Doctor home visit Fifth settlement

Doctor home visit Fifth settlement

If you are looking for at home doctor consult or a doctor comes home, and you are a resident of the Fifth Settlement area, book now a doctor home visit Fifth Settlement service from Curexmed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the fastest service.

There has been a need for home examination doctor services to diagnose symptoms and health problems that some may suffer from, especially if the patient is unable to reach the medical clinic, suffers from movement problems, or needs special medical care and cannot travel or leave the house.

At home doctor visit Fifth Settlement

Our motto at Curexmed is to provide the necessary at-home medical care, where the home is a safe, psychologically comfortable haven for the patient away from the atmosphere of hospitals, and also to reach all our customers in all areas of Egypt as soon as possible and at the best prices by simply pressing the call button.

The benefits of choosing a home visit doctor from Curexmed

After the Corona pandemic, the whole world has moved away from gatherings, especially in hospitals or clinics, to avoid infection with serious diseases.

From that, the need for at-home doctor visit services was established.

The benefit of choosing a home visit doctor from Curexmed is not limited to staying away from gatherings only, but also lies in:

  • Providing the best medical staff and the most skilled, qualified, and experienced doctors
  • No more waiting: There is no need to wait for long hours in private hospitals and clinics.
  • Providing comprehensive health care: At Curexmed, we provide all at-home medical services such as medical tests, radiology, and home nursing in order to reach the best diagnosis and the highest level of care.
  • continuously monitoring the patient’s health status and managing chronic diseases over time.
  • Follow-up of the patient’s health condition after surgery.

The duties of doctor home visit

You can now request  at home doctor visit service to diagnose the symptoms that the patient may suffer from. The duties of doctor home visit are:

  • Treatment of emergency situations such as heart attacks.
  • Examination of patients after accidents.
  • Request the tests and analysis necessary to diagnose the disease.
  • Request x-rays to help diagnose and analyze their results.
  • Refer the patient to a hospital or intensive care unit.
  • Describe the medication needed for treatment.
  • Follow-up of the medical condition of the patient after surgery.

Home doctor visit Fifth Settlement

Who can request a home doctor visit Fifth Settlement?

  • Patients who cannot wait for long periods of time in hospitals.
  • Anyone who needs emergency medical care or advice.
  • Those who have a busy schedule and are not able to visit the doctor at the appropriate appointments.
  • Elderly people who are unable to leave the house or move.
  • Who wants to stay away from epidemics and stay away from crowding.
  • Patients with chronic diseases who require ongoing medical care

How do I request a home visit doctor in the Fifth Settlement?

You can contact Curexmed now to request a doctor in the Fifth Settlement by calling the numbers shown at the top of the page, or contacting us through the WhatsApp service, or by email. The at-home doctor visit service at the Fifth Settlement is available at all times, including official holidays.

What is the cost of a doctor who comes home in the Fifth Settlement?

The cost of a doctor who comes home in the Fifth Settlement varies from one case to another depending on the time of requesting the service and location, but be sure that we at Curexmed offer you the best home examination service at the best cost and in the fastest time.

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