Vascular surgeon home visit

Vascular surgeon home visit

Curexmed is the pioneer of providing the service of urologist home visit. it’s an extremely important medical service which can help early diagnosing the vascular diseases and provide the adequate control on the disease process, to prevent the possible complications. In this article you’ll get these questions answered:

Is cardiologist is a vascular surgeon?

How to book home visit with a vascular surgeon?

What is the cost of vascular surgeon home visit?

What can vascular surgeon do at home?

If you, or your relative, were suffering from a vascular disease, and you are not sure whether it’s necessary to have an appointment with a vascular surgeon, then read the article with us to learn more about the subject.

Vascular surgeon home visit

The vascular system in human body can be broadly classified into arteries, veins and lymphatics. Every classification could have a disease process, and these diseases will require the intervention of a vascular surgeon. That’s why Curexmed provides the service of vascular surgeon home visit.

Being able to call the vascular surgeon in an immediate way will help to early diagnosis for these conditions and limit the complications. We know that patients may be afraid of his symptoms which may delay the medical care and complicate the conditions.

The recent research has proved that having early medical intervention for vascular conditions is an important factor in healing, and avoiding the complications that may render patients activity. We encourage you to seek medical attention if you had symptoms. You can call Curexmed team to send you a vascular surgeon home visit.

Best vascular surgeon visit home

When we grow old, the walls of our arteries get weak, some substances may precipitate on these walls, the result is a thrombi that obstructs the blood flow from reaching the tissue, which can result in tissue ischemia and necrosis.

If long time has passed before the tissue gets the blood supply, it loses its functions, and the disease will be manifested.

In Curexmed, we organize sending the best vascular surgeon visit home, to try to open these obstructed pathways, and make the tissue viable again. In Curexmed, we choose the best doctors to work with us, and our experienced specialists has long standing experience in treating such cases.

Vascular surgeon for varicose vein treatment at home

The veins in the leg could have a disease process which is called varicose veins. These veins get swollen and tortuous (especially the superficial ones) and this occurs to stagnation of blood in those veins.

This stagnation is due the veins not being able to push the blood back to heart, these conditions occur when there’s long standing pressure on leg veins, such in cases of standing and walking for long time.

Some of the common symptoms of varicose veins are:

  • Swollen and tortuous leg veins.
  • Pain after long walking.
  • Itching

Curexmed provides the service of vascular surgeon for varicose vein treatment at home, to examine the early symptoms of varicose veins and treat it. Varicose veins are cosmetic problems, but sometimes they may cause pain and itching require medical management.

Vascular surgery and diabetic foot doctor

One of the commonest complications of diabetic patients is diabetic foot, which are the symptoms that affect the leg of the patient, due to weak blood flow to those areas, as well as peripheral neuropathy.

The symptoms of Diabetic foot are:

  • Loss of sensation of foot.
  • Swollen and discolored foot.
  • Ulcers on the heel.
  • Fungal infection of the nail and toes.

The early intervention in treating diabetic foot will keep the patient away from unfavourable complications such as amputation. Curexmed provides the service of vascular surgery and diabetic foot doctor for home visit, to treat your condition and keep the function of the foot.

What disease can vascular surgeon treat?

Curexmed provides the service of vascular surgeon home visit, which helps in diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases. A question might come to mind, what disease can vascular surgeon treat? This can be classified according to vascular classification we mentioned above.

  • Arterial diseases such as intermittent claudication and chronic limb ischemia, which are caused by a thrombi that gets in the way of blood reaching the tissues.
  • Venous diseases such as varicose veins, venous ulcers and deep venous thrombosis.
  • Lymphatic diseases such as limb edema after surgeries (i.e. breast surgery) and different infections.
  • Diabetic foot complications and peripheral neuropathy.

Vascular surgeon home visit Ain Shams

Curexmed provide the service of vascular surgeon home visit Ain Shams, this service is not located for Ain Shams only, but for all provinces of Egypt.

You can contact Curexmed team with your address and your medical condition, and we’ll send you a team of our best medical staff including a vascular surgeon, to visit your home and assess your condition.

Who is vascular surgeon?

A vascular surgeon is a specialist in diagnosing and treating different vascular conditions, the vascular surgeon can also do special surgeries that these conditions may require.”

Is cardiologist is a vascular surgeon?

Cardiologist is different than vascular surgeon. The background of cardiologist is in internal medicine, he can treat the diseases that affect the heart such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and anginas. Sometimes a cardiologist can specialize in some limited surgeries such as angiography and arrhythmia control procedures. The vascular surgeon comes from a different background, which is more specialized in surgery, he has completed the residency of surgery, and specialized in vascular surgery, being a vascular surgeon doesn’t mean that he will treat every disease with surgery, he can only use drugs for some conditions. ”

How to book home visit with a vascular surgeon?

To book a home visit with a vascular surgeon, you can contact curexmed team by the number provided in the page, you should give them the necessary data about your condition. We might ask you about your past medical history and your geographic location, and the rest is on us, we’ll organize sending you a vascular surgeon for your home in the fastest possible time.

What is the cost of vascular surgeon home visit?

The cost of vascular surgeon home visit is different with different conditions. Some cases require extensive investigations and some cases don’t, the treatment is also different between the diseases. These are decisions that only a vascular surgeon can take. Our goal in Curexmed is to treat your condition and relive you suffer, you should not worry about the cost, and we make sure it’s suitable for everyone.

What can vascular surgeon do at home?

The vascular surgeon might not be able to treat every condition from home, we might arrange to transport the patient to a more sophisticated medical center to do some treatments. But the visit of vascular surgeon for your home satisfies on of the major goal, which is the early diagnosis of your condition. When the diagnosis is made, you’ll discuss with your doctor the treatment options, you could only undergo medical treatment, or you may require a surgical intervention in more advanced centers.

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