send male doctors for male patients and female for females, and pediatric urologist for children.

The home visit of urologist doctor will not differ from the hospital visits, the doctor will take a full history, do a physical examination and order some investigations to provide you the best possible treatment, all of that without leaving your home.

Urology surgeons home visit


One of the most common questions we get in Curexmed is a question of is there a urology surgeons for home visit? This is exactly what we provide. We are keen to send urologists to your home in fastest possible appointments.


One of the common questions as well is how to book urologist for home visit, in Curexmed we provide:


  • Urologist home visit.
  • A phone number for booking.
  • Open contact time all day.
  • Booking close-date appointments.



What is urologist?


The urologist is a doctor that is specialized in treatment of kidney, ureter, bladder and urethral conditions, as well as conditions that affect the penis, testicles and prostate in males. The conditions that an urologist can treat:

For Male patients:

  • Kidney, ureter and bladder stones.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Benign prostate hyperplasia.
  • Prostate cancers.
  • Testicular tumors

For Female patients:

  • Kidney, ureter and bladder stones.
  • Unable to control bladder function after pregnancy.
  • Prolapse of pelvic organs.

Are urology and nephrology the same?


The difference between urologist and nephrologist is that a nephrologist is the doctor that treats the conditions that can affect the kidneys and affect its function, while the urologist is specialized in more surgical conditions.

This doesn’t mean that the interventions of urologists are always surgical, an urologist can treat with medications, as well as specializing in abnormalities in urinary tract, such as an obstruction that prevents urine from flowing which can hinder kidney function

Pediatric urologist home visit


Curexmed provides a pediatric urologist home visit, we appreciate the importance of these conditions and specify them with special care. There are some pediatric cases that when management is delayed, the child would have a long lasting complications, these conditions include:

  • Circumcision injuries.
  • Phimosis and Paraphimosis.
  • Testicular torsion.
  • Different infections.

What is the cost of urologist home visit?


In Curexmed, you should not worry from the cost of urologist home visit, our main goal is to provide the urgent medical care which can prevent the possible complications.


Our goals also include providing the necessary investigations and treatments in a comfortable environment for the patient and his family, and most importantly assuring the patient about his medical condition.

You can contact our Curexmed team about your condition, every condition has its specialties in terms of investigations and treatments, and hence affects the cost, and anyway, the medical costs is something we don’t you to worry about in Curexmed.


When to book urologist home visit


Some urological conditions are treated conservatively, others require urgent intervention, and these are some of urologic conditions that will require a book to urologist home visit:


  • Blood in urine.
  • Unable to control bladder.
  • Pain during urinating.
  • Pain in lowe back, stomach and groin (which could indicate a renal stone)
  • Difficulty in initiating and maintain erection.
  • Prostate hyperplasia.

Urologist house call Cairo

With Curexmed, you don’t need to search for a close located urologist in Cairo or other provinces, we can provide an urologist house call in Cairo or other locations.

For booking a urologist for home visit in Cairo or other provinces, you can contact Curexmed and use our phone number provided in the page.

Do I need to undergo investigation before urologist home visit?

In many cases, a urologist will require some information about kidney function which can be acquired from specific investigations. We provide those investigations in a home visit, you can contact Curexmed team for booking an appointment.

Do you send a female doctors for urologist home visit?

In Curexmed we seek the patient comfort and we try to send the best possible doctor to the patient. We believe that in medicine there’s no room for embarrassment, and what’s important is to treat the disease.

Which conditions that require urgent urologist home visit?

You should contact Curexmed urgently in emergent cases, epically those of testicular torsion in children, penile edema because of a fracture during an intercourse, or cases of deterioration in kidney function.

What is the cost of Urologist home call?

Curexmed cost differs according to geographic location of patient, his condition and what he/she requires from investigations and treatments. This is not something you should worry about as we put your management as our main goal. Our prices are suitable for everyone.

Which are the possible treatments that an urologist home visit could provide?

Treatments are different, a urologist can treat you with behavioral treatment in some cases, such as urinating at specific times in prostate conditions. Some other conditions require medical therapy, and other will require a surgical intervention. You can assess these options with your urologist doctor.

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