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Ophthalmologist home visit – doctor home visit

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Curexmed provides the service of Ophthalmologist home visit, this service comes to satisfy the patients’ needs. We know that eye conditions –no matter how simple they’re- can cause a burden on the patients, and complicates the search for a good doctor outside of home. Curexmed provides an Ophthalmologist home visit for this situation.

In this article you’ll learn more about the answer of these questions:

What can eye doctor do for you at home?

Can I request eye doctor for home visit?

How much eye doctor home visit cost?

Who is the best ophthalmologist in Egypt?

Read this article with us to know more details about this service. We guarantee that your eyes are in safe hands with us.

Eye doctor home visit

Some eye conditions are annoying, they make vision difficult, and they require a specialists to treat them. Most eye opticians can prescribe simple medications. But if you wanted a full diagnosis and treatment for your eye condition, then you need an eye doctor home visit from Curexmed.

With eye doctor home visit service, your eyes are safe with Curexmed. We send the most talented eye doctors in Egypt, with the newest examination tools to test your eyes, diagnose its problems and prescribe treatments.

Curexmed will send an eye doctor home visit. The eye doctor will take a full medical history, examine your eyes and assess your vision. And he’ll make sure to treat some of the common conditions such as conjunctivitis and dry and red eyes.

Eye doctor near me visit home

One of the annoying things for the patient, is to look for the best eye doctor in hospitals and clinics, especially when he has an eye condition that makes it difficult to see.

With Curexmed, your eyes are safe with us, we send you the most talented eye doctors to keep your eyes healthy.

When you contact us for eye doctor home visit service, the doctor will do the following:

  • Take full medical history.
  • Full eye examination.
  • Assess your vision and prescribe glasses or lenses if necessary.
  • Testing pupil’s light reflex.
  • Assessing eye alignment.
  • Checking eye muscle movements.
  • Looking for early signs of cataracts and glaucoma.
  • Examination of optic nerve and retina.

Best eye surgeon home visit

If you were suffering from some symptoms, like redness of eye, blurred vision or losing vision, we suggest that you should have medical care from an eye doctor, in Curexmed, we offer best eye surgeon home visit.

Curexmed eye doctors are top specialists, with modern examination tools, and have long years of experience to give you the best possible care. You can contact Curexmed team to know more about the doctor we’re sending to you.

Ophthalmologist home visit

Curexmed provides the service of Ophthalmologist home visit. One of the common conditions Ophthalmologists treat is conjunctivitis, and conjunctiva is the thin tissue over the white of your eyes, it also lines the inside of eyelids.

The symptoms of conjunctivitis include:

  • Redness of the white of the eyes and the lining of eyelids.
  • More tears than usual.
  • Some yellow crests over the eyelashes when waking up.
  • Itching and blurring sensation in the eyes.
  • Blurred vision.

Eye doctor near me for home visit

There are several eye conditions, they’re variable from redness of the eyes to blurring vision and many other conditions. Whatever was the symptom, we know for sure than these conditions are the most annoying, and looking for a doctor during these times is very difficult for the patient and his family.

Curexmed provides the service of eye doctor near you for home visit in Egypt. You can contact our team, provide your address and we’ll send you the best eye doctor whenever you were.

Best eye doctor in Nasr city

Patients ask about the best eye doctor in Nasr city or any other provinces in Egypt. If the best doctor was too far from home, patients have difficult time reaching him, and sometimes they reach for a closer doctor. This hassle doesn’t exist anymore with Curexmed.

We simply send the best doctor in Nasir city or any other province. Our doctors have excellent experience and have the newest equipment. The best doctor is always with us, no matter where your place was. We’ll try to connect you with the doctor in fastest possible manner.

What’s eye doctor?

Eye doctor is different than eye optician, the optician can only assess your vision and prescribe over the counter drugs. The eye doctor can examine your eyes and prescribe glasses, and he’s qualified to treat all of your eye conditions.

Can Eye doctor treat conjunctivitis?

Eye doctor can examine your eyes and the related structures such as the lens, cornea and retina. Eye doctor also examines the muscles and related nerves. He’s qualified in treating all the medical conditions that can affect the eye, such as conjunctivitis and eye dryness.

Who is the best ophthalmologist in Egypt?

Curexmed is proud to cooperate with the best ophthalmologist in Egypt to visit your home. Eye doctors are medical school graduates, they completed the residency and spent 3-6 years in eye medicine. They can specialize in more complicated conditions for other several years. Curexmed doctors have the criteria of best ophthalmologist in Egypt, we choose the best doctors according to their experience and CVs. Our team is obliged to provide the best possible medical care for our patients.

What can eye doctor do for you at home?

There’s no clear answer for what can eye doctor do for you at home. First, eye doctor can diagnose all the conditions that can affect the eye from home. The remaining question is whether he can treat those conditions from home or not. The answer is different according to the medical conditions. There are conditions that can be treated with drugs that are given from home, some other conditions require more sophisticated tools that are only available in specialized centers. Only eye doctor can decide this. You can have a discussion with your doctor about treatment options.

Can I have a second appointment with eye doctor?

After your first appointment with Curexmed doctor, we keep your medical records and you can call our team for a second appointment with the same doctor after a while, to assess and evaluate your condition. Our doctors try to treat you completely from the first appointment, but if the patient asks for a second reassuring appointment, we’re happy to plan a new appointment after some time.

How much eye doctor home visit cost?

In Curexmed, we care about the patient, we always try to keep the cost suitable for patients when we send an eye doctor for his home. Our goal is to treat the patient and alleviate his suffering, and this is what we try to do when sending the best eye doctors for home visit. The cost is different according to the geographic location and the condition itself, what it requires from investigations and treatment, you can approximate the overall cost when talking with our team and telling them your address and medical condition.

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