Orthopedic surgeon home visit

Orthopedic surgeon home visit

The Orthopedic surgeon home visit service is one of the most important services in Curexmed. As we know no home is free of orthopedic disorders and diseases, which usually require consulting an Orthopedic doctor home visit to save time and effort in transferring the patient to the hospital or specialized centers.

Orthopedics is one of the medical specialties that is concerned with the musculoskeletal system and its parts, including bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Our role in Curexmedis to provide the best home medical care in all specialties by the most skilled doctors, as we provide the best orthopedic surgeon home visit in Egypt in all orthopedic specialties such as children, shoulder, foot, spine, and Orthopedic surgery consultant.

In this article, we will shed light on the orthopedic specialty, the diseases, and the symptoms that an orthopedic doctor can treat.

See your doctor if you have one of these symptoms or problems and do not use the information in this article to self-diagnose your condition, we just give you a better idea of ​​the cause of these symptoms.

What is the specialty of orthopedics?

The specialty of orthopedics, or what is known as orthopedic surgery, is one of the most important medical specialties that deserve understanding. Many people with musculoskeletal diseases do not know when to consult a doctor and what critical cases require urgent medical intervention, as there are some misconceptions regarding orthopedic specialization, such as not going to an orthopedic doctor for fear of performing any surgical intervention and using analgesics for long periods because they believe that there is no definitive and effective treatment for bone and spine pain.

So, early medical intervention and visiting a good orthopedic surgeon prevent many medical complications that may occur.

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Orthopedic surgeons duties

Orthopedists are doctors who specialize in diagnosing, treating, rehabilitating, and preventing all diseases of the musculoskeletal system and its parts (bones, tendons, joints, ligaments, and muscles).

Due to the presence of more than 200 bones in the human body, there are subspecialties within the orthopedic specialty that focus on treating specific areas, so there is no good orthopedic doctor, but rather an orthopedic specialist in a specific subspecialty, we at Curexmed offer the best orthopedic doctor home visit in All subspecialties:

  • Shoulder orthopedic doctor home visit.
  • Pediatric orthopedic doctor house call.
  • Knee orthopedic surgeon home visit.
  • Back orthopedic surgeon home visit.
  • Foot orthopedic surgeon home visit.
  • Bone and joint doctor home visit.

The specialty of orthopedics has evolved more than in the past, so the role of the orthopedic doctor is not limited to performing medical surgeries only, but deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system using the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment, and this includes the treatment of fractures, sports injuries, and congenital problems, and spine problems using both surgical and non-surgical methods.

The orthopedic doctor also advises the patient to avoid any future problems or complications and recommends rehabilitation treatment in some cases.

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Is there is a difference between orthopedic surgeon and orthopedic doctor?

Yes, there are several differences between orthopedic surgeon and orthopedic doctor.

The orthopedic doctor’s role comes in the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of all musculoskeletal system disorders, whether the patient suffers from a sports injury, arthritis, or chronic pain. He also performs splints and braces, advising the patient before surgery, following up, helping the patient in recovery after surgery, and recommending the patient physical and rehabilitative therapy, but he does not perform any surgeries.

The orthopedic surgeon can provide the same health care that an orthopedic doctor provides, in addition to being able to perform medical surgeries. The orthopedic surgeon performs medical surgeries after trying non-surgical solutions. He can perform surgeries to treat disorders of the spine or joints such as the knees, hips, and shoulders.

Which cases can orthopedic surgeon treat at home?

There are many cases that the orthopedic surgeon can treat at home, which may occur as a result of injury, advancing age, or birth defects.

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Here are some of cases can orthopedic surgeon treat at home:

  • Injuries resulting from exercises such as tendonitis, cruciate ligament rupture, and meniscus rupture.
  • Injuries to tendons, ligaments, and muscles.
  • Treatment of conditions and birth defects.
  • Joint pain caused by arthritis.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Back pain and neck pain.
  • Bone fractures.
  • Shoulder pain.

Surgeries performed by orthopedic surgeons

Orthopedic surgeons can perform many surgical procedures to treat musculoskeletal system disorders after exhausting attempts at mechanical treatment. Examples of Surgeries performed by orthopedic surgeons include:

  • Joint replacement (replacing the damaged joint partially or completely with an artificial one).
  • Internal fixation (fixing bone fractures with screws, plates, and screws).
  • Osteotomy (cutting and reattaching bones to treat a bone deformity).
  • Arthroscopy (using arthroscopy in joint disorders treatment).
  • Fusion (fusion of bones using rods and internal devices).
  • Tendon and ligament repair.

Pediatric orthopedic consultant home visit

The specialty of pediatric orthopedics deals with problems that may affect children from birth to adolescence, as Pediatric orthopedic consultant home visit tend to treat everything that affects the joints, bones, and muscles of children.

Because children’s bodies are still developing, the structure of their bones and joints is completely different from that of adults. The specialty of pediatric orthopedics is also called pediatric orthopedic surgery, as the role of a pediatric orthopedic consultant is not limited to performing surgeries for children only, but uses non-surgical treatment methods in treating children such as placing limb braces and splints.

Which cases can pediatric orthopedic surgeons treat at home?

A pediatric orthopedic doctor treats many problems that may affect the child’s musculoskeletal system, including diseases that appear at birth, and some may occur as a symptom, such as:

  • Limb deformities, ankle or foot surgery.
  • Child development Anomalies.
  • Movement problems.
  • Spinal problems.
  • Nerve problems.
  • Bone fractures.
  • Sports injuries.

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Bone and joint doctor home visit

Joints are defined as the connection point of two or more bones together, and there are movable and non movable joints according to the type of joint.

The human body contains 360 joints, 147 joints in the spine, 88 joints in the lower half of the body, 86 joints in the upper half, 24 joints in the chest, 15 joints in the pelvis, the most famous joints are the knee, elbow, and pelvis joints.

joint disorders

Joint pain is one of the most important and common joint disorders, which needs an Orthopedic surgery consultant home visit. the pain usually occurs as a result of arthritis or injury, and in the elderly, increased joint pain usually indicates osteoporosis, which may affect one joint or more, joint disorders include:

  • joint sprain.
  • Joint dislocation
  • Gout and pseudogout.
  • chondromalacia patellae.
  • Joint pain caused by a broken bone.
  • Bleeding in the knee space (haemarthrosis).
  • Inflammation of the lining of the joint (traumatic synovitis).

6 symptoms that require a bone and joint doctor home visit

There are some symptoms that require a bone and joint doctor home visit, which may indicate joint disorders, such as:

  1. Swelling and fever of the wrists and hands, accompanied by persistent morning pain or stiffness in the joints (may indicate rheumatoid arthritis).
  2. Unexplained back pain, gradual loss of height, and back curvature (may indicate osteoporosis).
  3. Joint stiffness and decreased range of motion and function (may indicate arthritis).
  4. One shoulder or hip that is higher than the other (may indicate scoliosis).
  5. Bone or joint pain with movement (caused by overuse).
  6. Bone pain at rest (may indicate multiple problems).

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Shoulder orthopedic doctor home visit

A shoulder orthopedic doctor home visit is concerned with diagnosing and treating a full range of shoulder injuries.

The clavicle fracture, dislocation, or rupture of the rotator cuff are the most common shoulder injuries, and the reason behind this is due to the wide range of motion of the shoulder joint as it is a spherical joint, which makes it vulnerable to different types of injuries from other joint injuries.

shoulder injuries

The rotator cuff rupture is one of the most common shoulder injuries, which includes ruptures of the tendons and muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. This type of injury is common among athletes, especially baseball and tennis players, however, it may affect anyone else, and most important other shoulder injuries are:

  • Injury to the acromioclavicular joint and sternoclavicular joint.
  • Shoulder dislocation and shoulder impingement.
  • Tendonitis and calcific tendinitis.
  • Arthritis and bursitis arthritis.
  • A fracture or sports injury.

5 symptoms that require a shoulder doctor home visit

There are several symptoms that require a shoulder doctor home visit. If you suffer from one of these symptoms for more than a few days and want to consult an Excellent orthopedic surgeon home visit, you must contact us now:

  1. Inability to sleep on the side of the affected shoulder.
  2. A popping or cracking in the shoulder joint.
  3. Pain, numbness, and muscle weakness.
  4. Difficulty using shoulder or elbow lift.
  5. Shoulder instability.

Knee orthopedic surgeon home visit

Knee injuries are one of the most common types of injuries, especially among athletes, that require quick intervention from a knee orthopedic surgeon home visit. Keep in mind that there are subspecialties in the field of orthopedics, so a knee doctor should be chosen when knee injuries occur.

Common knee injuries

MCL tears are one of the most common knee injuries in active and athletic adults. There are many disorders that may affect the knee, including:

  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome.
  • Knee dislocation.
  • Knee tendinitis.
  • Knee fractures.

If you suffer from knee or joint pain and need a good orthopedic surgeon, do not hesitate to contact us and book a consultation with an orthopedic doctor house call.

6 symptoms that require a Knee orthopedic surgeon home visit

Knee pain is one of the most common knee problems among all ages. The cause of this pain is usually a number of medical conditions, arthritis, or obesity. If you suffer from one of these symptoms, you should consult a knee doctor:

  1. Knee stiffness and inability to fully straighten it.
  2. Redness, swelling, and fever in the knee.
  3. A burst or pop in the knee while walking.
  4. Visible swelling or deformity in the knee.
  5. هinability bearing weight on the knee.
  6. Severe or chronic knee pain.

Back orthopedic surgeon home visit

All of us experienced back pain at least once in our lives, Most adults suffer from lower back and spine pain that need a back orthopedic surgeon home visit. Back doctors are interested in diagnosing and treating spinal disorders using surgical and non-surgical methods.

When do you have to request a Back orthopedic surgeon home visit?

It is important to realize when you must request a back and spine orthopedic doctor, as no one wants to suffer from back pain for life, ignoring the symptoms may lead to a deterioration of the health condition, and the most important signs that indicate the need to consult a back orthopedist are:

●     Chronic back pain

The patient may have severe short-term back pain (a few days or weeks) and then the pain disappears, and he may also have subacute pain that lasts 4-12 weeks, most of these pains are mechanical, that is, they can be treated without the need for surgery.

It is possible for the patient to develop chronic pain that lasts more than 12 weeks, and in this case, an orthopedic doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

●     Bowel and bladder problems

In some cases, nerve damage in the back may disrupt the digestion process and cause abdominal pain, and in other times, irritable bowel syndrome may cause abdominal cramps, which may worsen later and cause lower back pain.

●     Pain in the leg or feet

Numbness and pain in the legs or feet accompanied by back pain is one of the serious signs that indicate problems in the spine, which require a consultation with an orthopedic doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes pressure on nerves, pressure on the spine, or herniated disc pressing on the sciatic nerve can cause weakness and tingling in the feet, legs, and hips.

●     fever

Usually, back pain accompanied by fever is not a serious matter and is often caused by influenza or another infection that occurred directly after a muscle strain.

However, the fever associated with back pain may be a sign of something more severe, such as a bacterial infection or cancer. However, spine cancer is a rare type of cancer.

●     Weight loss

Sudden weight loss may lead to low bone density and spine imbalance, due to a diet poor in nutrients and minerals necessary for the body, so it is recommended to follow a healthy balanced diet to avoid harm to any member of the human body.

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Foot orthopedic surgeon home visit

You may be wondering why you can request a foot orthopedic surgeon home visit to diagnose and treat foot pain, why is there a subspecialty of foot and ankle?

The foot is one of the most complex parts of the musculoskeletal system. The foot alone contains approximately 25% of all human bones. It contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Therefore, you should consult a foot orthopedic surgeon home visit  if you suffer from pain or disorders in the foot and ankle.

Common conditions treated by foot orthopedic surgeon

Some of the most common conditions treated by foot orthopedic surgeons are:

  • Injury to the ligaments and bones in the middle of the foot.
  • Bone fractures resulting from sprains or strains.
  • Achilles tendonitis.
  • Metatarsal pain.
  • Plantar fibroma.
  • plantar fasciitis.
  • torn ligaments.

The role of foot and ankle orthopedic doctors is not limited to treating disorders of the foot and ankle bones only, they also treat soft tissues in the foot such as joints and tendons, as well as skin diseases that may affect the lower extremities, and some of these problems include:

  • Chronic wounds associated with diabetes or other diseases.
  • Inflammation, pain, and instability of the joints.
  • Heel pain, neuromas, and bone spurs.
  • Foot deformities (tumors).

Foot orthopedists use non-surgical approaches to treat foot and ankle disorders and sometimes may even perform surgery to treat these problems.

In general, you should be careful in choosing an orthopedic doctor, and you must choose the most experienced and skilled doctor to treat your specific case. We at Curexmed provide you with the best orthopedic doctors in all governorates of Egypt. If you are a resident of Faisal, you can now request an orthopedic surgeon home visit in Faisal.

What are the services that orthopedic surgeon can do at home?

Book an appointment with the best orthopedic surgeon in Dokki and all areas of Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria from Curexmed. And the most important services that orthopedic surgeon can do at home are:

  1. Prescribe the necessary medications that help the patient in recovery, monitor the healing process, follow up on the patient’s health condition, and modify the treatment plan if necessary.
  2.  Examination and diagnosis of fractures using specialized tools such as x-rays to determine the extent of the fracture or injury.
  3. Examination and diagnosis of musculoskeletal system disorders.
  4. Transfer the patient to the hospital for medical surgery, if necessary.
  5. Follow-up of the patient’s health condition after the operation.
  6. Treatment of joint and muscle pain.
  7. Making splints and fixing braces.

Can orthopedic surgeon do cast at home?

Some may wonder about the possibility of making a cast at home by orthopedic surgeons, and ask can orthopedic surgeon do splint at home?

The answer is yes, now you can request an orthopedic surgeon near me home visit service from Curexmed in accidents or fractures to make a splint at home as soon as possible. You can also request radiology at home service from Curexmed so that the doctor evaluates the fracture and injury without the need to go to a specialized radiology center.

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Is it required to do x-ray before orthopedic surgeon home visit?

Sometimes, it is required to do x-ray before orthopedic surgeon home visit, such as in the event of an accident and a fracture. Sometimes the doctor may order a specific type of radiation to help diagnose a health condition, such as an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan. It is best to wait for the doctor’s instructions regarding the procedure.

Contact us now to book a home radiology service without the need to transfer the patient and go to the hospital, which saves effort, time, and the hassle of transporting the patient.

Can the patient be transferred to hospital if he need surgery?

Contact us now to request a special ambulance service to transport the patient to the hospital in case a surgical procedure is needed. Curexmed ambulance service is a distinguished service that allows the patient to be transferred from home to the hospital or specialized treatment centers, consisting of a distinguished medical team of doctors, nurses, and paramedics, 24 service Hours a day, seven days a week in all governorates of Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza.

Who is the best orthopedic surgeon in Egypt?

When it is necessary to book an appointment with an orthopedic doctor, you will search for the best orthopedic doctor in Egypt, and ask Who is the best orthopedic surgeon? but before answering this question, you must know several things which are:

  • Choosing a doctor who specializes in the appropriate subspecialty for the health condition, such as a spine doctor, a foot and ankle doctor, a knee doctor, and so on.
  • You should know the doctor’s experience and know the history of his specialization.
  • Choosing a doctor who will be available when the patient needs him.
  • General recommendations regarding choosing a doctor.
  • Dealing with a humanitarian and collaborating doctor.
  • Choose a reputable doctor.
  • Find an affordable doctor.

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