Best ICU doctor home visit in Cairo

ICU doctor home visit in Cairo

A contemporary area of medicine called “intensive care medicine” is dedicated to giving patients with serious illnesses or injured organs the best possible treatment. One of the most significant services offered by the Curexmed Center for Medical Services is ICU doctor home visit in Cairo, depending on the circumstance. Unlike many other medical facilities, we do not hire medical staff (nurses and doctors) for this service unless they can verify their academic credentials and experience and the Egyptian Ministry of Health has granted them a professional license.

One of the most crucial aspects of home intensive care services is to outfit the patient’s room with all medical equipment and devices necessary for this case, such as an oxygen generator, a medical bed, solutions, and others. ICU doctor home visit in Cairo is the best solution to provide patients with the best possible medical care at home with their families and friends, so that they can check on them easily at any time. In Cairo, we furthermore provide access to an intensive care physician who conducts home visits and contracts for lower rates than those charged by standard hospitals.

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Best intensive care home visit in Cairo

ICU doctor home visit in Cairo

For a variety of reasons, patients in our society or their families in general rarely ask for the best intensive care home visit in Cairo. The need for qualified doctors, the time when the service was requested, the speed of response to the service, and the geographic location may be some of these reasons. However, with Curexmed, you no longer need to worry because we provide you with the best home examination intensive care doctor in Cairo. We also provide home examinations carried out by a group of medical specialists, additionally, we provide a professional home examination expert. We also provide the best monitoring the patient’s health following the check-up till their recovery. These services are at reasonable costs for everyone in order to obtain the highest possible quality of medical services offered.

An essential component of treating patients with serious illnesses, intensive care is made up of a multidisciplinary medical staff that includes specialists in medicine, nurses, physiotherapists, respiratory therapists, and anaesthesiologists. Everyone on the team is available to monitor the patient’s condition from the time they arrive at the hospital until they leave. However, if the patient requires in-home critical care, we connect him with Cairo’s top intensive care doctor for a home visit so they can take care of him and monitor his status regularly.

The question at hand, though, is when a patient needs to go into an intensive care unit. The stability of vital body systems must be monitored and maintained for the continuation of life in patients who require intensive care, so an intensive care doctor must urgently request a home examination to assess the patient’s condition. In some of these serious cases, intensive care doctor home examination in Cairo is the best option for treating various conditions.

These conditions include (heart diseases, accidents, sudden hypertension, serious respiratory diseases due to asthma or chest infections, diabetes problems after major operations due to his unstable condition in the first few hours or crucial days after surgery, such as cardiothoracic surgery, large intestine, neurosurgery, multiple fractures, strokes, severe burns)
Best ICU doctor home visit in Cairo is available to maintain the integrity of the circulatory system and ensure that blood is continuously pumped through the body carrying oxygen and nutrients, a doctor in Cairo conducts various at-home examination procedures, especially those changes that adversely affect organ function (high blood pressure, hypertension, and hysyon (blood pressure) and he keeps the breathing system stable to support the blood vessels. Also he helps with respiratory functions, including the use of a ventilator to maintain stable kidney function, prevention and treatment of acute renal failure, maintenance of stable liver function, and management of blood pH and salt imbalances.

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ICU doctor home visit in Cairo

ICU doctor home visit in Cairo

The Curexmed Center, which offers ICU doctor home visit in Cairo, and intensive care nurses (men and women) with many years of expertise in critical care, is regarded as one of the significant and most up to date facilities in the field of intensive care at home. They provide the patient with medication, keep an eye on him around-the-clock, and carry out the doctor’s prescribed treatment regimen.

A home visit intensive care doctor in Cairo is the best option in this situation because the patient feels at ease at home with his family, which improves his mental state. Because of the prolonged period of treatment, patients can experience extreme frustration and despair when they are in hospitals and specialized centres. As a result, it raises the patient’s spirits, which helps them fight off disease and injury and recover quickly.

Saving money on hospitals, as intensive care at home saves a lot of money, which can be spent on admitting the patient to the hospital and booking a private room in hospitals, in addition to providing consultant doctors of various specialties to monitor the situation at home
supplying medical equipment and supplies, as the facility has a variety of specialized equipment that not only helps in monitoring and treating the patient but also offers emergency equipment, such as resuscitation equipment, respirators, and all medical solutions to protect the patient from many risks, as the patient’s presence in the hospital is one of the main factors that can cause infection, as many patients suffer from various infectious diseases
Performing the required examinations and analyses in the event that the patient has certain diseases, which may require various tests or laboratories to visit. The home nurse solves this problem by bringing the required samples to the laboratory for examination and obtaining the result without the patient having to go to the laboratory and all. We provide these services at an affordable cost, and if the patient or his family would rather receive care in a hospital, we also provide the critical care unit there at a discounted cost.

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What are the costs of intensive care?

According to operating costs, what is required in terms of equipment and medical professionals with particular qualifications while taking experience and competence into account, intensive care is among the most expensive services offered by hospitals. Prices differ depending on a number of factors, the most significant of which are (the patient’s medical condition, the number of doctors, the location of intensive care, such as at home or in a hospital, the length of the contract, which lowers the price of the service significantly, and the patient’s home’s location in the case of intensive care).

What types of situations demand such intensive care?

Patients with serious life-threatening illnesses or injuries, including those with severe acute infections, kidney and liver failure, respiratory failure, corona cases following major operations like heart, lung, and brain surgery, persistent loss of consciousness (coma), and serious injuries, should be placed in intensive care. Burns that require medical attention.

What is at-home intensive care?

Intensive care at home is a special home healthcare service offered by Curexmed Center that converts the patient’s room into a specialized care unit with all the required medical supplies and equipment for the patient’s condition, much like hospitals, as well as continuous patient monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week from a nurse or other qualified healthcare professional. by a specialist medical team made up of family nurses with intensive care unit training and consulting physicians.

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