Best Cardiologist home visit in Egypt [2023]

Cardiology home visit

Cardiologist home visit a service of Curexmed. Have you ever been diagnosed with any heart diseases so you in needed to see a from time to time? We save you time, effort and distraction between specialized health centers by providing a home heart examination for you wherever you are in Egypt.

Who is a cardiologist, what is his job? If youwonder it possible to obtainbest cardiologist for home visit urgently for critical cases, and more details that may be interest you will be presented in this article.

Who are the cardiology physicians?

Heart is the muscle of human life that is responsible for pumping and supplying blood to all of the body’s organs. Heart disease consider as the one of the most common  leading cause of death around the world, and unfortunately many of these diseases develop without  any symptoms so patients health may be deteriorated without any aware.

A cardiologist is known as a doctor who specializes in treating heart diseases and problems that affect blood vessels or any part of the cardiovascular system in our body. Also there are many people concern about their risk to develop any cardiac problem due to smoking or family history of heart conditions so they care about find out the possibility of heart disease and how to prevent it by changing their lifestyle to protect themselves from sudden serious heart attacks.

Is cardiologist a surgeon?

People wonder whether the cardiologist specialist is a surgeon or an internist! the truth is that there are cardiovascular surgeons and another doctor is an internal cardiologist, and we provide you with the most appropriate doctor for your complaint who is able to manage it well.

For example, people with problems with heart valves may be treated by cardiac consultants home visit, unless the valve becomes completely damaged and needs surgery to change it then he transfers it to the best and most skilled surgeon for the next management.

The work of the surgeon and the internal cardiologist is complementary and they help together to treat patients. Our job is providing you with a doctor that suits your disease, regardless of his specialization and field of work.

There are interventional cardiology home visit, who specialize in performing echocardiography, and others who are interested in treating internal diseases such as uncontrolled blood pressure and electrical irregularities in the heart.

What are the symptoms that require a cardiologist doctor home visit?

There are several problems that you should not ignore and pay attention to, as they indicate your need to see a heart specialist doctor and ensure the safety of your cardiovascular system, including:

●     chest pain

Many diseases cause chest pain, but the most dangerous cause of chest pain is heart disease, so you should pay attention to any chest pain, especially if the pain increases during muscular efforts such as walking and jogging.

In addition, increasing pain which obstructs patients’ daily activities, pain and tightness in the chest during rest, consider the danger signs to request the best cardiologist near me service from Curexmed as soon as possible.

The person may feel sudden and severe chest pain, similar to the presence of heaviness, which may extend to the shoulder, and this is one of the signs of an emergency heart attack. In this situation, you should call for emergency intervention and call the ambulance immediately.

●     A history of prolonged smoking.

If you are a smoker and start to feel headaches, shortness of breath, or tiredness during muscle exertion, you need to see an excellent cardiologist specialist.

●     hypertension or diabetes.

These diseases are considered risk factors for heart and cerebral clots and narrowing of blood vessels. Therefore, we advise you to request a heart doctor near me for a home visit service from Curexmed To be assured of your health and to ensure that all your health problems are controlled.

●     Shortness of breath or increased heart palpitations accompanied by dizziness.

Diagnostic cardiology can diagnose the problem behind these symptoms and perform all the necessary analyzes and tests, which may be caused by a coronary artery problem or a disturbance in the heart rhythm and pulse. Therefore, it is preferable to visit an electrophysiology cardiologist.

●     High levels of cholesterol and fats in the blood.

Excess fat deposits inside the blood vessels, lead to narrowing and decreasing the blood supply to various organs, including the heart itself.

You need to make a cardiology specialist’s house call to help you develop a healthy diet to lower harmful cholesterol levels and prescribe medications and treatments to lower blood cholesterol and protect your heart and veins from narrowing.

●     Hereditary heart diseases and sudden death.

Several inherited diseases within the family affect the heart. Therefore, if there is a family member with heart disease, it is preferable to schedule a cardiologist appointment to check your health and to give you appropriate advice and strategies to prevent the occurrence of these diseases or their sudden complications.

What does a cardiologist do?

A Consultant Cardiologist treats a wide range of medical conditions, including:

  • Heart attacks and strokes.
  • Irregular heartbeat.
  • heart failure.
  • Hypertension.
  • Congenital heart defects in newborns that require a pediatric heart doctor consultation.
  • ●       Arteries narrowing and hardening.

There are several minor surgical interventions that a cardiologist can do for your health, including:

  • Installing a pacemaker to get rid of the excessive and abnormal pulse.
  • Cardiac catheterization and placement of stents inside the narrowed vessels.
  • Using a balloon to remove clots and deposits and expand the damaged blood vessel.
  • Cardiac imaging to assess the functioning of the heart and its chambers, and to ensure the integrity of the valves inside.

Curexmed cardiologist doctor near me service

Curexmed is a medical company specialized in booking home examination doctors in various specialties, to ensure patients’ comfort and reduce the difficulties they face, Curexmed also provides top rated cardiologist near me service.

If you are looking for a good cardiologist near me, Curexmed will arrange a home appointment instead of going to any cardiology clinic or specialized centers.

The services we provide have several characteristics, the most important of which are:

  • The possibility of booking an interventional cardiologist near me to perform the catheterization according to the severity of the problem you are experiencing.
  • Our services cover all governorates in Egypt, you don’t have to worry about distance anymore. We will work to bring the best cardiologist to your home, wherever you are, and as soon as possible.
  • The prices of medical services that we offer are appropriate and of high quality, and they are estimated according to the examinations, the time the doctor spends with your patient, and the volume of services needed to treat and diagnose diseases.
  • You can contact our doctors at any time to ask about medical situation developments, especially emergencies.
  • There are a lot of cardiology devices that help in the examination of the heart and its strength and to ensure the integrity of the arteries, such as echocardiography and ECG

How much cardiologist home visit cost?

If you are reluctant to request cardiac consultants home visit because you think that the cost may be high and you cannot afford it, Curexmed will allay your fears and encourage you to seek At-home examination costs that vary and are not fixed for all patients. It depends mainly on the type of medical care received and analyzes and any urgent medical interventions, but in general, it is suitable for everyone.


How can I request a heart consultant via Curexmed?

You can contact us via WhatsApp to book an appointment soon with the best cardiologist at home in Egypt to treat you after examination and closely follow your medical condition.

Can you contact the best cardiologist in Heliopolis to come to my home?

Yes, of course, this is our mission and our work. Wherever you are in Egypt, the best doctors will come to your home instead of going to their clinics or hospitals, except in an emergency and serious cases.

When can I request a cardiologist?

At any time during the day and throughout the week, even on holidays and official holidays, especially if the situation is urgent the doctor can evaluate the patient’s health condition, transfer him to the hospital, and supervise him personally when needed.

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