Home nursing October

home nursing October

Curexmed at Home Medical Services company provides a home nursing October service, in
addition to its presence in most areas of Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria, as we always tend to be
next to our clients everywhere.

Home nursing October

Some elderly [patients, people with disabilities, or those with severe injuries need home nursing
services, to take care of their health, nutrition, drug, and help them recover as soon as possible.
Also, providing some psychological support that improves the patient’s psychological condition,
which leads to speeding up the healing process.

But some are confused in choosing among all of the medical care offices and companies that
provide, and cannot decide which one will be the best for them. Here comes our role in
answering your question “Why should I choose Curexmed for medical services?”

Why choose Curexmed for Home Medical Services?

Curexmed try to provide the best nursing at home services by using the most skilled nursing at
home staff, who are carefully trained to deal with any situation, after checking their efficiency,
scientific expertise, and analyzing their data, to make you trust the person who will take care of
your health.
All of this happens under the supervision of the largest doctors in all specialties.

curexmed has a large group of senior nursing care staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week, to reach you anytime and anywhere in Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria.
You can now call and book a home nursing October service if you are near this area, we will
reach you as soon as possible, and provide you with the highest quality private nursing care at
home service.

Benefits of Nursing at home Service

The nursing care at home service provides the opportunity for the patient to undergo the
treatment plan in his home, which is the safest place for him, and improves his psychological
condition that contributes to the healing process :

● Curexmed provides skilled nurses who can deal with the patient’s health condition,
monitor the development of his condition, and communicate with the treating physician.
● Saving a lot of effort, time, and money on the patient while moving between care centers
or hospitals.
● Providing psychological support and making friends with the patient and giving him
positive energy, which improves the psychological state of the patient that contributes to
the healing process.
● Paying attention to the patient’s health, and following up on his diet and medication
according to the plan set by the treating physician.
● Members of the nursing staff take the required samples from the patient at his home
instead of going to medical centers or hospitals to perform these examinations.
Now you can book a 24 hour nursing care at home service from curexmed.

At home nursing near me types

The types of home nursing services are divided according to the length of service required, as
● Long-term service: service period is 12-24 hours, which is comprehensive care for the
patient such as the care of the disabled and the elderly.
● Short-term service: Duration of service is 1-4 hours, this service is usually after acute
injuries and surgeries, in addition to some small services such as giving injections,
vaccinations, wound care, and dressing.
● Permanent service (resident at home): such as caring for the elderly or nursing care for
stroke patients at home, also it includes the patient’s participation in his hobbies and
activities and all the details of his day.
Curexmed also provides many medical services, which include Doctor Home visits, home
physiotherapy, Labs At Home Service, and also provides private and equipped ambulances that
reach the patient as soon as possible.
Call now and book a home nursing October, and wait for your private nurse to reach you as
soon as possible and anywhere.

Nursing home services provided by Curexmed

Elderly care
● Caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease, and chronic diseases such as pressure,
diabetes, and cholesterol.
● Caring for people with osteoporosis.
● elderly personal care.
Call now and get the existing vaccines, Curexmed provides vaccinations for pneumonia,
hepatitis, and others.
Postoperative care
It includes taking care of and following up on patients’ conditions immediately after major
surgeries, and scheduling medications prescribed by the attending physician.
Caring for Corona patients at home, to avoid their transfer from home to the hospital, and
exposure to crowding.
● Catheter insertion and removal.
● Care of wounds and acute injuries.
● Giving injections, installing a cannula, and suspending solutions.
● Installing oxygen ventilators for patients suffering from shortness of breath and lung
● In the interest of Curexmed to reach its customers from all governorates and regions, it
has provided a home nursing October service, in addition to its spread in all areas of
Cairo, just call and request your service now.

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