Best Geriatric physician home visit in Egypt

Best Geriatric physician home visit in Egypt

One of our most important services is that the Elderly physician home visit who provide full treatment and care for geriatric people with advanced age and have several health problems and need a medical evaluation. Therefore, you can now obtain a Geriatric physician home visit easily and comfortably.

Elderly people begin to lose the ability to carry out their normal functions and start complain of gradualdeclining  the mobility with age, some new studies indicating that 30% of old age people have functional and motor impairments that make them require permanent care form their families and other people. Increasing age is a major risk factor of many chronic diseases and their complications, especially for people over 65 years of age.

The goal of Geriatric physician visit patient at home to improve their quality of life and reduce their dependencyon others as possible.

In this article we will talk in details about geriatric medicine and the facilities that curxmed offer in Doctor Examination for elderly at home.

What is Geriatrics Medicine?

It is aninternal medicine subspecialty that focuses on complex elderlymedical and psychological diseases.  The elderly doctor is a person who has a wide knowledge in human aging process and aging related changes, also he is able to diagnose and treat diseases that they are exposed to. Geriatricians are concerned with rehabilitating adults, treating age related conditions and enabling them to complete their lives well and maintaining their quality of life.

Care givers from Family members have important role in providing care and helping their elderly loved ones, so they have to be involved duringGeriatric doctor home visit to educate them and raising their awareness about their importance and their part in elderly health maintenance.

Old age people affected by more than one disease, thus they need cooperation of multidisciplinary teamto get proper care such as: (physiotherapy) and an internal medicine doctor, in addition to a family doctor who have abroad knowledge of all family members’health and their past medical history. The elderly’s need for unique medical care that usually increases after the age of 75, because at this age elderly person has:

  • he deals with multiple chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease,  kidney function deterioration and dementia.
  • He uses many medications that may conflict with each other and causes many side effects.
  • He faces social and psychological challenges.
  • Decline of his physical and mental functions.
  • He may be exposed to difficult economic conditions due to his inability to work.

Tasks of Geriatric doctor home visit

Elderly people may face some conditions that force them to be hospitalized as some complications of their chronic conditions occur, for example: cerebral vascular stroke, emergency hypertension, delirium and shocks, attacks of blood sugar elevation or depletion. This cases need treatment under the good supervision of doctors. However, constant communication and follow up must be continued even after patient discharge from hospital.

During the first home visit, the Geriatric physician evaluates patient general condition, examines him, takes complete history about all previous diseases and his treatment plan, and reviews everything. Then doctor will decide a new plan and check patient improvement by schedule reviews over the phone or via video. Each patient is treated individually and receives the necessary health care. Some of services that doctors provide are:

  • A complete assessment of patient conditions and identification of his aging medical needs.
  • Schedule periodic visits for follow up.
  • Electrocardiogram for heart and complete blood tests.
  • Paying attention to patient nutrition and life style.
  • Preparing a trained nursing staff to rehabilitate them and help them to adapt with their new disabilities.
  • Arrange for physical therapy sessions.
  • Improving their mental and social health.
  • Raising family awareness.

Group of medical conditions treated by our Geriatricians

When human start aging, he undergoes special physical, psychological and social changes, which are a normal part of his age era, and he is exposed to many diseases that need treatment by special doctor who is specialized in geriatric medicine.

There are some medical problems that can be treated by Physician specialized in geriatric for home visit:

  • Dementia and memory loss.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Depression and postmenopausal syndrome in women.
  • Diabetes complications.
  • High Blood pressures, angina pectoris, post heart attacks and stroke care.
  • Post-fracture care.
  • Vision problems and vertigo.
  • Urinary incontinence.

In general, patients above 75 years suffer from combination of health problems at the same time, elderly doctor is responsible for treat all their chronic diseases. Thus he works with multidisciplinary medical team to choose the most appropriate management plan for his individual situations.

Why you have to request for Elderly physician home visit via curxmed? 

  1. We have a group of excellent geriatrics doctorsand Assistant medical teamincluding psychologists, physical therapists, rehabilitation and speech improvement specialists.
  2. Our geriatric doctor is an internist who has completed his specialty program in Geriatric disorders and conditions; also he has long experience in dealing with elderly.
  3. We come to you wherever you are in Egypt, request now Geriatric physician home visit 5th settlement.
  4. We care about provide the best medical service at the most appropriate Geriatric physician home visit cost.

When should you request a Geriatrician?

All people over the age of 65 are in increasing need to see an elderly doctor, especially if they suffer from chronic diseases. There are a number of reasons to seek Geriatric physician home visit nasr city or anywhere in Egypt:

  • Weakness and physical ability declining and if you have become dependent on other family members.
  • Complex of diseases and symptoms.
  • The treatments no longer enough to improve your health.
  • Increase the number of hospital visits and sudden change in patient state.

Essential keys before request Geriatric physician home visit

it is not enough just to bring a senior elderly doctor to examine your patient, there are group of important thing should be done to help them doing a correct diagnosis then give your patient accurate treatment.

The first time the doctor comes to your home, you must show him allprevious medical reports about your patient health state and his previous treatments and procures. You should also answer all questions about the family and its medical history.

If the patient has previously been admitted to a geriatric nursing home or health center, you better keep a detailed report from them.

Ask your specialist doctor to give you overall idea about your patient’s condition. It is preferable to document every test and findings written for reference when needed.

The doctor will schedule follow-ups and you can call him by phone in emergency events or any other health problems.

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