labs at home service in Cairo

The best labs at home service in Cairo

Are you a resident of Cairo and looking for The best labs at home service in Cairo?
Curexmed provides you the best labs service، as it is considered one of the best home medical laboratory Centers in all of Egypt, we can reach you wherever you are, to save customers time and effort in resorting to external laboratories and hospitals.

People usually choose home labs services for several reasons, and the most important reason is avoiding laboratory results errors. But because we know that this type of medical service needs conducting and focus, we know that finding the best labs at home in Cairo or any other city to obtain The best possible service and correct medical test results is one of the most considered objectives for the patients.

Regarding one of the most important quotes “the perfect mind in a healthy body”, everybody must take great care of his health by doing periodic examinations and analyses and choosing the best medical laboratory centers in Cairo to ensure quality and trusted results which is important to reach the correct diagnosis and also to know Significantly the medical condition state. Therefore we at Curexmed (the best medical laboratory at home center in Cairo) recommend you try our labs at home service with all confidence.

Our center has unique, modern, and developed devices and capabilities suitable for several types of tests, to obtain accurate results. We also consider the safety precautions during the sample-taken process.

The best home medical laboratory center in Cairo

The best labs at home service in Cairo

The medical laboratory center of Curexmed is the best medical laboratory at home in Egypt, which provides the best service for customers.

Curexmed laboratory center is always keen on continuous learning and self-development for the working team. All of Our medical staff are trained on how to turn the patient’s home into a perfect laboratory environment to provide all means of comfort at distinct prices.

All you have to do is contact us and request at home doctor visit service with a fully equipped staff with all the equipment, tools, and laboratory devices.

Curexmed medical laboratory center is considered a leader in the medical field through all types of services which care about patients and their families can done in it. One of the most confident things about our laboratory center is that we have all the medical licenses and approvals that should be in the laboratory centers, and this is what makes Curexmed the best at home medical laboratory center in Cairo without any competitors.

Our services are not limited to medical laboratory services only, we also provide a wide range of various services, such as private ambulance calling service in case of any emergency or critical medical conditions. Curexmed also provides at home physiotherapy sessions, at home doctor visits to save patients energy that is expended in clinics and medical centers, in addition to labs at home service.

Because at home health services may be an immediate rescue for critical medical conditions, whether they are related to laboratory analysis or other medical services, hurry now and book Curexmed at home services.

Curexmed has a variety of services that can be requested and booked, such as at home radiology services and other medical services in order to provide all means of comfort for unable patients, serious medical condition patients, or anxious patients who fear exposure to any infection or complications.

How to choose the best home medical laboratory center in Cairo?

The best labs at home service in Cairo

There are some factors and criteria that must be considered during selecting the best at home medical analysis laboratory center in Cairo to obtain complete, excellent, credible, and high-quality services without any regret or spending money in a non qualified place. Here are some of the features that must be considered when choosing an analysis laboratory center:
● The laboratory should be well-known, with a good reputation in providing the best laboratory services, and this can be known by looking at its evaluations or by asking previous customers.
● The center should care about safety medical precociousness and have the ability and knowledge to apply them at any place, like patients’ homes where blood samples are taken.
● It should be one of the centers that maintain patients’ confidentiality and privacy.
● It should have the ability to come to patients’ homes, collect samples and send results back to patients via mobile messages to preserve patients’ time.
● The center should be one of the most qualified centers in the medical analysis field and produce accurate and trusted results.
● presence of doctors and full medical staff who can deal with the elderly as well as the young and babies, to make the sample taken process an easy one, and to prevent any complications.
We provide all of this and more in Curexmed, and this is what makes us the best home medical laboratory center in Cairo.

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Types of tests provided by a Curexmed home medical laboratory service in Cairo

Curexmed provides many types of tests for various diseases which help doctors reach the correct diagnosis and follow up on patients’ health conditions.

We have a large elite specialized in many medical services, consisting of the most experienced doctors in their specialty and a trained medical staff. We are the largest medical entity that will reach your home within hours of receiving your request.

If you are looking for the best at home medical analysis laboratory in Cairo that specializes in all types of medical tests, you must deal with Curexmed. the types of medical tests that Curexmed proved are:

● Urine analysis
Urine analysis is one of the most common analyses that are requested by many patients. It is a set of microscopic examinations, measuring the presence of certain substances in the urine such as protein, bilirubin, and glucose, and measuring white blood cells, red blood cells, and bacteria in the urine, to diagnose different types of kidneys and urinary tract diseases.
● Full blood image test( CBC)
The CBC test measures the blood cells (red, white, platelets) and its condition to diagnose some diseases such as anemia, and to know the causes of frequent headaches.
● kidney function tests
Kidney function tests are done to diagnose kidney problems and diagnose some diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. some of these are, Blood urea nitrogen / BUN test, which detects the presence of waste products in the blood, and there is a serum creatinine test to measures the amount of creatinine accumulated in the blood and the high level of serum creatinine is an indication of kidney problems and a deficit in the efficiency of their work. There is also blood filtration rate test (GFR), which measures the extent of the kidney’s ability to filter waste.
● Liver function tests
Liver function tests must be done by highly qualified and experienced at home medical analysis laboratory centers. Liver function tests are:

  1. The clotting time test, ( Prothrombin time), measures how long it takes for a clot to form in a blood sample.
  2. Aspartate transaminase test(AST) measures the amount of aspartate transferase enzyme in the blood. Any damage that may occur to the liver leads to an increase in the level of AST enzyme in the blood.
  3. Serum bilirubin test measures the levels of bilirubin in your blood. any increase of Serum bilirubin in the blood indicates jaundice.
  4. Blood uric acid test measures the amount of uric acid in a sample of blood, accumulation of uric acid in the kidneys leads to kidney failure, kidney stones, or gout.

● blood glucose level test
You can do blood glucose level analysis tests at Curexmed, the best at home medical analysis laboratory center in Cairo. Blood glucose level test measures the level of glucose (sugar) in blood to prevent any complications that may occur due to a blood glucose rate disorder.
● Thyroid function test
thyroid function test measures the TSH level in a blood sample, to detect any thyroid gland problem.

You can ask about All of these tests and more when you contact Curexmed, the best at home medical analysis laboratory in Cairo. We provide you with a team of analytics doctors to perform the medical examinations or analyses that you need in a complete and comprehensive manner by using the latest medical technologies and devices, with the delivery of all the results of tests as fast as possible time and at unbeatable prices.

What is the Cost of labs at home service?

Curexmed provides you with distinguished VIP services by a trained and prepared staff to make sure that you receive the best labs at home service and save you money and time.

How to book an appointment with at home medical laboratory in Cairo?

We have several communication ways to book at home doctor visits for medical tests, and we will respond to you as soon as we receive your request, make a reservation for you, set the appropriate date for you, and send a team of doctors prepared with all modern methods that provide you all medical services.

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