Pulmonologist home visit in Masr Elgedida

Pulmonologist home visit Masr Elgedida

Pulmonologist home visit Masr Elgedida, Pulmonary diseases are the most common diseases currently, due to the increase of pollution and fumes, which has led to increased demand for pulmonologist home visit in Masr Elgedida service. Some of these diseases, like bronchial asthma, disturb the patient’s respiration and make it hard, which makes it difficult for the patient to engage in social activities and go out to get examined. As well, people are now afraid to go to hospitals and private clinics to avoid catching any infectious diseases, so they prefer to request pulmonologist home visit services.

Pulmonology is one of the most important specialties due to the high prevalence of diseases related to the respiratory system. Therefore, pulmonologist home visit to diagnose respiratory diseases and deal with seasonal pulmonary diseases such as allergic bronchitis. A pulmonologist also diagnoses and treats lung diseases and protects patients from infection with various diseases such as tuberculosis and other diseases.

If you suffer from severe chest pain and are unable to move, you must request a pulmonologist home visit from Curexmed, the best pulmonologist home visit in Masr Elgedida. pulmonary diseases affect all ages, even the elderly, children, and youth.
so if you suffer from difficulty and shortness of breath, high temperature, chest congestion, sleep apnea, feel exhausted while exercising, cannot breathe while sitting without exerting any effort, or have a severe and persistent dry, sputum-producing, or bloody cough, you should request a Curexmed pulmonologist home visit in Masr Elgedida.

The best pulmonologist home visit in Masr Elgedida

The respiratory system is one of the most important vital systems in the body, pulmonary diseases are dangerous and have many negative effects as it can end the patient’s life if he neglects it. So if you suffer from any respiratory diseases, you should seek the help of a pulmonologist home visit in Masr Elgedida and follow up with him continuously until full recovery. The pulmonologist is interested in performing a comprehensive and integrated examination to reach the correct diagnosis and prescribes a medication and a treatment program that suit your condition. Pulmonologists do not diagnose and treat pulmonary diseases alone; they also perform surgical interventions if necessary.

lungs and chest Diseases are among the most common chronic diseases that affect humans. Pulmonology is one of the branches of internal medicine and is also linked to intensive care medicine, as some pulmonary patients need intensive care if they do not respond to medications. The pulmonologist treats diseases that affect the chest and pulmonary system, such as bronchial tubes, lungs, pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia, and cystic fibrosis.

One of the advantages of requesting a pulmonologist home visit in Egypt, wherever your location is in Masr Elgedida, is that it saves patients time and effort by having a pulmonologist come to their home instead of going to a private clinic far from their home and having to wait for a long time until they get examined.

Curexmed provides all types of home medical care, such as home lab tests, private ambulance requests, home physiotherapy sessions, and a home radiology center, as chest patients always need x-rays to identify the cause of the disease. The best pulmonologist home visit in Masr Elgedida supports the patient psychologically and physicaly, as we believe that the psychological aspect has a positive and significant impact on the patient’s treatment. The pulmonologist home visit performs several tasks, which are:

● Diagnosing and treating pulmonary diseases accurately and efficiently, as quickly as possible, to avoid any complications.
● Requesting many lab tests to check on the patient’s health.
● Requesting all the necessary radiology scans that aid him to diagnose the disease correctly.
● requesting sleep respiratory function tests to measure the patient’s ability to breathe.
● measuring lung functions and capacity, and performing a bronchoscope if needed.
● The pulmonologist home visit in Masr Elgedida trains patients with asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia on using nebulizers and bronchodilators.
● A pulmonologist home visit Masr Elgedida trains the patients on chest and breathing exercises, follows up with patients after surgeries, and also cares for health awareness and education for patients.

diseases that require the best pulmonologist home visit in Masr Elgedida

Pulmonologist home visit Masr Elgedida

Many respiratory diseases affect the chest and lungs, which are diagnosed by a pulmonologist home visit in Masr Elgedida, and the most vulnerable people to pulmonary diseases are those who have hereditary pulmonary diseases in the family, and some of these diseases are:

  1. bronchial diseases

● Lung cancer: This is one of the most dangerous diseases that may affect the lungs, and it begins first in any part of them, and then it gradually spreads to the rest of the body.

● Cystic fibrosis: This disease occurs as a result of the inability to throw out mucus from the trachea, which leads to frequent lung infections, so if you suffer from this disease, you can contact our center so that we can send you the best pulmonologist home visit in Masr Elgedida.

● Pulmonary circulatory diseases: These diseases affect the blood vessels of the lungs, such as pulmonary hypertension, which leads to shortness of breath and difficulty breathing.

● Asthma: It is a chronic disease that affects the bronchi. The causes of this disease may be exposed to air pollution, smoke inhalation, or a cold. When a patient is infected with this disease, he feels severe chest pain.

● Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: This disease may affect patients as a result of infection with a serious disease such as Coronavirus, and in this case, the patient may not be able to breathe except with medical devices such as a respirator, and if the medical condition worsens, he may need intensive care, so if you are infected With this diseases, all you have to do is request a pulmonologist home visit in Masr Elgedida.

● Acute bronchitis: a severe and continuous cough, is one of the most common symptoms of chronic bronchitis diseases, and it infects the patient due to the transmission of the virus to his body.

● Chronic bronchitis: a wet cough lasting with the patient for a long time is one of the most common symptoms of chronic bronchitis diseases, and it results from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

● Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: This disease is the third disease in the world that leads to death, and it is a widespread chronic disease that can be treated and prevented, It affects both men and women. Some Symptoms of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are Difficulty breathing, fatigue, and chronic cough accompanied by sputum. If you feel difficulty breathing frequently, you must request a pulmonologist home visit in Masr Elgedida.

● Emphysema: Emphysema is a chronic lung disorder that lasts for a long time, and it results from a narrowing or blockage in the airways due to an increase in the size of the alveoli or their damage, which affects the rate of oxygen that reaches the blood. Emphysema develops over time, the main cause of it is smoking, And quitting smoking reduces the severity of this disease.

  1. Diseases affecting the respiratory system

● Pulmonary fibrosis: This disease is a lung disease that leads to scarring, damage, and stiffness in the lung tissue, and this leads to difficulty in the lung performing its normal function, which leads to the body not obtaining a sufficient amount of oxygen. Some of its complications are heart failure, respiratory failure, or death. smoking or exposure to chemicals and infections some genetic causes are the most causes of pulmonary fibrosis. So if you suffer from pulmonary fibrosis, you should follow up with a pulmonologist home visit Masr Elgedida.

● Lung diseases: inhalation of any kind of irritants one of the major causes of lung diseases. An example of lung disease is the black lung disease, which affects workers who work in coal mines because they inhale coal dust for long periods.

● Sarcoidosis: This disease usually affects people between the ages of 20 to 40 years, and it arises by the growth of groups of small inflammatory cells in the lungs, which leads to a feeling of severe pain in the chest, and this may affect the eyes, heart, skin, and other organs. Sarcoidosis can affect many organs of the body, but the lungs are the most susceptible to this disease, and it leads to difficulty in breathing and a cough. X rays scan and sampling of lung tissue are some tests that help the pulmonologist to diagnose and prescribe the appropriate medicine for sarcoidosis.

● Lung tissue diseases: These diseases affect the lung tissues, which leads to scars or infections, and this leads to difficulty in expanding the lungs completely, the inability to release carbon dioxide and inhale oxygen, which causes great pressure on the chest.

pulmonologist home visit Masr Elgedida

Pulmonologist home visit Masr Elgedida

Curexmed provides the best pulmonologist home visit Masr Elgedida because our goal is to save you a lot of time and effort as the doctor comes to you, wherever you are in Masr Elgedida, performs a comprehensive and integrated examination, prescribes the suited medicine, provides continuous follow-up to make sure that you have fully recovered, and also enables you to request a doctor home visit in various medical specialties.

When can I contact a pulmonologist?

If an emergency happens to you or you need a home examination by a pulmonologist in Masr Elgedida, you can contact Curexmed any day of the week and at any hour of the day, day or night, including holidays and official holidays, as we are always available to be at your service.

What are the factors that lead to infection with pulmonary diseases?

Many factors lead to infection with respiratory and pulmonary diseases, but most of these factors are hereditary and r from parents to children. Sometimes, an allergy to a certain type of food or drink causes allergies.

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